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set up new email with hostgator and gmail

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hi there it slowly I just wanted to pop over quickly and show you how to do the setup for your email from within Hostgator so I’ve just popped over to my cpanel yours will look very similar and I’m going to go ahead and log in and from here I’m going to just scroll down to to the area on the cpanel where I have my email accounts so you’ve already got your domain name registered with in your Hostgator account and when you click on the email
account settings you can add any email address that you want I have a lot of email addresses but let’s just let’s just say that i want to add an info at a slowly calm and then i’ll just add in a password that i want to use it or i could use i could generate something you know am i could use their password generator right here and create a really secure one i generally set it to unlimited for the mailbox quota the benefits of having it small well
they don’t really suit my needs very much but you can actually have it smaller and there are some benefits to it for sure and then i’ll click create account so from this point I can I use gmail for my regular mail but if you’re using go hold on i’ll just pop back over to this area if i wanted to go in and look at the settings for this i can configure my email client from here and if you’re using outlook or windows live mail or mac mail you can
just choose the settings that are right here and it will go it will actually add something to your computer immediately and it will just set up everything for you i personally prefer the imap settings because it syncs it sings my email on all devices so if i’m using my gmail account or in using something on my computer my if it was mac or pc and on my phone it will always show messages that have been read or drafted him and created you’re not
running back and forth between different devices so I map is best for that and yeah if you were if I was on I do actually have microsoft outlook on this computer so i could click on this I map and it would open a prompt and it would start doing the setup for the for outlook on my computer but I’m going to skip that and I’m going to head over to gmail and go over to the little gear section here and into settings from here from here I will um I
should have pot I should have actually created this already before forwarding no I don’t let that my account I think yeah here it is so I want to add another email address of my own and I’ll leave the name is that we’ll see if it just sets it up automatically it really should but sometimes you have to do a little bit of extra feelings so say info out a slow early calm and click on next step and see what happens with this I haven’t done it for a
little while and yeah that’s perfect so just choose their defaults and do its verification okay so it looks like with the verification I’m going to need to go into my webmail here back at Hostgator and see log into their webmail part you get to see what their webmail looks like it’s not very user friendly but you can certainly use it if you want to well something’s not user-friendly it’s a little bit old school I guess maybe that’s the best way
of describing its kind of the old um all right so here’s that password that they were going to send to me here we go there we go so I’m going to just copy that and go back to my gmail settings and enter that code there we go okay so hypothetically this should be ready to go but I might need to go in and change some settings we’d take a look through yours and see if it makes if everything with this makes sense I think it’s fine and then I would
just send myself a test email and make sure that everything worked the way it I expected it to and yeah hopefully it should and then there’s always that backup right you can always go into your cpanel and go over to open mail in in their webmail feature and your web your email will be synced up in there as well so hopefully this helps it will talk to you soon bye for now