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new york city is like no other city in the world everyone comes here to live their dreams and not everyone gets a chance to I got out of acting school and I thought as soon as people see what i can do you know that'll be it that's just not how it works I tried bartending I tried being a cater waiter a word construction for a little bit until I couldn't do it anymore because it was taking away from my craft and I picked up a camera and i loved it i remembered my dad teach me how to shoot when I was a kid why have I been ignoring this I'll start doing head shots you know at fifty bucks everyone knows they're not going to be great but I would get better I have built the studio in my apartment in Brooklyn I am definitely not charging fifty dollars anymore I get to be flexible I get to go out and be an actor as well I get to play and I get to be inspired by these people who come into my home show me their hustle and show me their drive when you wake up and you look out your window and you see everyone doing it I'm gonna get up and do it too .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]'New York City is where people come to live their dreams.' Find out how Sam not only fostered his life-long dream, but also picked up a new passion along the way.

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