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Free Google Fonts

· Fonts Used ·
H1 | McLaren | 40px
H2 | McLaren | 30px
H3 | McLaren | 22px
H4 | McLaren | 20px
H5 | Roboto-Thin-Bold | 17px
H6 | McLaren | 80px
P1 | Roboto-Thin | 18px

· Colors Used ·
Gold | #FEBF10
Orange | #FE6610
Super Beige | #FAF9F7

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•• Welcome to LivvCreative! ••
Hi! I'm Livv, the founder of LivvCreative. LivvCreative is a design network focused on creating a more approachable lane for newcomers to the world of UI Design & Web Design. I create easy to follow tutorials that teach new and seasoned designers how to start creating meaningful, beautiful and functional UI Designs right away. I frequently use Wix and I love teaching others how to use Wix as more of a development platform than one for design. All are welcome!

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········Programs I'm Using········
Figma + Wix + Envato Elements[/toggle]


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