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Setting up web site hosting with HostGator

How to setup web site hosting with HostGator, also covers setting domain nameservers at your domain registrar to point to your hosting account.

hi Tracy here in this video I’m going to show you how to set up hosting with Hostgator comm in the last video I showed you how to register a domain name with godaddy well in this video after we get our hosting setup we’re gonna go back over to GoDaddy and we’re gonna set those domain name servers to point over to our new hosting set up over at Hostgator okay let’s get started the first thing I need you to do is go over to Genesis blog ENCOM
and you’ll see right here I have a banner and there is a coupon code on this banner and if you click it you can get started with Hostgator for only one cent one penny that’s it that is pretty awesome so when you click that code that is going to take you over to the Hostgator site and that’ll land you right over here to this page and you’ll see right here they show their most popular hosting plan is this one just showed over in the
banner that starts at 795 a month and that gives you unlimited disk space unlimited bandwidth and you get to host unlimited websites these aren’t subdomains these are actual domains hosted under this one account this is fabulous if you’re like an internet marketer and you have several niche sites that you need to set up a different site for each niche that you’re working with or say you’re just someone who has a lot of hobbies or you just want to
set up a different site for you know different things or friends or relatives or you know whatever your purpose is for setting up multiple sites this would just be one flat fee and you would then be able to set up many many sites unlimited number of web sites under this one account absolutely fabulous option can’t beat that so if you click that you can come over here and you have the choice between Linux and Windows web hosting I personally
prefer the Linux myself that gives me the cPanel and I and I really like that and that by default that’s the the tab that it’s going to be under and there’s three hosting plans I personally although the hatchling is is not a bad deal you can only host one domain on that one and then you’ve got the baby in the business the business is good and and I would normally probably get that because you can get a free dedicated IP and the free secure
certificate but for our purposes today I’m going to go ahead and get the baby package and it starts at 795 a month now if you’ll notice if you mouse over this it pops up and it says it pays if you pay three years in advance that’s when it equates to 795 a month okay if you pay two years in advance it’s gonna equate out to 895 a month but if you pay monthly it’s actually 995 per month still that is an excellent value for what you’re getting
there’s a lot of other hosting places on the web and you’re not gonna get unlimited disk space I’m the unlimited bandwidth and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains on one package for ten dollars a month with the quality of service that you get with Hostgator I mean they’re listed in one of the top ten hosting companies on the web so you can’t go wrong with them so we’re gonna click to order now and I’m gonna tick this now they
Hostgator does register domain names but we already registered one yesterday in the other video if you did not do that and you would prefer to register it go ahead and register yours with Hostgator you can do that but I registered mine already so I’m gonna enter in my information for the one that I want to have them host and I’m going to click Next make sure you got your information entered in there correctly okay and then this is where I’m gonna
enter in my coupon code which was word press and then you click calculate totals because I’ve selected the monthly option okay and I’m gonna select new customer and then continue okay now on this page this is where you would enter in all your information to set up your account with Hostgator as a new customer and all your username your password your credit card information all that kind of stuff and you would verify your order so I’m gonna go
ahead and pause the video enter in my information and I will be right back and I will be on the next screen when we resume okay I have completed the payment and it brought me to my confirmation page come over here to GoDaddy and look and click go okay so you already have an account we set that up when we registered to our domain name in the previous video okay once you’re logged in you want to click and you want to go down to whichever domain
name it is that you’re working with and in this case I am working with the Genesis I am business and once you check it it’ll activate all these options up here you want to click manage name servers ok and then we want to tick the custom name servers okay now that’s the ones that are the hosted for GoDaddy ones now I have copied and pasted the information from the email that I received from Hostgator with my hosting information and so I want to
paste that in right here the first one and then you have to have two of them and so I want a copy and I’m just gonna paste in that second one paste that in and I’m gonna click OK and no thanks just set my name servers and it says please allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect I’m gonna click OK and that’s pretty much it now sometimes that site will come up pretty quickly sometimes it takes a little bit for the site to come up sometimes
they say it takes 24 to 48 hours yeah see it’s still showing that it’s parked at GoDaddy and I literally did this in real time without any stopping so usually you need to allow 24 to 48 hours any time you make any domain name server changes at your domain registrar whether it’s GoDaddy or any other registrar you know where you might register your name don’t go daddy’s actually very very quick I’ve actually had it where I’ve made changes to a
domain name and within minutes it’s changed but that you know it’s not always the case and they do tell you to allow 24 to 48 hours but anyway that is the changes that that you know how simple it is to set up your hosting space and to change the name servers for your domain name so let me show you how you can log into your hosting before your domain name resolves it is possible so let me show you how to do that okay what I’ve done is in the
information an email that they sent me from Hostgator they gave me the information that I can view my site before the domain name actually resolved and was pointing to the hosting and you can access it by the IP address up here and they actually give you the you know the way to do that you use your username and password and when you first log in you can either you go through their getting started help information and click that or you know if you
don’t want to watch their video tutorials which that you know they’re pretty good I’ve watched them before but I don’t need those you you can just check that you don’t need that and this is what it looks like on the inside of a Hostgator control panel so just thought I would show you that really quickly just so you can see what that looks like but that’s a whole nother video but I just wanted to show it from hosting setup through transferring the
domain name to the hosting to actually logging in even before the domain name was actually resolved that you could go in and kind of poke your head under the hood so to speak and see what’s going on so there you have it got your hosting set up got your domain name pointing and you are good to go to get started next video I’m gonna show you how to set up WordPress the easy way all right speak to you soon