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Setup Cloudflare with your DigitalOcean droplet, GoDaddy to improve WordPress website speed

Setup Cloudflare with your DigitalOcean droplet, GoDaddy to improve WordPress website speed. Cloudflare is the simplest way to improve your website speed. You will also have a more secure site if you allow Cloudflare to filter out all the bad traffic. WordPress Cloudflare is a great combination.

With Cloudflare setup you are more likely to see a boost in your website performance and results in increasing your website SEO score. With improved SEO scores you will get quality traffic. Cloudflare is by far the easiest and yet simple way to optimize your WordPress website. Speed up your WordPress website with Cloudflare. Improve your SEO ranking with faster websites with Cloudflare speed-up optimization techniques.

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Cloudflare not just secures your website but also improves your website performance, boost website speed and also improves SEO ranking. Cloudflare using it’s CDN network reduces your website load time thus improves your SEO ranking.

Key Cloudflare Features:
1. Protect your Internet presence with Cloudflare FREE SSL for your websites & WordPress Websites.
2. Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript. It reduces page load time and improves SEO ranking.
3. Power & flexibility of Content Delivery Network means faster load time and better website performance.
4. Caching
5. DDoS Protection
& lot more.

In this video we discussed the following key items:

0:59 What is Cloudflare? How Cloudflare works? How Cloudflare help you speed up your website?
1:42 Create Cloudflare account
2:22 How to add your website domain or the site in Cloudflare?
2:41 How to change godaddy nameservers to Cloudflare?
4:28 How to setup Cloudflare DNS?
5:17 How to create a subdomain using Cloudflare DNS Management?
7:44 How to configure the Cloudflare firewall?
7:54 How to speed up websites with Cloudflare speed?
7:54 How to minify HTML CSS & Javascript of a website with Cloudflare for website speed optimization?
8:40 How to configure Cloudflare cache to speed up your website speed optimization?
8:56 How to configure Cloudflare page rules to WordPress website speed optimization?

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