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what is up guys computer MV of Gilbert here in in today's video I'm going to show you how to sell music on your Wix website now I made this video about a year ago and I'm just going to update you guys a lot of the stuff is the same except I've had a few common questions that I've seen pretty consistently over the past year since I made this video so I just wanted to update you and kind of inform you just a little bit more about how to do certain things with this Wix music app before we get into that guys as you can see this has changed again a little bit so you guys can still pre-order the course and we'll get more into that but though which my website course will go live on April 3rd April 3rd the course will go live you can go pre-order it now the first 10 people that claimed their prize are actually working one-on-one with me and on April 3rd the course will officially go live so allows the prize for the first 10 people that enrolled but now you can come check out Wix my website comm link in the description below and go sign up for the newsletter I'm going to sign out our send out weekly Wix tips and they're going to be very good tips it's kind of going to be like a newsletter style so really I'm going to do a newsletter so this is going to be pretty cool I would definitely recommend you go sign up on this list if you're interested in learning more about Wix some tips and tricks that I don't share here on the channel that you'll probably want to know and just get more informed and more connected with in a whoops community so guys go check that out now let me show you a little bit more about which music so we're going to go here to the out market and we're going to type in Wix and then you'll see with music it's an app by which it will pop up you'll then click Add to site and then BAM so right here you're greeted with a pretty good design you can see you could buy the album share the album and then you've actually got like an a built-in player right here and then plus a tracklist down here so it's a good design and you can customize the design now to edit it we're going to double click it once we double click it you'll see right here take your sound online upload and sell your music commission free which is a big thing guys so you could sell your music completely commission free from Wix and you can create album singles and playlists set up and go live in no time so we're going to say start now but I'm going to skip that because that's going to take you to wrestle energy into your music and I'm going to say first I want to design my player that will take us here so I'll get to manage your music in just a second right here you'll see the tab my music once we go into here and manage our music and add music all of our albums beats playlists to all pop up right here but now as far as designing this goes you're going to want to click layout you could use vertical or horizontal both have a very nice design to them once you choose that you'll then choose like the waiter control bar works so whether it's this design or this design you could show the album cover or you could not show the album cover you could show a tracklist or not show a tracklist I like the tracklist but if you do show the tracklist you can see track info includes track name only or track name and artist and also show track actions so on active track only so show that or it would show the actions on all track show meaning the price pretty much um and then tracklist margins this is just the space between each track then design guys this is completely customized to your needs you can choose the button style as far as the sales button goes right here um you could choose the fonts the colors all that you know the routine as far as that goes and then your settings so pretty basic fans can share my album so this gives us people ability to go on and share your album I don't know why you wouldn't have that checked on I would absolutely want people to be sharing my album then right here fans can share my tracks I'd also want that to happen and then you also have the option autoplay one page loads so when the page comes on your first track here could start auto playing that might be a bit annoying to some visitor so I recommend probably not having that autoplay and check that off so now that's that as far as the design goes but now the manager music this is the meaty part of this whole app so right here now the big question that I've been getting from a lot of people is I want to sell my beat or I want to sell a single track or a single album so my answer to that is right here so you'll see right here album slash EP you can create an album right here to stream and sell your full-length album or EP max of 30 traps on there next this is where your single track would be or beat a single you could stream and sell a single add remixes b-sides and more a max of five tracks so there you go there's your answer as far as that goes because I know that's been a big question and then also a playlist so you can customize each track for streaming and selling and each playlist has a max of 500 tracks and then you would simply click create one of these I will just say create album right now to show you that so then what you would do is actually you know what the big question is been creating a single pretty much so I'll press create single same design you would then put the name of the single what's the single version is so is it like why the bonus track remixes again you guys customize this to your needs the artist name you could pick a genre you need a cover of your single you could put the release date you could have like a UPC code a record label then you would have to choose your currency and single download options which means you and have people buy this single they can buy get it for free or they just can't download it at all so if you have it fans can download this single for free that means anyone to come onto your website download this onto their computer for free if you have it as a buying option that means obviously you set a price over here which this is where you would do that you set your price and then fans can buy it and then fans can't download the single which means it's pretty much only available on your website to go ahead and listen and then right here you can put the details of your single pretty much like a single description just explaining what it's about then you would press save single and then it would be saved right here now something that's pretty cool that's a pretty convenient so right here I have a premium account here on whit so I have access to this stuff but to accept payments here on your Wix music you need to connect your PayPal account and then every time someone purchases any of your music any playlists and interests anything like that it would go straight to your PayPal and you'll be paid just quick and easy so that's simply how you get paid out here with your albums or singles or tracks however you want to do that you would just simply put your paypal email and press connect and then your rocking and rolling down here you see email settings so when fans buy your music will email them a download link so that means every time your fan Bob's music which will automatically send out an email with a download link link in it you could also be often choose and chosen here where it says email me when I make a sale so every time you make a sale you'll get emailed as well notifying you that you've sold blah blank whatever that is an album a track a playlist then over here you see statistics so this is pretty cool it would show your stats how many people have listening to your music how many people bought your music so to show all the statistics here a distribution this is pretty cool too so if you upgrade your I'll show you so if you upgrade to the most popular which is unlimited Plus which music and this is the one I would probably suggest but it's asking you to go with this one the e-commerce version because that's what will allow you to use this plan so if you buy this ecommerce version I just wanted to show you guys this 1833 a month you can actually distribute your music and so your albums or music all of that on all of these popular platforms right here itunes google play spotify title and deezer and you make commission free earnings and which doesn't take anything and it's pretty cool you get daily steps mostly sales reports all that this is actually an underrated feature I would personally up upgrade my Wix account just for this I mean you just get to be on some top name you know Shop platforms that play music sell music Google Play iTunes Spotify the I mean these are big-time big-time platforms that if I was a music producer I want to get on and then finally we see promote this is using Wix shout-out Wix shout-out is such an amazing tool guys I've been using it like crazy so if you haven't yet tried this out this is pretty much for you to promote your music as it says you which shout out is an email service through which allows you to build an email list and then send customized emails to that email list so that's pretty cool definitely check that out but yeah guys that's how you use Wix music I know I made a video about this before but I just wanted to update you guys and show you a lot of you that has questions about some beats or selling a track how to do that if this video helped you out please leave a like down below I really appreciate it comment if you have any questions whatsoever I'm here to help you out and answer the question and then subscribe to me here on computer MD of Gilbert AZ I'm looking forward to growing guys my course is if part of this growth is this course that I've created really finishing the process of creating I appreciate the first 10 people that signed up and join me one on one it's going to be a blast for the rest of you April 3rd 2017 this course will go live and guys come sign up for this email list and get the weekly weekly which tips slash newsletter it's really going to help you out really going to take you guys to the next level and that's all I'm here to do I'm here to help you guys learn more about with and create a successful website as I'm sure that's what you're here to learn more about as well so thank you guys for watching and I will catch you on the next one .

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