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Sharing Our Experience About Free Email Forwarding in Godaddy 2019 update

Sharing our experience about free email forwarding in godaddy 2019 update:
Hi friends one of the visitor in our youtube channel mentioned that he is not able to see additional products section in godaddy .
He also mentioned they may have removed this feature.
So we checked through the internet and finally found this.
In this webpage url, godaddy mentioned Email forwarding credits are no longer included with a domain purchase . You can redeem existing credits to create forwarding email addresses.
Next we contacted godaddy through chat. And The full conversation went on with .com domains
We are just sharing what they told to us .For new customers forwarding email is 100 % available . But we feel the chances are very less because godaddy mentioned in their webpage Email forwarding credits are no longer included with a domain purchase .
Next we asked chat team forward email address for existing customers.
at first they told , for existing customers ,they mentioned not every time. so we asked next questions for how many domains forward email address will be available for existing customers ,the chat team told that they were also don’t know about that .
So For existing customers, we recommend to read the information in this link. .
We feel forwarding email address is still helping in some aspects and it will be great if it is available for free.
Thank you.