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Selling videos and creating subscription models in Wix is easier than ever. You can create high quality courses and sell the videos in each course. The even nicer part is that you can upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and now your Computer. Wix’s new video app is a feature many people have been waiting for.
Topics Covered:
-Adding Wix Video App
-Adding Videos
-Updating Settings
-Setting Up Channels
-Setting Up Prices
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what is up guys computer I’m Dave Gilbert here and it’s been a little while since I’ve uploaded a video so right off the bat I want to ask you guys what you think about me creating a Wix website course I’ve been getting tons of questions about Wix and if you can just take the poll right here on the video and let me know yes or no if I should create one that would be excellent now let’s hop right into the video so today I’m going to be teaching
you how to sell your videos on Wix so if this is something like premium content you’re selling or a membership site that you only want certain videos to be paid for by members however you want to do that this is how you’ll go about so we’re first going to go to the app market once we’re at the app market you could just type in Wix video you’ll see that top one right there by Wix you’ll click it you’ll click Add to site then it will load and then
up here you’ll see at the top settings and manage videos first I’ll take you to settings so when you hop into settings you’re going to see that it says main this is where you’ll go to manage videos and you can choose separate channels I’ll get into that in a minute as I said right here so right now the only channel is called my channel default so channels are just pretty much different locations for your videos so they’re almost like playlists on
YouTube in a way and I’ll hop into that just a little bit deeper in a few minutes settings obviously you go here you could choose a feature video or the channel cover however you want to do that you can choose if it shows the channel title my channel you can show the sign in category search all of that you just scroll through here click your options whatever works best for you also going along with that whatever works best for your layout you can
choose the classic style which is only taking up a portion of the page or you could take the strip which literally goes across the entire page pending on what works best for you and you can choose how many videos are in a row if it displays the title and publisher and moving along with all of that you could see the design what it looks like square around coloring text titling all that right there but let’s hop into the main part which is the
managed videos so when you go to manage videos you’ll come up on a screen and I’ve already added one in here but it’ll come up on a default screen that asks you to either add a video from your computer from YouTube or from Vimeo now a lot of questions I’ve actually got recently on comments is how to upload a video straight from your computer and this is one of the methods so if you go right here to add videos you can see you can upload from
computer which is straight from your desktop laptop whatever you’ve got you could go embed from YouTube so link from YouTube or a link from Vimeo once you’ve added your video like I have right here and I just took one of my Wix videos you can go right here to edit it when you start to edit it you could add the title the publisher as you can see these are already default since I took the link from YouTube so it just brought the information over
from YouTube you could choose the cover you can change it if you don’t like the one that’s already uploaded and then this is where the the cool stuff comes in so you can choose if it’s a paid or a free video now a very important note you cannot make your videos paid if it’s embedded from a different website such as YouTube or Vimeo because that prevents people taking other people’s videos and selling them on their website however if you do have a
video you’d like to sell you would upload it straight from your computer and then once it’s a computer desktop file or mp4 whatever file it is as long as it’s not embedded you can choose the paid option once you choose the paid option you’d simply check a few settings set the price of what you’d like it to be whether subscription or one time and people can start paying to view your content and again you could choose what contents free what
contents paid so that’s the other nice thing you can make maybe one or two videos free and then have paid content so you could start creating courses on which using the Wix website editor to design your course which is very cool and also you can just see viewers can stream this video for free on your website if it’s paid say viewers would pay blah blah blah amount you can go up to more in fro info you could choose the category tag tags Wow really
messing up my words here you could even check whether it’s an all audiences video or amateur content if it’s mature content most likely it’ll pop up on the screen saying this video contains mature content viewer discretion is advised you could choose the genre video type all very cool and then you check into settings here and I’ll just not save those settings and you can choose channels so like I said they’re kind of like playlists if you add a
new channel you would simply um just name the new channel add videos to the channel and then update changes you could also add channel info what this channel is about maybe it’s a different course if you’re doing courses and it’s a different subscription every month you could choose a multi subscription all very cool and by the way if you haven’t yet make sure you check out my video on accepting payments on Wix because that will be key when
accepting payments from these type of Wix apps and finally the settings on here so you can choose the standard video price default channels email settings contacts you can connect your PayPal account which is how you can get paid and obviously your price settings so this is a very cool feature in Wix hopefully this is able to help some of you out because I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding videos in Wix and this is a new very cool
thing that it’s not only just for videos but you could create courses now you can create membership sites with premium content you can do all of that now with the simple whit’s video app I hope this video was able to help you guys out if it was please drop me a thumbs up down below don’t forget to subscribe because I’m actually got I’ve actually got a quite a few big things coming up regarding Wix and working with Wix so very cool stuff coming up
not going to get into much details with that but finally comment if you have any questions at all and I am here to help you here to answer your comments and don’t forget to have a great rest of the day if you haven’t answered in that poll on whether I should create a Wix course or not please do that now other than that you guys have a fantastic rest of your day