Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website

Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

how to set up email fill see panel enter Server net go to your product page and click on login to cPanel button now you are logged into cPanel click on email filters option under email section email filters use the criteria that you specified to determine how to handle email messages by setting filters emails can be discarded sent to another email address or delivered to a program Filters link next to the email account that you want to create a filter for you click create a new filter you first enter a name for the filter you then specify the rule now define an action for the rule in this case all the emails coming from spam at will be discarded to finish click on create that's it the filter has been created you can view or edit the filter in previous page that's it you now know how to set up email filters in cPanel .

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