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Reseller Hosting Review: NameHero vs. InMotion Hosting

In this video tutorial, I compare both NameHero’s and InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Hosting accounts. I show the difference in packages, talk about Virtual Private Servers, and also walk through an account setup at NameHero.

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hi everyone and welcome to named hero calm in this video tutorial I want to do a review of one of our competitors and talk about who has the best reseller account named hero versus in motion hosting so thanks so much for joining us right now I’m on the main page of name hero and I want a really quick reference a blog post I made yesterday and if you are subscribe to our email list and I saw so sent the notification to you don’t send a whole
lot of those but when I type a post and I feel like really beneficial to a lot of people I am I’ll let that be known and I also highly recommend if you have not already to subscribe to our YouTube channel I’m gonna be really hunkering down on my reseller hosting training over the next couple of months and the first place it goes is YouTube and next is our blog so you might want to make sure you also subscribe to the RSS and our blog and of course
you like us on Facebook then you’ll get it you know all kind of syndicate into there but to be the first to get it you must subscribe to the YouTube channel that’s what I highly recommend and you can do that by just going to our blog and clicking right here and this will subscribe you to it you can also scroll down if you’re reading the blog I’ve got this link right here and says please make sure to subscribe so if you find this blog post there’s
an easy link at the bottom so there’s several ways you can get to it but definitely highly recommend that if you enjoy our training because as I said I’m gonna have a lot more content coming out over the next couple of weeks and months and I want to make sure that you get it first okay so yesterday I was talking about why I think 2018 is the best year to start a web hosting business and I’m not gonna go through this whole post here because I
already did record a video where I talked a lot about this but if you do not check it out make sure you go back and do so just in short I’ll kind of summarize here I feel like that we’re now in the next generation of web hosting you know when I first started named hero in 2014-2015 people told me well Ryan you’ve missed the web hosting boom and I say my blog post that statements only half true I missed the initial web hosting boom as the internet
was getting popular but still in the early 2000s most of the people when they access the Internet they had to do so from a room in their house a lot of people such as myself we had a computer room or an office a room in the house with the computer that was connected to the dial-up connection and that’s how we access the Internet well nowadays in 2018 nearly 20 years later after I’ve started working online we all carry the internet around in our
pockets and not just adults I’ve got 11 year-old that has an iPod and so she carries it around with her I’ve got a 17 year old and he’s got a phone of course and so he and he’s carrying it around him so now not only is there like a computer room in the house everyone inside the home possesses some type of device most people they access the Internet so this opens up the floodgates to web hosting providers because businesses individuals large
corporations everyone’s got to have a website or everyone can have a website and in businesses that want to survive it’s a must but then also individuals don’t want to express themselves or build their own brand or even start a business you know they’re wanting a website – so website is a must in 2018 especially with everyone having the Internet in their pockets and WordPress has also opened up the floodgates because it’s a platform that allows
anyone regardless of technical knowledge we have some customers here at name heroed that are in their 90’s 90 years old and their WordPress customers because WordPress allows them to come onto named hero sign up for a domain sign up for a hosting account install WordPress and they’re able to create a mobile optimized professional-looking website that anyone can read around the world so I really feel like the 2018 everything is came together and
it’s just a great year to enter the industry so if you’re considering a reseller account and you’re still not quite sure what it is check out this post and I’m going to discuss now how we compare one of our competitors in motion and I’m also gonna be doing more videos comparing us to other competitors because it named hero I don’t want my videos to come off as self promoting I want them to come off as very helpful so I’m not gonna tell you who
has the best reseller account I’m gonna let you be the judge and so we’re going to go over emotions features we’re gonna go over our features we’re going to go over in motions reviews we’re gonna go over our reviews and then you can sign up wherever and make your own decision let me know your feedback that would love to hear it so the purpose of this video is not to sway you one way or the other it’s gonna show you the facts so let’s start off
with in motion excuse me if you followed our YouTube channel for any time or our blog you know in motion is a company that I I look up to I admire what they’re doing and if I did not own name hero in Motion’s a company I would probably look at to buy hosting from so I do have a lot of respect for the owners and the staff at in motion so I definitely want to let that be known I feel like they do a good job with their offerings and I feel like
their pricing is very fair but let’s take a look at their resellers so we’re gonna hover over their web hosting and click on reseller hosting and we’re gonna notice that they’ve got a lot of the same features as name hero reseller hosting with free SSDs cPanel and WHMCS so it’s kind of the highlights here at name hero we have free whm WHMCS we have free SSD drives and we have also the free enum license so they’ve got three different reseller
packages and then they highlight some of their VPS a–‘s so we’ll just talk about their reseller packages for now and then we’ll highlight their VPS in a moment so they have three different reseller packages starting with the the main the main difference between these packages are the disk space and the bandwidth that’s allowed most everything else is the same right most of most of the features is the same and that’s the same at name hero when
we’re talking about reseller hosting but mainly differentiates between the packages is the amount of disk and bandwidth offered because remember when you’re a reseller this is a space that you’re gonna be selling to your customers and once you reach it you can’t be unlimited because that would be unrealistic and once you reach it you have to buy another reseller account or move over to a VPS because you need more space to resell the purpose of
reselling is you’re buying space and bulk and then you are reselling it to other customers that might not need so much space so they’ve got there are 1000s are 2000s and are 3000’s so of course they’re running a promotion most all web hosts always keep some sort of promotion going where if you sign up for two years you get the 50% off and we do similar name hero which we’ll talk about so right now to me it looks like the best value it looks like
this is the one that’s probably their most popular package what 120 gigabytes of space 1200 gigabytes of monthly bandwidth a free dedicated IP and unlimited si panels and you’ll notice if you click the order now under each one of these the pricing goes up depending on the billing cycle and most web hosts do this you know if you choose to pay monthly you pay a little bit higher rate but if you want to you know save the most you go for two years me
personally I don’t see if you especially being a reseller reseller hosting is all about ROI you’re trying to make the most ROI as possible so you want to sign up for the best deal because even though it’s more up front of an investment then you don’t really have to worry about your cost involved in it every single month and also with monthly billing one thing I’ve noticed running named hero is people that come in and sign up monthly sometimes
their credit card expires or sometimes the credit card doesn’t have funds on it you know that’s easy to forget my hosting bill comes due on the 12th you know and you don’t you’re not funded for it so I find out monthly billing sometimes is more of a nuisance than than having it because even though that your payments are just once a month that sometimes things happen where your sites get suspended and you and your your whole your people you resold
to can be suspended and especially if they’re paying their bills to you and then you’re their parent or their account gets suspended it looks really bad on your company and we’ve actually had like resellers customers come out to us like hey why is my site suspended and we have to tell them that we can’t give out any information but they need to get with their reseller or the person they’re working with to find out why now again named hero is
completely white labeled but they’ve tracked it down one way or another so it’s just important that if you’re going for resale package I do recommend the cheapest price and that is signing up the longer and so if I was gonna sign up in motion I would probably choose this one here 120 gigabytes I really don’t feel like there’s that much difference between 120 versus 160 especially when you’re talking about let’s see let’s just round this to 20 and
let’s just round this to 28 so eight dollars more a month you know is it really worth the 40 gigabytes extra space maybe it is in your case maybe not but I really feel like personally if I got up to using like a hundred gigabytes of the space I’d want another reseller account to kind of diversify so I would probably suggest this one if it was me next the bandwidth you know nowadays bandwidth is pretty cheap my surprise with in-motion here is it
seems like a little bit of a low bandwidth threshold especially in 2018 with bandwidth being as cheap as it is and maybe that’s just my opinion but it seems like they’ve got really good packages great pricing so let’s look at their features we’ve mentioned the free solid state drives you know this is this is what makes essentially the web hosting so fast with SSD compared to SATA drives if you’re using a newer computer especially a mac computer
it has an SSD drive in it and this is why the computers nowadays are so much faster than they were a decade go ago or two decades ago because everything is using SSD drives the read writes on them are much faster and so it just provides a much better experience so if web posts are still using SATA drives I would run the other way and I’ve covered some on the YouTube channel before you know Hostgator still has these and they’re Reese are packages
and I do not recommend SATA drives so glad to see in Motion’s using the SSD free building software WHMCS so this is the leader in web hosting billing and automation we actually use it a name hero and the good thing about WHMCS is it not only provisions hosting accounts for you you can use it to sell other services so if you’re selling web designs you can use it to give a customer quotation then you can use it to raise an invoice and then you
could also use it to build them for their hosting or other services such as SEO or social media management so it’s just very very versatile and the fact that it’s coming with any of these packages is a great deal and so highly recommend WHMCS if you’re a reseller even if you’re not using it right now you if you have the opportunity to get it free it’s like 15 dollars a month if you buy it from them directly so it only makes sense to you know have
a license and you probably will want to start using it at some point or another so free cPanel cPanel is like 25 dollars a month if you go buy it from them directly so that’s pretty standard on reseller counts that comes with cPanel and web host manager they’ve got a 90 day money-back guarantee we’ll go down to the bottom for the fine print in that a free anam reseller account if you go to e nam and try to get a reseller account from them
directly they have a char urghhh so they’re giving you one for free they have a free auto installer so you can easily one-click install wordpress and many popular applications your customers can as well so that’s a huge selling point they have free backups it’s white labeled hosting and free email and they have a multi-layer defense so this is their own DDoS protection and such like that so we scrolling down the page here and we’ve got a
paragraph of text about their platform ecommerce ready its high availability so it’s meaning that they have real-time redundancy that they can generate a backup online almost instantly they do live snapshots of the server so that the server is snapshot in real time so if any data loss to occur they manage the server for you in full root access allowed so we can go on down here to the table and we can really break down the features so first off
we’re just looking at the reseller package we’re not gonna talk about the VPS yet we’ll get to that in just a second so we can see the main difference is the disk and the bandwidth they use raid 6 so raid is a protection software and drives that basically each solid-state drive automatically writes to another Drive inside the machine or inside the node or on the node so in case one of those drives would fail which is very uncommon for solid-state
but if one would then there’s another drive with the exact same data that’s being replicated in real time so it’s basically not a backup but it’s basically a redundancy layer so if when the drive goes goes out then you’re not gonna lose your whole website the other drives protected by raid and it’s going to kick in and then of course they would have to replace the failed drive which might require just a little bit of downtime but it’s very
redundant when you see a web host using raid that’s what you want so they have they give one dedicated IP address out this is not so much needed in 2018 anymore as most web hosts have what’s called sni enabled to where you can use the same IP addresses now this is also good for email redundancy so that’s the main reason why we see dedicated IPs now it’s no longer needed for SSL now here’s something that I noticed about their SSL speaking of which
they say available SSL is not free and in motion so if we hover over here click this our Reis our plans come with a free SSL it can be installed at my post manager issuing domain as a sale no charge Heston eyes support so you can have a single IP so they offer you one certificate come with free SSL so I’m not sure it and we’ll might have to clarify this with them and I believe it’s answered on whether other pages I think they just come with one
free SSL certificate so that’s it that’s a big thing there because a lot of web posts nowadays and named hero it’s free and automatic SSL for every website on your web hosting so again we’ll go through the docs here in a second and confirm it’s just one that’s what’s looking like to me from this from this here root access they don’t allow root access meaning you can’t SSH in on these packages with root it’s that’s not uncommon it’s a shared
infrastructure but if you get a VPS you can say they allowed WHMCS the enum the auto installer Softaculous in this instance they give you a free domain and C a free domain with six and twelve months terms only so if you buy monthly you don’t get a free domain unlimited web sites allowed and limited add-ons allowed they do have SSH access private name servers this is popular you know if you your web hosts you want to give your customers in their
own name their name servers from your company and not in motion or not name euros so that’s of course needed they give you backups let’s look here automatic Mac automatic backups are included with your account limitations do apply when restoring your account is free but it’s limited to once every four months a fee of $49 applied to additional restores sites larger than 10 gigabytes will not be backed up automatically other options may be
available so that’s kind of the fine print in the backup so you might want to look at in my opinion one thing that would kind of concerned me is restoring your account is free but limited to once every four months well what if you need to restore it in between those four months you have to pay $50 every time I mean that’s that’s okay that’s how they do it that’s interesting that it’s something that would you know I would note down on my paper if
it was me researching FTP accounts unlimited PHP seven that’s a big one and it’s covered my sequin Postgres unlimited programming languages all their email accounts webmail this is pretty standard cPanel stuff all this stuff free cPanel license cPanel branding cpanel multi-language green data centers custom package creation online support center launch assist so they’ve got two free hours of launch assist this is a special service offered by our
managed hosting team you can use it to address any technical needs you may have in the first 30 days including migration support so you have to buy their top package to get this so that’s interesting I wonder if they’re free they might not do migrations for these and you have to have this account to get migration that’s what I would think and I’m also I don’t know how this works as far as their scope of technical support goes you know maybe if
you have questions setting up your account that you you can only ask with launch assist so that’s what I’m thinking so maybe if you buy these packages you have to spend $99 to have them do a migration or to give you advice on setting up the account the 90-day money-back guarantee is valid for 6 and 12 month plans didn’t say 24 or one month so I guess if you only buy the 6 and 12 month as you could it’s a 90 day money back in motion guarantees
your satisfaction with initially 90 day money back other companies give you a partial or no refund our guarantee is reflection confidence okay but this is just the six and 12 month plan so if I’m going to sign up monthly or I’m gonna sign up two years then on don’t think I’m gonna get that so I would need to either ask for clarify but I think it’s pretty straightforward in their website that I can only or there’s two options if I want this setup
fee is free and we get the price and then pretty basic stuff here okay so that’s the packages they have let’s click here well they have shared in VPS so we’ll talk about that here in a second let’s look at the frequently asked questions so what does reseller hosting this explains it and my mouth can get into that now we transfer they have a checklist for transfers they have a guide on how do your migration how much resources where your customers
receive you can assign disk space and bandwidth and domains how to automate it from the beach MCS domain registration the nightly backups just in case a client deletes something we perform automatic backups of your data every 24 36 hours isn’t sure you always have a copy so remember they do provide backups but they can only provide one restore every 4 months from freeze that’s important to note now I would like to ask their sales team is that one
account restore for the whole reseller or is that is that for your accounts or just one account I need two if I have 10 customers and 5 of those customers need to restore do those count against my quota sorry I’d have to clarify that I’m not sure so custom name server they do have that endless how long is taking this out setup 5 minutes how do we compare to our competition they do detailed looks at Oh skater SiteGround and you can compare them
does in motion offer SSA okay so this is going to clarify the SSL yes we offer comodo SSL $4.99 a year that can be purchased through your login for more information I buy yourself so they do not offer the free and automatic SSL that’s interesting I would like to I wonder if they plan on offering that in the future so if you don’t know what SSL means this provides your site a secure connection and Google Chrome recently came out and said that if
your website does not have this they will be displaying a warning on your website so someone accesses your website in Chrome which crums the most popular browser they’re gonna be showing a warning on it so sites really are gonna be pushed into getting one if they don’t already have one so this is like this can get expensive so your customers are gonna have to pay at least $99 a year to get a certificate so that I mean that might be a good upsell
for your business but other providers are offering it for free so I’d be aware of that we’re a service located they had a couple different locations east and west difference in data centers they don’t support your customers but they support you here’s international stuff if you outgrow you eat another account and 99.999% network uptime you know I think I would just say 100 percent network uptime if I was gonna go that far but just my opinion okay
so that’s a pretty good overview of their reseller packages they then have their reseller VPS which are dedicated manage servers and we offer these same things at name here oh so I think the big thing with these and they’ve got a another frequently asked question about the power versus shared in VPS a VPS is your own server it’s not shared with anyone else so we really see larger resellers that go for these that are wanting to be able to
customize everything up to the operating system and don’t want to use a more standard out-of-the-box type thing or a solution so what most of time resellers will start with these packages and then kind of grow into the VPS is not often do we see resellers get started with the VPS because they want to prove their business model they want to get their business started with the lowest or the biggest ROI and lowest startup cost so a lot of resellers
they wait until that they hit this level of needing a VPS so that’s the difference between these it’s just having your own server and then having kind of a shared infrastructure it’s interesting they call these reefs our VPS is so I’m assuming they all come with these same features free WHMCS free SSD and the free enum license okay so that’s a brief but you know pretty thorough overview of what they offer I want to talk about named Heroes now
because I can pry know I can speak on you know more in detail about that or actually let’s look at in Motion’s reviews really quick so on their site here if I scroll down to reviews and they’ve got to have it here somewhere reviews in motion hosting review so they’ve got some reviews that are published on their site and so you can see this goes web hosting geek so it’s a blogger who’s hosting this they’ve got a link to their reviews top 10
reviews so they kind of highlights different places or reviews are published now there’s one site I found interesting it’s Trustpilot so you can go to tress pilot comm and Google or type your search for in motion or you can just Google in motion tres pilot and you get these reviews the cool thing about tres pilot is is there a third party and they they get two reviews from actual customers or they try to at least and so good I recommend always
you know going through and not just looking at the reviews on their sites but digging in and finding or reviews could not I see the good the bad the ugly if I’m gonna sign up and so we can go through tres Pilate here and you can see this person gave him a one-star and you know I don’t know the situation but it is look a named hero ad right in the middle of it that always makes me happy seeing our ads around the internet this person one star one
person one star so again I don’t know these situations and sometimes your review sites can be bad because people only use them when they’re not happy let’s say okay here’s some good good reviews good reviews emotion nickels and dimes good a real good review good review one star one star one star a good review good review good review so again you can go out and do your research and then that’s all I’m suggesting here is go out and find all the
reviews you can read through them all and again I’m not gonna bore you on this video reading through every one of them but you know just kind of get it a general consensus of what other people say and you can see they’ve claimed the company has claimed its trust product profile but they don’t actively invite their customers over here so these are customers obviously they’re mad for a lot of these about March some of them are really happy but it’s
just good to not only look at the ones they feature in their website because for example emotions not going to feature this review on their site they that wouldn’t make any business sense whatsoever so that’s why I recommend like start googling in motion hosting reviews and and come to your own conclusion on that and I want you to do the same thing at name heroes so well let’s go to name here I would talk about our our plans we’ll briefly speak
on our VPS as well we’ll talk about name here our reviews and then I’m going to demonstrate the setup so I’m gonna kind of go through a full tutorial here and if you get you know if you want to jump ahead feel free but trying to be as thorough as possible so the name hero are main features is you get a free reset domain reseller account you get a free WHMCS license with the corporate package in free automatic SSL HTTPS so I think these features
here have been very very popular amongst us at name here oh but there’s one thing I want to mention before we even get started here and that’s named hero all of our hosting is on our private cloud I did not see any of that at in motion I don’t believe that their reseller accounts are using cloud hosting yes they do have SSD drives but I don’t believe they’re built out on the cloud so the power of the cloud me but essentially named hero cannot
oversell our servers because our servers can be scaled up at any time if we need to add resources more RAM a bigger processor more hard-disk space more drives to server we can actually re image it with a click and the whole server skills up and so that’s really the power about being on the cloud is it adds reliability redundancy scalability and of course security it’s not on a dedicated server in a datacenter if we use a traditional dedicated
server it would be cheaper for us but if you use a traditional dedicated server eventually that dedicated server runs out of space and you have to take it offline to add another drive but since we’re on the cloud we don’t have to do that we just scale up in the cloud and so that’s a one big thing that I notice it’s different between us as in motion is we are true cloud hosting it’s we do not own a dedicated server in the building at name here
everything’s on the cloud I did not get that impression here and so I believe they’re using traditional dedicated servers and while they’re using good technology SSD drives and such and they’re still not solely in the cloud I did notice that their VPS is said they were spun up in the cloud so to me I believe for that to happen you have to have a VPS to use their cloud hosting so that’s the main difference I see right off the bat and then we have
three different packages and much like mam the main difference is a space and bandwidth so at name Hiro we offer the startup the corporate and the entrepreneur now our most popular package by far is the corporate first off it offers a hundred gigabytes of SSD space two thousand gigabytes of monthly bandwidth you can host unlimited clients we give you the free WHMCS starter license we give you a free domain if you sign up for a year or more and
motion did the same there’s the same free dedicated IP address we provide CloudFlare free with the railgun that’s a $200 month feature per domain purchased a loan at CloudFlare we give you the free SSL for your website and all of your customers there’s no upsells cross sales anything like that if you you can sign up a hundred customers tomorrow every single one of them get an SSL certificate not only in their main domain if they have a sub domain
the subdomain gets one too so we’re not going to and I’m you there now I have to admit when I first started named hero in 2015 let’s encrypt was just getting started free SSL really wasn’t around our biggest upsell was SSL Certificates I think we charged about 30 bucks a year for them and almost every client every one of our resellers bought at least five of those from us so we took a big revenue hit by going free and automatic SSL and I think
that’s why some of the larger companies have not or the more established companies have not because they actually have to transition their business model their entire business model they have to transition from their upsells to keep from increasing their prices from the bottom line and so I think that’s why we’re seeing how it’s like Hostgator in motion they don’t offer this yet because it is it’s a big you lose revenue from it okay and so a name
here I’ve always said we’re not in it for the money we’re trying to offer the best features and I know it’s a very very popular feature here at name hero we give you the free nom reseller account and motion offer that and we give you free nightly backups but we use CP remote and so this means that you and your customers have accessed these backups right inside of cPanel so if if we noted it in motion they charge for restores well we don’t charge
for restores because your customers not just you your customers can restore their own backups inside of cPanel so even if they just want to restore one file from that backup the night before they can do that they just want to restore one email account they can do that they just want to restore one database they can do that and it’s all done inside a cPanel do it yourself so you there’s no need for us to charge for restoration because it can be
handled inside of cPanel inside of your customers and this is something you offer your customers as well and we have our superhero features one thing I did not notice at in motion is the web server and so I’m going to assume they’re using Apache web server it’s a free web server we use Lightspeed Lightspeed’s a drop-in replacement to Apache and it’s up to 10 times faster it makes websites tint load 10 times faster so this really makes a
difference in my opinion to the quality of reseller hosting that we offer it named hero because not only are we on that private cloud we have Lightspeed which is already tested to be 10 times more – 10 times faster than Apache so there’s a selling difference for that you can offer your customers you can say well we’re gonna offer 10 times faster hosting than the competitors because if you buy a reseller account that in motion you’re not gonna
have Lightspeed but you are at named hero so you’re right off the bat going to be able to offer your customers a higher quality hosting product and hence when you’re offering a higher quality you can often make more money off that right and a lot of times you can you split test this don’t just take my word you know go sign up for any motion hosting account sign up for a name hero hosting account and speed test them you know so you can make your
own decisions I don’t want to make those for you that is something we offer it is more expensive for us to offer light speed because light speed is not free it’s actually pretty expensive and we have it on all of our servers so my bill to them each month is quite large but that’s okay that’s what we do for our customers a webhost manager comes with it in cpanel that was the same animotion unlimited domains there’s not a limit to the number of
accounts you can have you’re only limited on disk and you are allowed to over sell your space meaning that you can use the 400 gigabytes you can you can sell more than you actually have but you’re only built on what you actually use and so that’s why the hundred gigabytes is so popular because you can sell way more than 100 gigabytes but you’re only going to be billed for that hundred gigabytes of usage so that’s an important thing to note and I
think I’ll resell our hosts nowadays offer over selling because it’s hard to be profitable if you do not as a resale host next is 99.9% uptime you know let’s just call it a hundred percent 100 percent network uptime our network does not go down the only time we ever seen downtime at name here oh and I’ll show you our proof here towards the end of this video when I talk about our reviews is when a server glitch or blip happens and it’s not often
at all but so our networks always online and we very rarely have anytime any type of downtime and again I’ll show you proof of that private name servers so that’s standard and in motion and named hero we have support 24 hours seven days a week 365 days a year Christmas Easter Thanksgiving we are here Sunday morning 2 a.m. we are here we are fully staffed and that’s you know something we pride ourselves on you know we don’t just say we are we
really are give us a call give us a chat hit up on the tickets we are there and we will answer you and so that’s a big point here at name here Oh so the startup in the entrepreneur the main difference is we do not offer WHMCS with these two packages and we do that because most of our customers they like this corporate hero package and though sometimes use the startup in entrepreneurs when they start to get like maybe 80 gigabytes of disk usage
they’ll add another startup or entrepreneur because they don’t need another copy of WHMCS so it’s our thinking you know why I have to make these plans more expensive by offering this when it’s offered at the corporate so we do not offer that and the dedicated IP address it is just offered for the corporate as I said you do not need this for SSL anymore so because of that you know if you want a dedicated IP address you can buy it for two dollars
and fifty cents a month on the startup and entrepreneur but it comes free with the corporate so it’s really cheap if you want to add it but then again we can add it to the startup and entrepreneur but that would just increase the prices of those packages and we don’t want to do that so that is the main difference so every package has the free and auto SSL every package has the free CloudFlare with railgun every package is on our cloud SSD and
we’re using raid 10 so it’s just a difference in the raid driver and you can see this down here as we compare these the raid 10 MSSD drives on our cloud the bandwidth noted here WHMCS license dedicated IP we talked about that you all accounts you could host unlimited unlimited child accounts we don’t limit that when post manager cpanel free and auto ssl root SSH access if you need SSH access it is available but you cannot have root access root
access is for VPSs only so if you need SSH access added on an account you just have to ask and we’ll give you gel shelled on whatever account it is CloudFlare and railguns on all of these this is a this is also an upsell a lot of other hosts will upsell this and I didn’t see it on in motion so I would assume they upsell it or maybe they don’t offer it at all but I don’t see it on their main sales page so we offer this for free because CloudFlare
is a global CDN and protection network huge benefits the railgun is $200 per domain if you go directly at CloudFlare so it’s another way that you really save big here named hero our customers love railgun and they really really do it and enhances your site make sure sign a lot faster so highly recommend if you haven’t used it please give it a try and and come to your own opinion on it though but I believe that you really will agree with me
unlimited subdomains FTP accounts we use Maria database Maria database is a drop-in replacement for my sequel and your scripts will behave the exact same so if you have a PHP script that requires my sequel Maria is is the actual people that started my sequel but left after my sequel is sold to Oracle and they start a Maria database and in my experience Maria is just faster it’s a better performing database engine than my sequel so it’s just
better performance that’s why we we put that here multiple PHP versions you can use PHP for all the way up to PHP seven per account and you can select this inside a cPanel if you have a customer it does not want to use PHP seven while that’s recommended you can of course downgrade just through accounts inside a cPanel that’s not a big selling point we have here at named hero Ruby on Rails this is available through cPanel I really don’t recommend
using Ruby on cPanel but it is available but in my opinion it’s kind of messy so I’m not a huge Ruby fan with cPanel right now they’re working on it and they’ve they became leaps and bounds in the last year with it but it’s still not not to where I really like it Perl is available in limited email accounts webmail and of course the nightly backups that you have access to so that’s our packages in a nutshell let’s talk about our VPS is so we just
have a separate section for VPSs we’ve pondered adding some VPS as to our reseller page we might do that in the next year but right now our VPS packages are just over here on their own page and they can be used for reselling if I compare them to in motion off the top I will say our pricing is a little bit better you can see these pricing this pricing here is for one year for the $39.99 for $49.99 s monthly two years for the 59 its $80 or two
years for 84 or it’s ninety-nine a month name hero this pricing is for one year as well the monthly price is up here so not thirty-nine bucks 49 bucks a month or $60 a month or $70 a month the monthly of course you saved the most coin yearly we have SSD raid ten storage this is dedicated RAM and dedicate CPU cores with each VPS full root access on them now the only thing is we do not yet have a VPS that includes WHMCS the automation billing
platform and that’s because that’s how we keep these prices so low if you want to add WHMCS it starts at 995 per month if you want to sign up for a year then you can hit up our sales team and they can let you know the pricing for that so if you want to add WHMCS it’s a small fee on top of this but it’s your it’s your option you know if you want to add it or you don’t but we try to keep our pricing as low as possible we do have the free and
automatic SSL across all of our VPS so you can offer this to your customers and it’s automatic installed CloudFlare is available but we have a 29.95 setup fee if you want to add CloudFlare with the railgun to any of your VPS and that’s just because our our support team actually has to log in to your VPS and provision the CloudFlare so that setup fee just covers the time that they have to log in and get everything set up and configured for you so
it’s there if you want it and you’re free you’re free to ask this hn to your own server and install CloudFlare if you wanted you have full root access so if you don’t pay a setup fee but you want CloudFlare then you can do it yourself all of our VPS is our fully managed meaning that the core operating system the kernels and stuff are kept updated automatically you do not have to do that you don’t have to worry about you know updating anything we
handle all of that for you as far as the core operating system is concerned so that’s our VPS has the mini resellers use these as well most resource we see though will start off with these packages as they get business as they get usage then they will move up to a VPS or add a VPS to their stack later on most resellers start right here so let’s talk about reviews now we talked about in Motion’s so let’s scroll down here and look at name heroes so
of course we have a review page on our site click here and now you can see a little bit about the reviews we’ve published so we have our reviews social media reviews industry reviews support reviews and uptime so let’s highlight these really quick so we use a third party called shopper approved and shopper approve actually collects these reviews for us and once they are collected we cannot edit alter delete or move these reviews these reviews are
there and so they verified that they are an actual customer and so shopper approved works with our API to actually validate the order number and your review and they actually look at the IP addresses and stuff like that no personal information they’re strictly use order number IP addresses just to see that you are an actual customer with us and again once these reviews are left they cannot be removed or altered in any way so that’s why we like
shopper approved that is our dress pilot so we use a shopper approved versus Trustpilot I looked at Trustpilot buttressed pilot was too expensive they shopper approve offered the same service at a tenth of the price and me being a little bit cheap I went in the shopper approved some people can argue that trust pilots sales team likes to argue me on that but I don’t see why you would pay like triple or knowingly a trip like ten times more for the
same service so weave shopper approved so you can read these reviews you can go through here now if you want to look at these on their website kind of like how I went to trust pilot you can actually click on this and this goes to shopper approved comm this goes to their site this is not hosted by named hero this page and so you can actually see the reviews on their site and you can see that they are verified and you can see the scale they rate it
on and you can see the comments left by the customers so we have no access to these reviews again you know we can’t alter edit delete or move these so you can see what people are saying now just like I mentioned within motion don’t just take my word for it get on Google type in name hero reviews start reading start researching see what people say make your own decision I want to make them at your decision for you I’m just trying to point you in
the right direction to let you know what you’re looking for you’re looking for reviews that are on a non-biased third-party website that does not receive affiliate commissions and of course shopper approved does not receive a dime for Commission’s we do pay for their service so they can integrate with our API but they do not receive any commission they do they get nothing in return for sending sales our way so let’s put it that way so we’ll
scroll on down our review pages here we have a couple of blog posts that people had reviewed us or web posting these are integrated from Facebook everyone loves social media nowadays going down through Facebook these are some reviews that were left on our old review page before we integrate it with shopper approved so we didn’t integrate these into the site you can feel free to read these people were kind enough to leave their website we have
support reviews so this is something that we do different name here oh that I have not seen at in-motion we actually published feedback each month from our support desk so when a customer raises a support ticket and it closes there sits a survey and the survey says are you happy with the support you received the customer is then able to rate the tech on a one to ten scale and then leave feedback on what the tech did right or they did wrong and so
we published these every single month since 2016 I didn’t do it early on I wish I would have but we started doing it in 2016 so we’re close to you know almost two years of support reviews so you can click on each one and see what customers say you can see you’ve got the date the time stamp the review from zero from one to ten if they put zero than it was not they didn’t use a scale and any comments left so here’s what our actual customers are
saying about our support text and you can see there’s a seven here but you know the customer gave a huge response there and then of course many many many many more so go through and read these I’m up with us waste your time reading to all of them here but each month we basically screenshot the feedback from the desk and publish it we want to be a hundred percent transparent at name here oh so you know what to expect as a customer there’s nothing
worse than sign up with web posts thinking you got it all done you know as you wish and not knowing what to expect so we’re letting you see what customers say and then we’re going to bit deeper letting you see what our customers say about our support team because with reseller hosting you know you’ll need support at one time or another so here’s what they’re saying about our text and you can go back you know and keep reading each month I promise
to always keep this section updated as we go on down here we proved our uptime so what we’ve done is nodes that have been on the network for quite some time we use Pingdom which is a third-party service to monitor when the servers are up and when the servers are down and we published the reports each year so you can see any downtime that we had and you know kind of what that looks like so can prove that 99.9% uptime and so I have not seen in
motion time I’ve actually never seen a web post do this and if there is one please feel free to comment let me know but we actually published this and you can see it’s it’s done by Pingdom a non objective third party so you can actually see outages throughout the year and so you can know what to expect and we don’t just publish one node either we published several nodes on the network so you can get a great idea of how the network operates in
itself so you don’t have to look at one node you know look at a couple of the nodes so you can see our actual uptime so that way you know you know what people say about our support team you know what our uptime looks like you see what people say about us on social media and you see what real customers verified customers are saying about the service as a whole so that’s kind of how we do our reviews that name hero I know reviews are everything
they’re very very important and so you know me me in general you know if I go out to eat at a restaurant I’m looking at the reviews if I buy something online or Amazon or if I buy something in Walmart you know I’m looking up through reviews while I’m in the shopping aisle so reviews are important so named hero we try to give you reviews from everything and I noticed one thing about in motion is they provided reviews but it was only reviews about
their service you know there’s not the support reviews not the uptime reviews and I got this stupid box here that pops up but just for reviews you know they were published and of course they’re only gonna put good ones on their site you know I had to dig a little bit deeper to find someone stars and again I love in motion as a company I think they are a great company but it was hard for me to find some of these one stars out there but you know
that’s why I say do your research before you sign up don’t just take my word you know don’t just take the word on the sites go dig the good I feel free to dig on name hero go-to web hosting talk and ask you know what do people think you know feel free because I want to know too you know I don’t know what other people say so do your research on reviews so that is the accounts those are the reviews and you know when you come to make your decision I
don’t know you know if I look at the pricing our pricing within motion is quite similar it’s obviously not the same in motion kind of has better deals in some spots I believe name here has better deals in other spots I think we have strengths and we have weaknesses we have pros and cons both of us the biggest thing I see the biggest difference is a cloud hosting and also the Lightspeed web server so you know it’s it’s really what’s the most
important to you in your business you know do you want the cheapest reseller County looking for the best price or are you looking for the fastest reseller account or are you looking for the best customer service you know you kind of have to determine what is your goal out of your reseller account and once you determine that then you can kind of determine what package you want you know is the awesome Auto SSL and CloudFlare is that really
important to you or is it not and so that’s you can kind of go back and forth if you ask yourself those questions and you can figure out you know which package or which company is best for you it’s not just you know wellhere’s named hero we offer the best package as well but voix know it’s what’s most important to you is it prices at speed as a security as a technical support is it uptight and so in this video I’ve tried to give you an overview
of all that we do it named hero and I’ve tried to use all the available resources on in motion to give you a fair and objective review of both companies and you know if you’re still in doubt you still don’t know sign up for each or go sign up in a motion for a while go sign up name hero for a while and then you know do some speed tests you know sign up getting account you know mess around with them for 30 days named hero we have a 30-day
money-back guarantee on all packages not just star six or twelve month I think was in motion six and twelve months they had their money-back guarantee so you know we have similar stuff there and then you can really evaluate it to see which one works best for you now there is one thing that a named hero we do and even if you sign up at in motion this is gonna be helpful to you is we have some training on our blog for resellers and so if you go
back to this post here and if this post is not on the blog when you go to it maybe you’re watching this video a little bit later you can just search this headline in this box and this will come up you need type in part of this in this box and this post will come up if you scroll down here there’s some training resources that I really would like you to use and again this is regardless if you sign up a name hero in motion hostgator or even if you
don’t sign up at all this will teach you about the reseller hosting industry so if you don’t even know if reseller hosting is right for you please go through this training first off we have a free course so you can click here and you can register for this course and this is a video course there’s a registration another person free of charge don’t have to be a customer you can anyone can enroll to it anyone but this has 12 videos one PDF and six
presentations 174 minutes so it’s not a training that you’re gonna do in just an hour you know it’s going to take some time but some each one of these topics is covered you know about the course what is Reese are hosting how to make money the packages determine your niche how to set up private name servers with WHMCS you know everything about reseller host seems included in here or maybe not everything but a good bulk of the core of reseller
hosting so it’s going to teach you about it it’s going to teach you how to effectively be a good reseller and you know that you say where I what makes you such the expert well I’ve been in the web hosting industry for almost 20 years now and so I’ve just been around so I’ve and I’ve done research team during that course of 20 years only having named hero since 2014-2015 but I’ve still been involved in the hosting industry way before then so I try
to take that knowledge that I’ve learned and relay it to you for free and I really don’t have any hidden objective with this you know it really is free and these are the courses and if you use all this you can still go sign up and in motion but I feel like education is a really important thing that you know to offer the best reseller experience and be the best provider I have to be able to give away the knowledge I have to others because you know
that’s an important thing about learning in order to keep learning and to be an expert you have to give away that information and I believe in my opinion to stay an expert and to learn more so that’s what I’m trying to do here kind of my giving back type thing I did I do so check out this course it is free we have a free ebook and it’s it’s available inside the course if you just want to get the e-book you can go to this page called resale hero
and this is an e-book that you download and it’s got a couple different chapters about reseller hosting so if you don’t have time to watch all these videos which I understand you know it’s a lot of videos download this for free put your name and email address click download we will send it to your email and you can print it out or you can put it on your Kindle or you can put on your phone and just read it give it a read you know when you have
some time and you’ll learn more about the reseller hosting industry so we have the video interactive course and the e-book and then I have a tutorial on you too so this is called how to create a web hosting business with WordPress and basically my friend from the WordPress community Darrell Wilson and I we teamed up and did a tutorial on how to make a web hosting business using your WordPress website and then using WHMCS so you’re using WHMCS and
WordPress if we click the video we can go to it here and this is a long video this is like three hours long so you know it’s not something you’re going to do just the next hour but I recommend it because we actually go from start to finish on this like so from legit like setting up your hosting account to installing WHMCS to actually getting the website working so the full WHMCS installation and configuration you know we do everything in it so
how you recommend it sixty six thousand people have watched this videos so far I’ve got four hundred fourteen likes and sixteen people did not like it and you’re free to make your own opinion again I’m not here to mind-control you you know give us a thumbs up if you liked it and if you don’t like it you don’t but my opinion sixty six thousand views and and sixteen dislikes I think we did a pretty good job with the tutorial but again it’s very
detailed very in-depth I come on for a good portion of this and I’ll show you how to get WHMCS up and running so in my opinion like if regardless of your position in the reseller hosting industry check out those three pieces of training material because those will really help you and really save you a lot of time and help you start making money with rece are hosting a lot faster so definitely recommend going through those no matter what no matter
who you decide to sign up with okay so at the final part of this video I want to sign up for an account at named hero so you can see how the signup process works and you can see how quick and easy it is to get your account online so I’m gonna go back to the main name hero site and I’m gonna click on reseller hosting and I’m gonna sign up for the corporate hero package that’s our most popular it’s what most resellers start with you’re free to go
the other ones if you don’t need WHMCS but this is one most people do decide with okay so once i select the package i’m asked three questions one do i want to register a new domain do i want to transfer my domain from another register dror do I want to do already have my domain and I’ll handle updating my name servers so a name here if you sign up for a year or longer with their service you get a free registration this domain is going to be your
primary reseller hosting domain so most people use this for their website so for example if I was gonna start named hero I would use name hero com if I was gonna start Kansas City hosting you know maybe Kansas see hosting com is my site maybe it’s Missouri web hosting or whatever the name my company has a lot of time that’s what people use here so you can register a brand new one I recommend doing that if you don’t already have one just
registering a brand new one again if you sign up for a year or more it’s free so you’re gonna save there and then you know just having your domain with this name hero makes life so much easier now if you already have your domain somewhere else maybe you registered it GoDaddy or Namecheap or another web host it really does make life easier to have your domain in our interface and take my word for it you know I’m talking about ten thousand plus
support tickets I’ve seen over the years your life will be so much easier with your domain in our interface because once you sign up you’ll see you have to register your name servers and if they’re at GoDaddy or if they’re at Hostgator if it’s a name cheap you have to go through their panel and I can’t demonstrate every single panel because there’s so many of them but I can demonstrate named heroes that’s why I recommend it up to you whichever
you want to do so if you want to transfer you can enter your domain here click transfer and I’ll walk you through the steps you need to do to complete that the final one if you already have your domain and you’re just going to handle updating your name servers so this third option applies to me because I already have my domain I’m gonna use inside my name hero account so I’m going to use reseller hosting us com so that’s my example demo dummy
domain so to speak so I put the first part in here then I put the TLD here so it’s and I look like use okay so now I’m going to configure my options and check out so I’m going up the corporate here oh I’ve got a hundred gigabytes of space mm good bytes bandwidth unlimited accounts I get the WHMCS license a free dedicated IP I get a free domain Reese our auto ssl and private name servers okay now I’m gonna choose my billing cycle now your
note you’ll notice these prices don’t match here let me explain why these are our super spring resale promo now when you watch this video it might be a different sale and I apologize for that but I can’t control when everyone watches this video if you’re watching this during our super spring resale then you can get these prices if you watch during our winter sale it’s gonna be a different price so I can’t guarantee you the price is always going
to be the same prices go up and down that’s just life it’s how it works so if it’s more expensive than this sort of a cheaper than s then consider yourselves lucky of us cheaper if it’s more expensive than you know it is it kind of is what it is but right here discounts apply on checkout so I will see this price at checkout and this this price is based on signing up for 24 months a named hero we were a reward for longevity and I already spoke on
this at the beginning of the video and reseller hosting you want to make the biggest ROI possible monthly billing as I’ve said from thousands of customers we have over 20,000 websites on our platform now it’s easier if you handle billing once a year or once every two years because if you do monthly and I’ve seen it time and time again your credit card expires you forget your hosting bills due and your account gets suspended I’ve seen some cases
people’s accounts get terminated because they just simply forgot to update their credit card and then all their customers got terminated so again if reseller hosting especially reseller hosting please do yourself a favor and I know it’s upfront it’s it’s more of a commitment but also at the same time you’re gonna have more ROI and you’re not gonna have to worry about making sure this bill is met every single month if you want to handle it every
month you can but trust me I recommend going with the 24 month I’ve seen thousands of customers go through this I’ve tried to tell him on the phone live chat tickets I’ve tried to put my input in some people think I just want more money but it’s not really the case it’s that monthly billing is really a pain in the neck for all of us so yeah that’s why we’re we reward customers that do want to do that so this will go down to 2142 a month when I
get to check out so it’s 3295 a month before the discount drop my site offsite backup if you want to add additional backups this is for your primary hosting account so for example if I’m using named hero and say named hero is my primary account you know I’m gonna have my WHMCS on this I’m gonna have my customer data so while we do backups at named hero nightly for peace of mind I like to have third-party backups as well so I’m just gonna select
this this is a dollar ninety-nine a month and this is to have free are not free this is to have off-site backups of my data so not only do I get named heroes free backups I get off-site backups as well and I can store up to 30 days of that so I do highly recommend that this is just for your primary website though this is not for your customers unfortunately we’re working on getting a module for your customers but this is for your primary domain
so I do recommend getting that you know with dollar ninety-nine a month to save you a headache of losing your data if you want to do your own third-party backups by all means do it but there’s really no excuse not to have them so if you want it to be automated and done for you two bucks will get it done if you want to go do it yourself then do it but regardless even though we have backups you need to make sure that you are doing third-party
backups don’t just say a name here as backups enough get a third party as well so I’m going to click the WHMCS license because I want that as well and this allows you to have up to 250 customers it’s got a small powered by WHMCS link on it if you want to remove that then hit up our sales team it’s not that expensive and you can do that as well continue okay so now I can review this I can see the super spring resale is gonna save me two hundred
and ninety-three dollars and fifty cents so again when you first sign up I don’t know if you’re watching this video in the winter if you’re watching this video in the summer or the spring but this may change so just a heads up but you know I don’t want people angry at me or cursing or even give my video a thumbs down because I I just can’t guarantee the price when you watch the video this is a good savings though I mean almost 300 bucks right off
the bat comes right off your total and so ROI is king with reseller hosting so this is going to give me hosting from today it’s April 2018 so I won’t have to worry about buying hosting again to April 20 20 so I’ve got my hosting for two years and you know I can now focus on making my ROI so I’m going to complete my payment and then I will resume this video and show you what to do next okay now my payment is completed and you begin to see our
first of our survey system we use with shopper approved so we just again it’s very important for us to have your feedback you know CEO of name hero our relationship we we don’t earn your trust lightly and it’s not something that you know it’s not something that’s earned overnight we do that over time so we want to know how we’re doing and you don’t have to answer this if you do not want to so if you sign up with us and you’re not ready to do this
click the X right up here some people to get mad entering the cervix I think it’s required to get their account it’s not at all but if you are happy we do think we’re thankful for five stars and then you give us a message let us know we’re doing right you know if you signed up because of my tutorial then you know let me know hey you know thanks for the tutorial Ryan or you know let’s just let us know give us any feedback that you can give us in
here you know helps us tailor our services better or to let others know what you think about named hero you know kind of pay it forward just like I was talking about so you know it’s let others know how your experience is and you know we certainly appreciate that I’m into your name and email emails automatically poured it in we promise not to spam you this is so we can follow up with you so we’ll follow up in like a week to make sure things are
still going as smooth as you as you say I just to make sure that everything is good and this all comes from shopper approved they mitigate all this stuff it’s not conducted by name hero it’s a non objective third party since it’s to the demo I’m gonna close out here cuz I don’t want submit feedback for myself so once the order is placed you can see the confirmation and now we’re gonna go to the client area and set up our reseller account so the
first thing that we need to do is set up our private name servers and so I’m going to click on cloud web hosting here and go to my reseller account first so I’ve got several accounts in here and sorry about that but if you look under a corporate hero reseller hosting us is the package I just registered for so there’s a couple things first here’s the dead Cayden IP address I’ve been assigned I’ve been assigned to Adamus webhost comm here are my
private name servers and so the first thing I need to do is set these bad boys up so if your name is registered with us at name Hiro then follow along if your domain is registered somewhere else GoDaddy Hostgator somewhere else follow the follow along in their interface some of them are easy some of them are extremely difficult that’s why I recommend getting the domain with us because we try to make this really easy so I’m going to open my
domains in a separate tab and I’m gonna look for reseller hosting us click it and I’m gonna go to private name servers under manage look right here on the right side ok now I can register these let’s go in here we’re gonna copy this IP address and we’re gonna type in NS 1 paste Save Changes and I’m sorry there’s a we already have them set up here it’s 2 gone and we’ll go to register here NS Save Changes and and we’re gonna do the NS to copy this
IP address here and paste it in here and ignore the authentication here I’m getting this because this is a demo account and I just modified these before we started so you won’t get that hair when you do this for yours if you do let us know but you won’t and once they’re registered you go to name servers here and then so they’re registered now you have to change them to NS 1 dot reseller hosting us calm and NS 2 dot reseller hosting us comm and
sometimes our order processing team when you make an order with this name here o will go through and check this is done correctly so if you’re confused about this they will check and make sure it’s right now if your name’s not registered with us they can’t check it right so you have to do that yourself so again I’m getting this error just because I’ve I modified these before and it’s they’re locked for the next hour but you won’t have those
errors so now I’m gonna go back to my hosting area our hosting account and I need to set up those name servers and web host manager so I’m going to click login two whe M web host manager is my central control panel this is what I’m going to use to set up all my customers and to create hosting accounts for them now if I want to use WHMCS it can automatically do it but if i need to manually add a site i’m going to do everything in web host manager
so I just click under actions log into WHM so right here this is web host manager and this is going to be your my control panel as the reseller to where I add all my customers so the first thing I need to do is go down here to DNS and I can just search for it DNS edit DNS zone and I need to add those name servers that we just set up so we want to change everything from name hero to our own and as I said our order processing team they’re really
good about going through here and checking to make sure these are correct but it’s really simple we’re just trying to get rid of the name hero name servers and use our private ones and we would do this for everyone but since they have to be registered we have to do this separate so now we’re going to add a records for them so NS one dot and NS two dot and then we’re going to grab these IPS again so I’m going to paste these here and grab this one
here and paste this here now we’re gonna go down and save so that’s all that needs to be done to set up your private name servers and as I said if you register your name with us you don’t have to worry about it current order processing team’s gonna make sure it is correct but this way all the sites you host will use these name servers so they never see name here oh they say oh I’m hosted by reseller have seen us calm and I’ll never ever see name
here oh when they go when they go to web host manager when they go to cPanel they see atom dot US web host com they never see name hero US web host coms just a generic domain there there’s nothing there if I go here and paste and go it’s just a blank page so it looks like everything is yours there’s no reference to name hero at all throughout your panels it’s all white labeled so now reefs are hosting us is now set up and it’s now available and
it’s now ready to use your ready to use your reseller account I’m not going to do WHMCS in this tutorial but I will show you where to get to it if you want to install WHMCS or maybe WordPress on your domain you go to cPanel and you do that by going to login to cPanel under actions and you can change this to by the way which I’ll show you two really quick but you go down here to the auto installer and you can auto install WordPress or WHMCS right
here let’s click here and you can read about it if you want to buts click install now and you can do you just walk through everything step by step and I’ve got plenty of tutorials across our blog and I showed you some at the beginning of this video two or actually go through and set up a whole WHMCS but really quick it’s important to note valid license key you have to have one of these and this comes with your account if you go to the corporate
but let me show you where to get it go in here and click on add-ons and you’ll notice that key is right here copy this and we’ll paste it right here so that’s your valid key it’s under add-ons as long as you selected it that’s also very important to note that all your emails are stored if you hover over your name click email history all of your emails are stored right here so you everything we’ve talked about you’re gonna get emails you know the
order confirmation the payment confirmation your reseller account information and it’s got steps step one set up your name servers step – here’s your WHMCS so it gives you all the steps the WHMCS license is also in here that key comes right here to your email so in case you didn’t see the emails or you missed them we archive them all inside of here so if you have access to the interface just click email history and you can get into everything so
that’s that’s how you get the reese are accounts set up when it comes time to adding sites if you’re not using WHMCS you need to manually add a site you need to create the package inside of or create a package first and then create the account here because you can see there’s no posting packages so I would need to add a hosting package first here and then go to create the account that’s if I’m going to do this manually if I’m using WHMCS I can
automate the entire process but that’s how you sign up for a reseller hosting account with us here at name here o as you can see it’s pretty simple pretty straightforward the free email account you can get that when you set up WHMCS again go off to my other training materials so i’ll pick up from this point on to where you can get everything set up and customize so you can begin accepting orders and start making money with your web hosting
reseller account and as i said in the beginning this video we compared it in motion I don’t want you to just take my word for it you know I want you to get in do your research sign up for one or the other use our training regardless and then make your own decision because I’m not gonna sway you one way or another I’m just trying to present the facts and then let you decide so I thank you very much for watching and I thank you for your
consideration of us here at name hero I cannot emphasize enough about how important that these training resources are I promise if you just bear through them and go through them then you’re not gonna have any support requests you’re not gonna have any questions because we’re gonna answer all that stuff step by step by step so don’t get overwhelmed it’s all there creating your account is simple but go through these because they’ll talk about how
to now use your account now that it’s been created so again let us know if you have any questions leave me a comment on this video if you’re watching it on YouTube I do appreciate a thumbs up I also highly recommend subscribing to our channel on YouTube and you know if you didn’t like it I understand give me the thumbs down but also make sure that your your your checking out other videos on our YouTube channel we have hundreds of them that will
help you with your reseller hosting experience so even if you go with in motion you know check out our channel because we have tons of resources there to help you so thanks so much for watching and your consideration of named hero com