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Review Hosting Service 2013: Greengeeks review –

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Energy Efficient Infrastructure
300% Wind Powered Green Hosting
100% Carbon Neutral Friendly
Unlimited Web Space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
FREE Domain for Life!
FREE Site Builder & Templates
FREE Marketing Credits
FREE Site Migration
Automated Nightly Backups
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Super Fast & FREE Setup!

As always, it is important to keep in mind that as with any business, there may be some problems. It is no different with GreenGeeks. Customer support and technical difficulties might occur. A lack of understanding between technicians and customers may also arise.

One of the issues may come with not being able to access the user website. However, this can also be caused by an ISP firewall. Other issues such as cancellation may develop. One of the complaints is that if the user website can not be accessed then it is hard to cancel the account.

Regardless of the issues that may arise, GreenGeeks offers a more user and environmentally friendly experience than many of their competitors.

Greengeeks review
Greengeeks review 2013

hey guys this is Christy with ezy posterior induced calm today I’m going to talk to you guys about one of our top ten hosting providers the one I’m going to talk to you about today is greengeeks greengeeks calm is the world’s number one green energy by posting service provider their management team has over 40 years experience in providing high quality affordable web hosting your green geeks account will also have a positive energy footprint
on the environment as they replace with wind power credits three times more energy than your website will actually use Greg’s web hosting packages started just for 95 a month they do offer you a 30 day money-back guarantee which is great you click here you see some but not all the features that they have to offer you their services that they provide include web hosting shared by posting green web hosting reseller hosting VPS hosting drupal
hosting joomla hosting and wordpress hosting we scroll down a bit here you’ll see their customer reviews these are really great tool because it’ll let you know what you can expect from a hosting company before you actually go check them out also you get to hear the truth on real experiences from people who have used these companies rather than just hearing what the hosting provider wants you to know about them if you scroll down a little bit
further you can actually be part of the customer reviews and submit your own review all that’s required is you put your name your email address write your review and bill out your stars and then click Submit back up at the top here we have a link that you can click that will take you directly to a green geeks page up at the top of the page here you can see that they have both Canadian web hosting and US web hosting they have their contact number
right here for customer and technical support it can also chat with them live online some of the features that greengeeks offers include unlimited web space unlimited bandwidth also known as your data transfer speed you get to host unlimited domains on one account you get unlimited email accounts unlimited mysql databases free domain names for life free site migration free marketing credits free website builder and templates and fantastic North
American support now if you want to see a full list of all the features that they offer you click right here it’ll show you everything that they offer with their hosting packages like I mentioned before they started just for 95 a month they do have a 30 day money-back guarantee and they also have a ninety-nine point nine percent uptime guarantee it’s really important when you’re looking for one of these companies you want to make sure that your
website is up and running as much as possible there are no hidden costs and superfast activation if we scroll down a little bit i’ll tell you a little bit more about green hosting every account with greengeeks receives the following features energy efficient infrastructure three hundred percent wind powered green hosting like I mentioned before they put back three times the amount of energy that you actually use with your website carbon neutral
friendly unlimited web space unlimited data transfer and limited emails and mysql databases we scroll back up here a little bit you can see at the top here they have all their different types of hosting services provided web hosting is going to be your shared by posting your green web posting you go over to your reseller hosting you can see the different prices that they have scroll through the different features that are offered VPS or virtual
private server same thing you’ve got all your different prices up here scroll down lets you compare all the different features that each one then packages has we go back to the homepage you can click here to sign up as you can see they from time to time have coupons that’ll pop up they’ll give you thirty dollars off this one says all you got to do is what you put a check out it’s enter your code right here so when you go to sign up if you don’t
already have a domain name you need a domain you simply put in the one that you want here choose your extension click Next it’ll let you know if that one is available or not along with certain packages that domain name that you choose is actually going to be free as long as it’s on a qualified plan now if you already have a domain you already have a website you simply want to make a host transfer just put in your domain name here click Next it’ll
take you on through to the next step in order to get you transferred keep in mind that they will transfer your domain completely free for you so if you guys feel like greengeeks is the right hosting provider for you there is a link just below the video that you can click that will take you directly to their website where you can go ahead and sign up and get started if you’re still a little bit unsure about which hosting company you want to go
with there is a link just below the video that will take you directly to our homepage WWE see by posting reviews com you can go through all the different types of hosting providers we have everything from cheap web hosting all the way down to Windows web hosting go through the different providers read the different reviews check out the different sites see which hosting companies best kind of suit your needs make sure you guys remember to
subscribe to our channel that way you always get updates whenever we post a new video as always thank you guys so much for watching