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Tech Thursday with InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting showed us how to code online today. TUNE IN!!!!

my name is erica and i work with inmotion hosting we are a web hosting and web design company and today is tech thursday so i wanted to talk to you all about something that helps people create websites and code different software on a regular basis so let’s get started we are going to be talking about pseudocode so i know that word may be new and unfamiliar we’re gonna break it down um one thing to keep in mind though that p at the beginning
of the word is silent so we’re not going to pronounce the p it’s just pronounced pseudo code so pseudo in greek means false or fake it can also mean imitating or copying so when we’re talking about pseudo code this is something that resembles or is similar to actual code that a computer can understand but it’s not quite the same the reason why we use pseudocode instead of actual code sometimes is because it’s easier for people to understand so
the language a computer uses is not the same as our language that we use and understanding pseudo code is a way to understand how computers work and how we can get computers to do something computers need really clear step-by-step instructions and in this way kids can be smarter than computers so if your teacher tells you to take out your homework from yesterday that’s all the instruction you need because your smart brain can fill in the rest of
the steps and know what motions to move in and what to do to take out your homework but let’s say you were trying to tell a robot to do the same thing you would need the instructions to look differently because robots would be powered by computers and they speak that computer language so the instructions would need to be find your backpack unzip the backpack take out homework find your desk put homework on your desk and hand homework to the
teacher when they walk by so if you leave out any of these steps for a robot the computer brain will get confused and not know what to do next and the whole process of taking out homework comes to a stop so there is this fun game that i’m going to show you where we can practice making these step-by-step instructions and create your own pseudo code to drive a car so i’ll give everybody a second pause your video now to write down the website okay
everybody back so now let’s see where that website takes us if you type that into your search bar up here then you should get to this page our rapid router page then you can scroll down and see there’s tons of levels to play we’re going to start of course at the beginning click get started and we’re going to start with lesson one so once you click that it will take you to a page that looks like this so here you have your track this is the
building here’s your truck and you’re trying to drive it home so this is where you’ll build out the instructions the pseudocode to make those step-by-step instructions for the computer to follow and these are all your tools here to the left so this track because it’s just a straight line you just have to move forward so let’s try we’re going to try moving forward twice and see if that gets us to home so when you’re ready to start you can just
click this start square uh oh that’s not so great so we drove off the road we went too far but that’s okay not a problem we can always try again and you can see this is where we drove off so it turned red so we’re gonna take this step click and drag it over to the trash can here in the bottom corner and once that trash can lid lifts you can release it and it’ll throw that step away so let’s try it with just one instruction to move forward click
start again and that did it all right so next you can just click on to the next level and the tracks will get harder and harder so here’s a look at what one of the harder tracks looks like this is level 11. so as you can see there’s a lot more turns on the course and there’s more instructions over here but you can still just click and drag them over to build out the steps for the computer and build out your pseudo code so now that you know how to
play i will let you guys get to it and have fun building your pseudocode and driving that car home bye