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and I just got asked a pretty good question when it comes to building a business website should you go with Wix or builder Oh what's up guys this Romero Batman stringer and in this video I'm going to answer the question which one should you go with wicks or builder well when it comes to building a website for your business whether it be offline or online but before I get into that if you are looking for your own home business that can bring you in a passive income you gotta check out janessa T link in the description of this video now moving along to going through my comments and somebody asked me a question about building the website and whether they should use Wix or builder on I'm like yeah that's a pretty good question so I decided to make a video on it now my experience I have a little bit with but well not with build or all I have built all right just to be you know I use builder all but I'm very familiar with Wix because a couple clients that I've had actually used Wix website right so I know a little bit about Wix right so I got enough information to give a decent opinion now if you're not familiar with Wix which you should be if you watching this video but Wix is a very popular website building platform it's been around for several years it's pretty popular they always run ads about it and it's pretty cool from what I see Bill draw is more of a website building platform but it's more like all-in-one internet marketing all-in-one station for for marketers right so with that being said my take is when it comes to just building a website straight up if you just want a simple layout you could go with Wix if that's all you want right there's nothing wrong with it when I went in I didn't build a website but I went in because I had to do some editing add some keywords and stuff for a client so you know I got a chance to kind of see how Wix works a little bit and it looks fairly simple I will say that they do have different add-ons because I know you can set up a Wix account for free but they have different add-ons so if you're looking to have like this souped-up website for absolutely free it's probably not gonna happen with Wix right but some of their websites do look good you know some of the sites that I've seen built even my clients website looked pretty nice to be honest with you and she built it and she's not a techy person now you got build a role on the flip side of things build a role is more new on the block it's been around for years in other countries but it's it's it's newer and like I said in previous videos you can it's it's a you have to kind of Zone in on Builder or like you have to really take it serious and if you want to build websites with it you can and you can build some pretty cool websites but you have to kind of like learn because Bill Doyle has a lot of tools there's a lot of stuff that you need to know if you've thrown in on it can you build a really nice website absolutely probably just as comparable to Wix just all first instinct I would say Wix is probably a little war straight forward a little easier to get to hang up to build your site's so if you're just going off for straight E's and all you want is a wet a straight-out website you might want to check out Whigs but if you're planning on doing more online marketing like buildings sales funnels and and and lead capture pages and stuff like that and doing like Facebook marketing video marketing you probably do want to go with build a roll and just look at it like all right you know I'm trying to do this long term and you you know you want to do a lot of marketing you did probably want to go a builder and here's the last reason why I'm kind of leaning towards builder aw if you're trying to do a lot more stuff online okay I stressed that the price points all right now Wix usually you start for free but it's not going to be free once you get done if you really want to you know do some cool stuff or wigs you're gonna end up paying right that's just you know and that's most business models I mean anything starts you off for free they're probably going to upsell you that's just that's just the game but you're going to end up spending money with wigs you know why I like builder oh yes it's more learning but it's $49 a month period and with $49 a month you can literally create you know hundreds of lead capture pages sales pages sales funnels blog websites business websites right so you gotta ask yourself is it worth you kind of zoning in and learning how to build these web sites on builder or versus probably spending a lot more to get the same thing to actually get less with Wix so it's kind of like up to you but like forty nine bucks a month and then obviously you you know if you want to get domains and stuff like that you know you pay for your domain to a builder all but they're all even with that $49 you still actually get mailing boss which is a autoresponder included all for damages say 50 bucks 50 bucks a month versus wigs I don't even know if they do like a mailing autoresponder or not I can't get that far into it but I know you know value eyes probably build or simplicity and just like very basic if you're just a local business you just one website up or a couple of websites you know and you you know I will go with Wix because it looks very very easy to get going with it so that's my take on it if you got any input on that let me know leave it in the comments below but that's my take on it um that's my experience with it if you want to check out Wix I'll put a link in the description also above that you will see builder oo so you can check them out for yourself and let me know what you think I'm trying to say anything else I'm trying to think of that question I got no that's pretty much it be sure to comment share and subscribe to this channel you see them on here dropping that content and if you do have any more questions about a builder or let me know even with Wix like I said I don't do it works too much but anyway video too long I will see you in the next one peace hey thanks for watching this video I just got three quick questions for you one if you have the opportunity to make a passive income month after month would you – if you can work whenever you want from wherever you want would you and the third question is if you can have your own business in a billion dollar industry would you if you answer yes to any of these questions click the link in the description and I'll talk to you soon .

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I received a pretty good question the other day. Someone asked which was better to use for building a website, Wix or Builderall. Instead of leaving a long comment I decided to make a video sharing my opinion on the topic.

Spoiler Alert:

Wix is a very popular platform for building website. A lot of local businesses turn to Wix to get there site up and running.

Builderall is an all in one marketing platform that allows it users to handle a number of online marketing related task including website creation, lead generation page creation, video creation Facebook messaging and even email marketing.

My overall take when it comes to using Wix or Builderall for builing websites.

If you are just looking for a simple website for your website and that's pretty much it, I'd go with Wix. I say this because Wix is fairly easy to use and you can get a basic site up and running for free. If you want more features to your site you will have to spend some money.

If you are planning of doing a lot of online marketing for your business I would have to go with Builderall. Builderall does take a little more effort to learn but in my opinion it offers way more value to internet marketers than Wix does. You get a lot more features with Builderall for a lot less money.

They both are good for building a website. It really just comes down to how far you looking to go in regards to the rest of your online marketing.[/toggle]


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