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Selling Music on Wix – Wix Music App Review and Interview with Jay Strauchy

UGLY DUDE Mixtape:
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Selling music or offering free downloads for your music on Wix has been made so simple with the Wix Music App. Today, I wanted to review this Wix Music App and I thought there was no better way to do that than to bring an actual artist on to review the app.

Jay Strauchy provided some extremely valuable feedback on the app and the platform from an artists point of view. He just used Wix Music for the first time ever to release his brand new mixtape, UGLY DUDE! (Check it out with that link in the first line).

The artist explained his interest in the platform and he loved the ease of use. He believed the upload style was very similar to Soundcloud where the feel of the actual online music player was similar to Spotify or Apple Music. He felt it was very professional. He also really liked the different options to give your users access to the music. You can sell it, stream it or offer free downloads! Jay also enjoyed that the Wix Music App came with insights for your music to easily track your most popular tracks.

Overall, I would say Wix Music got a great rating from an actual artist that just used the app to launch his mixtape for the first time ever!

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