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guys I'm really excited because just a few days away starting April 29 to May 5th 2018 Small Business Week is gonna start every year use about the same time Small Business Administration takes out time to recognize entrepreneurs and small business owners as you can see on their website across the US and its territories and with that in mind I wanted to tell you guys about a specific event that is not sponsored by Small Business Administration but it's going to happen on that very weekend and it's with bluehost flash sales I mentioned in this today because if you are a small business owner and you want to create your very own online presence you want to create a website one of the first steps that you'll need is to purchase wells from a reliable host Bluehost is two checks that in fact Bluehost web hosting normally goes about $7.99 per month but for a limited time during this very weekend from actually April 30th to May 1st you're going to be a take advantage of a deep discount of 345 per month so versus paying $7.99 per month for web hosting Bluehost flash-sale is gonna give it to you for three dollars and forty-five cents per month which is an amazing statement I'm very important obviously if you're a small business owner you want to look for discounts wherever you can get them and so everybody's looking for for Small Business Week and different events that are going on I just wanted to take some time to mention to you guys about a place where you can get discounts for a web hosting if it if in fact you're looking to Bill get a very first website online to find out more details about this check out the descriptions portion of this video and you can get more information about getting started thank you guys so much hope you much success in this year of 2018 with your small business .

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Small Business Week starts April 29th -May 5 this 2018 year! This is a time where entrepreneurs and small business owners are recognized across the 50 states and US territories.

This also is a really exciting news for all small business owners to get off to a great start online with a website with Bluehost web hosting!

The Bluehost Flash Sale for Small Business Week will give you the opportunity to save big on web hosting on their Basic plan.

How Does This Bluehost Flash Sale Work for Small Business Owners?

If you check out their official website for this Bluehost flash sale, you will notice that Bluehost web hosting typically starts at $7.99/month.

However, for limited time starting this Monday April 30th – May 1st, 2018, the web hosting plans will start at $3.45/month!

What does this mean for you?

First, you are saving big!

Secondly, whether you are new to Bluehost or not, you will be able to put your website online for under $4 bucks.

If you currently use another web host, then Bluehost will help you migrate your website to them. Where else can you go, get a free domain, website building tools and more for under $4?

Also you must purchase a 36 month Bluehost web hosting Basic plan. Keep in mind that this Bluehost flash sale for Small Business Week will only run from April 30 12:01 am MT to May 1st 11:59pm!

See an overview below of the Bluehost basic plan. As mentioned before, it normally goes for $7.99, but will be discounted to $3.45 per month!

Signup here: www.bluehost.com/track/learnanet



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