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Hope you've enjoyed my SiteGround vs Bluehost review. Thank you for supporting my channel and good luck building your website!


I'll be comparing SiteGround vs Bluehost in terms of performance, pricing, support and features. All tests were performed in 2020 to determine: Siteground or Bluehost which is better?

While both Siteground and Bluehost are officially recommended by WordPress, the web hosting services that both providers offer are quite different. Siteground and Bluehost are two very different tools that should be used with different needs in mind.


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My Siteground vs Bluehost review focuses on summarizing the strong and weak points of each hosting provider. I've monitored the up time, loading speed, and worldwide response times of both Siteground and Bluehost to give you a fact based Siteground vs Bluehost review.

In my Bluehost review I've mentioned that Bluehost is an excellent choice for people that are looking at cheaper hosting solutions. Does that still hold true in this Siteground vs Bluehost comparison?

By the way, Bluehost is most suited for creating WordPress based websites. So, it wouldn't be a fair bluehost vs siteground comparison if I didn't include WordPress ease of use. Well, Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress themselves and they've put in a lot of effort to make sure that their WordPress plans are optimized for the fastest loading speed and have an easy to navigate UI. On the other hand, as this bluehost vs siteground review showed SiteGround is seriously lacking in their UI department. I actually, had a little bit of trouble navigating to their WordPress installer. So, if we would compare bluehost vs siteground in terms of WordPress usabillity. Bluehost comes out on top.

Similarly, in my SiteGround review I've mentioned that Siteground offers the best bang for your buck in terms of performance. However, it seems to be less visually appealing than Bluehost. And that's quite an important factor when comparing Bluehost vs SiteGround especially considering that ease of use might make or break your purchasing decision.

When comparing Siteground vs Bluehost it's important to understand that if one service was strictly better than the other. There would be no need for both Siteground hosting and Bluehost hosting to exist. That's why I compare both hosting providers based on facts, not just opinions or previous experiences.

If you're unsure about which web hosting provider you should choose, my Bluehost vs SiteGround 2020 review tries to answer exactly that. Of course, I can't strictly recommend one or the other. Because they should be used by people with different needs. However, after watching this Siteground vs Bluehost review you should have a strong understanding which one is better for you – Siteground or Bluehost?


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