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hello hello everybody and welcome back to the village this is your host xx at and today I am going to share with you some of my fabulous secrets how and make a beautiful website using Wix this program today is not sponsored however feel free to ask me any questions that you want any concerns you have about building your own website or if it's time for you to get someone to build your website feel free to share this out feel free to ask whatever questions you want and all that good stuff and don't forget if you are not a part of the village please subscribe it would just make my day so at this point I'm gonna go ahead and share out I'm gonna share with you what I can actually see I'm gonna go ahead and do my share screen alright I'm not gonna show you the audio cuz it doesn't really matter but here we are and what I do you guys is I do go and go does my domain and that's it my website is through Wix however my domain is through GoDaddy so I have to UM well I had I had two URLs but the other one I knew I wasn't gonna get it was coffee with tea and I hadn't used it in so long I think it was due to expire it was due to expire in the next month or so so I went ahead and deleted it because I wasn't using it and not everybody even knew I had it so when you log in to go and you already have products in here it will offer you other ones help life dot life is great for you no it's not they also have a Yelp $300 excuse me and free help or fee up ads I've never used to Yelp before so and I am virtual so I don't think I would need you know whoo it's time for coffee off oh my god yes indeed good old-fashioned coffee um and then also officials although I don't use any other stuff but I'm really really really trying to study up on Adsense and all that comes up I have not touched my phone this morning so anybody actually called me or sent me a text message please forgive me I have not touched my phone I got up this morning my mom came over here I just had to order some things um to get them stocked up like the water of my uncle Jesus and his CPAP machine and stuff like that and then I couldn't find my one of my debit card so I had to get that reported as lost or stolen and so yesterday was like I had to do that at Redstone bank because it looked like somebody was trying to use my card online without telling me or something and I'm like nobody's in my purse who could have done that nobody's in my purse however I mean I'm serious I was like what is that how could that even be possible but it can be it can be possible people can get and so now my bank has this card where it's just your name on the front and the important information like the card number stuff is on the back so when you're at the store shopping and people look at your card all they can see is your name now and I think that is really really good like all jokes aside that's awesome and so yeah I have got this picture of this video I've got to send it to my daughter when I say get to watch later I've got to send this to my daughter because I love the hairstyle and I have been contemplating just getting some braids so I can just chill out for a minute my scalp my scalp itches like nobody's business and I have been I've been looking around I've been doing some things I've been researching some stuff and just I don't know I gotta see if I actually I was the what I was trying to do on this iPhone and if anybody knows how to do that please vote for the share but what I'm trying to do is literally combine my my contacts because I have an iPhone so everything is iOS but I used Google you know and my Android you know rest in peace you know my Android didn't make it less like no I think it was really more the phone company the phone company some of these phone companies are just raggedy you know what I mean and I just really was upset about the whole thing I was like are you kidding me it's just really you know upset me my nerves were like totally bad I got so mad I was like you know what never mind I will handle this myself this is why more than one phone number is wonderful and more than one phone is wonderful cuz you've got to have that RAM in the bush like I'm not even kidding have to I'm texting a couple of my friends right now to let them know no it's not not a contact it's anybody let me let me say this I'm not sure if you caught my last video or my last livestream but this is my official phone now I'm using the iPhone and they done to my daughter I thought that's what was up with that okay so yeah it kind of worked out but like I just told Nicole I literally um my daughter she got an iPhone before I did and the thing he just cracked literally just I don't know how she dropped it I don't know what was going on just dropped it and I was like dear God so Consumer Cellular they have you know pretty good things whatever in whoa here I go with this yard again oh I feel so tired meet the latest flagship from Samsung in it the same so it looks like an iPhone what is going on just get an iPhone then just get an iPhone um thanks for joining me however I did I must say that I did not share this out with anybody I'm trying to see if people can actually see this without me having to share it out to everybody how many people are really there for the village you know what I mean like some people will get notification as they say some people don't I just want to see what's going on so I'm not gonna share it out with anybody cash app is really strange I almost feel like cash app is being run by one individual the replies that I get is if they're really you know different and Amy from Duda I'm gonna go ahead and mark this as fan because I thought that I had unsubscribed from that website and apparently I didn't I don't know went to Logan yesterday because it was my uncles or any veterans you know dinner I just saved my uncle because he's like you know the better another family catch 20% off this weekend so that the weekend coupon I am about to go into something new I have got to with everything in me I must this is a must lose weight immediately like my entire body feels like I don't know some sort of weirdness so I'm gonna be smacking in your ear a little bit I'm pretty sure because is this lunchtime it's 11:45 a.m. Central Standard Time I'm gonna let Nicky know I'm live in the village I'm gonna go ahead and get some over but yeah I don't I do not like this the iPhone I don't know what you might call it the messengers or contacts because it doesn't merge with you know your Google I'm just like I don't understand that I don't get that that is so weird French I'm gonna unsure this ring for just a minute because I need to do and I forgot a minute ago I definitely should not have and I but like if I had my contacts in my try this would be so much easier to do I mean like seriously you know to you we now if I text any of you and you try to pull me back you know I'm not gonna call you back because I'm on air right so some people do that some people do that they will they will try why is it so hard for me to find the halfway yeah I can't even type in anybody's name like that is so annoying like I'm not even kidding not even kidding so annoying yes there are how to make sure she's okay that's right I am on the mine I am on my computer so I'm able to do this a little bit more now I did have to walk into my communications with telegram hangouts and Marco Polo so I'm gonna see if I can go to youtube on my iPhone and then let's share this out with the world just the only funny vasilich Austen if I start thinking at all prayers are for viola to use it's not their own involved but we know how that is okay yeah you're right I am logged into a completely different YouTube and I did not get the notification so sometimes the notifications work sometimes they don't I know it's crazy it is crazy yeah there are some things that I don't like about iPhone I know everybody has their you know their favorite but there are some things about iPhone and I don't like and it may be because I I haven't been using iPhone that long you know what I mean so but there's some things I like and some things I don't alright I'm gonna share I'm gonna share this and I'm going to go to the Wix I need a napkin all right so I've done some things a little different so let's get into this sorry you guys can hear my lunch 13 minutes in and I'll have to put a ticker on this but the class started at 13 minutes mm-hmm all right from I've already showed you my let's build a website with live in my blood stop life can't do it even though they will give you a 30-day free trial I just don't want it they also um can give you 40 to an existing webpage which is what I do you get an email address that matches your domain which I'm considering and you can build it website easily with website builder which I just and I do have a lot of friends who say they you know who is your website with although dad because that's I had to get my URL to go daddy so this one says sorry but the page you're looking for isn't here please continue on the control panel well they have been having a few issues here and there I think they're making changes I think that's what's going on so protect my info you can get that for $9.99 which I should have done but I have protection through Wix so it is actually activated and then estimated values less than $100 so that means that if I want to sell liver not less not like I can but I won't get anything about pocket change when you click on those three dots you get managed DNS which is what we want to do but I'm not making any changes right now when I'm doing this I'm looking I'm checking mm-hmm server names are good everything looks to be intact so we're gonna go over here and I'm going to show you what I've got going on driving main website and then I have the sub-sites I just click that Bell old mine okay notifications are in the Bell um and this is just people subscriber and then um I have the ability to ability sorry I have the ability to accept it or not instead of letting people just sign up for free or nearly hey self care which I worked on last night YouTube Express which this is so cute but I do wanna I want to change the name I want to change the name which was all of us to I just wanted to put the cube Express because I have more than one channel and even though I haven't had I haven't put any content on you know all of them my main goal is to make sure that everything has its own home and there's no limit to how many YouTube channels you can have so you know what I'm saying like it's a really good actually I'm not it doesn't matter nobody can see it it's just my virtual OCD kicking in because I like for my website to be SuperDuper organized now the thing that is I told you guys the last time I was working on my website the thing is that I need that website that I can attach my premium to and you know everybody get you know the full service I was thinking of making website that was kind of like a Zen type of social media outlet mm-hmm I think today that's what's gonna go down I do have sub site hit site will go away just where it says premium this is an emergency site that I made because my other one was attacked so I'm rebuilding my kingdom how my dad's website and how horrifying which is podcaster radio have a minister would say this is everything is this little landing page right here and I almost think this right here is gonna have to be the actual thing like man it may but me nah I'm gonna have to get clever I need to get very clever and see what I can do it is really strange drinking coffee yet out creamer my daughter all right let's set up your site it says two two through four completed or two out of four completed right now what I've got going on on this one this is called a landing page or a landing strip know what this does it's kind of like a directory for your online Empire mine is designed for life and I have a subsidy of 20 abit ministries what is xx vet ministries all of this here so of about 20 of that podcast YouTube Express you can book me for your next event your voice is the new blog so accede to my sister circle contact gives me contact name and of course Bishop orange jumps up Johnson ministry with I am admin for it's a legacy website so all of his sermons and things are there so this is what I've got going on right now it doesn't mean that and then once you do 4 5 6 7 8 9 you're looking at 9 how many do you have total I have to this in a completely different folder because I don't have to do anything to those sites so I put them over here in this area so 1 and 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 so there are 10 so you will see nine here and then this one itself is number ten they're all sub-site so I don't really have a whole lot going on but it gives each of your areas as you organize you know your business it gives each area its own distinctive look its own feel because it may be totally different and that's why I told people Nisha is on YouTube are so important you are not a niche you aren't this you are the conglomerate you are the house and inside the house there are many rooms and so I got ministry right there right now is the house and then there are many rooms in it you can't limit yourself and say you're the niche it sounds good but it's not true my niche is just that one little thing that you're an expert of and everybody comes to you for that said advice but you my dear may be a jack or Jill of all trades and you have so many you know goals and nuggets to give the world so I choose to look at it like that because if you are multi-talented there's no reason for you to be like a one-trick pony don't just be like you know this is me and this is all I've got or don't bombard your entire channel with so many things because at the end of the day people gravitate towards you know the makeup artist because that's what they talk about or they gravitate towards somebody who sings horizon's' because that's what you know that's what they do all day every day I have a couple of girls that I watch who love vintage clothing and vintage hairstyles that's all they do and that's why I love their channel so understanding how YouTube works will actually help you um prosper instead of going against the grain because people like me we're hard-headed we don't want YouTube to tell us what to do but last night I was like you know you have to keep reminding yourself one of the YouTube is free so if they want you to follow a rule it's their platform they're not charging you to use the platform shut up into your job learn how to work the system stop trying to reinvent the wheel it doesn't need reinventing you just need to learn how to work it for you to wear it benefits you so you know there's a method to the madness you know I mean like I know everybody has you know their ideas in when you build your social media website you will have all the ideas on the planet but in the mean time you know in the mean time and in between time you know let's try to follow the rules let's learn all we can about the free platform that we're using and you know get into it because there are so many different ways that you can monetize and you can prosper and you can earn and it's just wonderful to be in the midst of all of that and to know that there are platforms such as YouTube and you know Wix and Go Daddy that can help you along your way if you notice as I scroll up and down I have a similarity to my websites but the majority of them do have their own look and feel which is what I'm going for I like my subscribers to be able to you know what I'm saying that I like I want them to be able to look and notify oh that's where I'm at is that weren't supposed to be yep I'm going in there you know what I'm saying I've already had two people sign up for sister circle you know what they do they go around and they look in this even though like this is where I'm supposed to be at and I love it I love that for people who don't have a website they're they're able to blog on your voice send that to people get a bit look for it and say I want you to go look at my profile for my platform and look at my work mm-hmm and it's smart excuse me it's smart to have your own website because you never know what's gonna happen YouTube could shut down you know for a day a week a month a year forever you don't know so everything you do needs to be monetized if this is your business all right so what I'm gonna do now um I'm gonna show you now what I want is a community what kind of website do you want to create business online store photography music designer restaurants and food fitness events blog beauty and wellness portfolio and CV or other then is other what I want to create is different from that so you have two choices here let Wix any I create a website for you or create a website with the Wix editor I always create my website with the Wix editor because it gives me the level up to be a boss whereas this you answer a few questions and they design it for you in a matter of minutes and you can't change it whether you like it or not so I always go to the template the first word I'm going to search is community because this is for my village if you see what pops up so we have Community Action Group or of a community talk Street which is talking about you know things and I want to just view that a little bit later the community church a community garden now this social I actually had this one time and I think I totally just it was horrible urban farming young mom blogging forms that I like the way this site looks but sometimes you have to be careful because if you look at it and you'd like it the big thing about it is you're gonna have to change certain elements in there to fit what you want unless you're spot-on unless it's like this this is it oh my god I want to type in social next so first you at the top you know are okay but then after you know you keep going you keep you know you're learning system things now social media blog I'm just show you guys that in a minute but I'm not gonna actually use it I don't think and there's a social media agency a lifestyle blogger which I'm not gonna lie I do like this website so I do want to look at it but I doubt that's gonna happen and then women a women's conference a design conference a tech forum the blog that I just show the community talks through the climate changes so social network in hell I need I'm looking for a word but I'm having bringing the fog oh yeah yeah yeah I think Luke excuse me what is wrong with me okay so a platform two weeks is kind of like a stage which I'm using that Latin dance studio for my own stuff because it has a booking platform in there and so I want people through the website giving the call me it just hits my phone and I know that I'm supposed to be meeting with you for something so I love that not what I'm looking for how a girl right Luke mm-hmm no I have looked at the online church before but I don't like it but I'm gonna review it again it might be good for something but I don't think it's top-notch for an online search any better and you see how I should keep going down down down it sings like a choke it just changes the poppy is amazing and it's not even name-brand that's like a Kroger brand of coffee and then I just put a pack of Hershey's cocoa pro lid I do like these wedding invitations but they don't really have anything to do with a group now this right here I was obsessed with the classic wedding invite only because it has that side menu that I like I'm gonna show this to you guys to see what you guys think but that was one of my absolute favorites so I'm done with this I'm done picking with this stuff I'm gonna start from the bottom and work my way up what I'm looking for is a community for people to come and grow and talk and all that good stuff I want it to be your very own social media outlet for a village now if I go back to my regular website I don't see where I have the victory village anyway so that's what this is gonna be right that's the last element to the entire you know thing so get inspired by community leaders and this has social media networks on the side and something on demand videos and all kinds of stuff I just don't think that this is for me but I do like this I don't know what they call it vector art but you're supposed to be able to click on it and a menu is supposed to drop down so since that's not working and I really I just wanted to look at that one side to see what it looked like so here we have the random musings which is an actual social network that Wix put together it's very simple however you know it is what it is I don't know if this is the one I'm gonna be using blitz as it you know it is it's you know a forum of such you can build your own of course but um this is actually the forum page that I just clicked on and then it has an About section site rules contact and then numbers which I love ooh that may have been a word that I didn't think of huh let's see let's go to other and let's type in I'm not goodness every time you start to build a site you you have to go through that but mine is totally fine I'll see what pops up here don't st. as you're working things just come to you well the word was a good work but I don't think I'm kidding it's not looking promising you know I don't think this was a good search at all because it doesn't have hmm another name or word for members another word for members understand an image or yeah but thesaurus would have been nice constitute or charter member active member remembering good standing it's not what I'm looking for um I remember I need a whole in other words remember what is wrong with you Juliette let's take this and put it in there and see what comes up and this is just you know all a part of you know researching it takes a while to research something that you may or may not be interested in but you have to see all the possibilities um you know because you you want to make it your own and you want to make it good you want to make it appealing you want people to come you know they say if you build it they will come not all the time so you want to make it refreshing and cute and you know exciting and you want it to house some things that you know everybody that is you know a member of your community you want them to get something out of it you don't just want them you know to pay you know even though it is like my in the monetization is only $2.99 a month per member and that's not you know I spent I tell you why it's been more that it's been you know most of that might weigh more how about like thirty dollars a month as Starbucks probably but it's the truth is it's the truth so yeah so not a division but not a segment so okay this right here Google didn't make it this time all right another yeah well affiliate associate a chapter component are cell peace portion post section segment unit hang on just a minute I think the latest call in my name here that was my uncle Luke he finished his lunch I got him some can't pay in fees dip and those special chips that you dip your stuff in and you know he just had a ball he had a field days oh we are 35 minutes in so that's not real bad that's not real bad at all I do have no I'm not gonna place an order of occurs I don't know I was shot I was looking window shopping on Aliexpress earlier you know I don't know I think I ordered something years ago from Aliexpress and I didn't get it and so welcome it's kind of like a wish thing and I was like I'm not gonna do it okay so the rest of this stuff probably is not gonna be a win a winner um so we're gonna do away with that now let me go back I started from the bottom and let me see what's what I do again I like you know this stuff they do have a lot of components and stuff like that however it's just not for me but I do you like the you know the way it has you know the little rules no spamming no advertising they said in the other contact and then it has the members which members all have profiles and you know such and such so what I'm gonna do is they're gonna keep this up because I love the site rules and I want to I want to do that in so in a way so the next site that I'm gonna look at is I think this looks like the mommy blog or the mommy full room it does have a blog in there which I'm not interested in at all I'm really more or less interested in you know the community doing their own thing on here so that's what this is all about so bump and Beyond for young moms and moms poppy which definitely is not gonna be the center of attention here but I love the way that they have like pictures up here at the top I think that's so cool and then they have the home forum blog members about in contact which is you know pretty set in stone and of course where to find this movement on the internet about us our blog enter your email here to subscribe and then they have site rules and facts which again I'm enamored with I think this is a really you know cute and clean website but it's it's not my taste and I can't really I mean I know the village doesn't care if they don't care they're just like look just do it just get it done so we can you know so we can start playing around again and this one right here is really just a blog the first you know it's just a blood but it has all of the social you know stuff up there social animal act like you know this is crazy but it's got all these blogs it's just a blog like not even kidding it's just a blog and this guy down here would be the social animal and where you can find you know all his stuff I am not like I'm just I'm just not anymore which is not but I do like this and anybody who is teaching social media you should definitely you know consider a site like this because if you know a lot about social media and you're teaching social media this right here you know could really really help so but I know I'm not gonna use it I've tried it I just after I left teaching CRM and social media management stuff I just said forget it I've done I need to be in my own element and that's right here just it wasn't doing so this right here is the lifestyle vlog website so if you were ever thinking about creating a blog style website then this is it if I'm not mistaken this might be okay it does have another page so what that vlog is that vlog is on page one but it's just you see how it slid that's an anchor so this is an anchor style website um and it's okay but it's it's really not what I want it does have you know the Instagram feed and then it has the whatever this is stay wild of her videos in here not really feeling that so we're gonna let that go I wanted to show you guys the online church um I don't know if it has a forum or anything but I really kind of feel like hey it was neat up until so this has a worship center it has a place to give it has a podcast it has an about and a contact and where to find the church on social media I don't think it's a bad idea I just don't like the layout and I don't like the color but I do like the idea of it but I just if I had a church online I would not create it like this but to each his home and where I appreciate Wix is they may do so many templates for so many people just because I don't like something doesn't mean somebody else won't fall in love with it so I definitely can appreciate a company that does that this I just wanted you guys to like this is so beautiful just because of those daga flowers I wanna do something with this sober I'm serious I think this is like a wedding she said yes this is like a wedding story or whatever and it just is so beautiful and I love it and I feel like and I only like this part you know it's like my other website the one that has like that houses everything the ministry it's like this one like I just wanted to do something with this website just because of that picture and I'm the same way with this just because of that picture I feel like I want to do something it's so ridiculous I know but it's beautiful is it not I mean this is gorgeous somebody else besides me is on my website thank you appreciate it I love these rules and I love these rules but I need to go back and see if there's anything on here you know what I'm saying and I kind of feel like your voice could be it but then I really want a place to alum you know I don't know I don't know now I did I will tell you this I do like that the public speaking website however I may not need it I saw it and I fell in love I was like oh my god this is so weird and it's so neat but you never said that look at that it's a little busy but I do like that workshops to blow your mind digital ministry like like I already got you know started a little bit and then you can book me I mean but you probably will be able to do that so I think even though it's a good idea and I liked it my mind yeah it changes I could change my mind sometimes and you know what looked okay at one moment you know it didn't go right I'll have to do too many changes to it and that's the thing if you're on a time crunch you do not want that that is not how you know it's things are supposed to be so I could definitely still do my booking on my main website which is xx a tray over here on the right side will not be a problem at all and I do like that dark pink and me end up changing the color but the way the website moves the way it slides it's totally me and it should be you know way better than this right here but my particular website does not have to be premium because you know it's almost gonna be like a standalone website if you will glorify will be used a lot by the public and I'll blog on there every now and then now the sister circle over here on the left I found it sister circle a few years back but Tasha Bennett injury during marriage that you guys know here on that YouTube is during their and blessed creative they take care of this website this is their you know website um so I'm gonna go into site actions I'm just going to make sure that they are added as contributors on their site because I do not need a cluster not block I need to go over to me with my content to pay for because I don't even know if and I can go ahead and yeah keep those through to see is going on oh I see to see but I don't know if I actually sent that to hurt or not and then I used to come because they need to be to man I know Bill I think I need a member of a a part of sister circle so I might add these two and then is configure so that they can admin this website I I will not be policing this website or anything this this website is totally up to them so they can blog here they can talk about when it's these things they can do on site you know events if they want to only website is totally up to them so let me check out sister circle a lot of you hear me talk about sister circle all the time to this is T white sister circle and mean a couple of the ladies founded this so I trust them to actually you know do that they're gonna do on here so they have an about section and I'm afraid they're probably gonna be pick up but it's empowering women all over the world they could put a paragraph here if they want there's some pictures right here that they can do they want to do with it I have added a cookies notification down at the bottom that people can read and or just look okay yeah and so this is like really pretty really good and it's just a place for them to you know be creative it kind of you know stretch their you know arms and hands out wide get into a different you know vehicle is see how you like it you know what I mean the news is the actual blog on the sister circle so I really really like that and so they have planner bill in here in prayer personal story of food nude which food mood cuz Tasha loves to cook as she loves recipes so I think that no matter what they put in here and categorize it under it's all going to be good but the planner Ville tab is in here because them girls love to create some stuff and then if you want to donate to the 2i sister circle you can just by clicking the button at the top and then there's also one at the bottom so and then we have the webmaster login if they need to do that they can this is copy written protected so if you right-click on it you're gonna get the word copyrights with my copyright sign on it because my first and middle name actually is protected yay and if your name is your brand you probably should get that copy written as well my original logo and all that kind of stuff is because I can't afford to keep going through this crap I need to be honest holy different you know level and Here I am having to you know beat my brains out because these people don't have an act right alright so on the ministry side like I could turn that into you know the form but I don't I'm just gonna go ahead and just do something that I wanted to do something that is gonna be amazing what I think things gonna be amazing it's gonna have a forum it's gonna have a store I have to because of the premium um yeah I have to because of the premium so I'm gonna go here and look and see it does have business on here does have communities fashion beauty inherent health and wellness um online store let's look in there but a fashion a clothing arts the core of eating food and drink sports electron this is services though so I'm going to go up here and type in services that I have like you know products most of the things that I made like my digital products or free so right here services IT financed cleaning service garden I have done that therapy service before that was that or this right here was a really beautiful website I just didn't need it anymore after I got married um I guess nothing I was just on at home but it was at the church on the weekends though carpentry service indie production and something just hit my mind I know this is like the boring stuff but this is the stuff that gets you to the next level so a lot of people don't like to talk about that they like to talk about the creative part but the creative part is cute and I catching but then when you get down you know to the nitty-gritty you know what I'm saying like you're gonna need to know some of this stuff and how this stuff works and I really appreciate people like happy scruffy 45 and purple Paisley planner but wanting to know how this stuff you know really works they can make your website better so you can add to it if you'd need to and you know it's just you know you don't want to be you know cookie cutter all the time don't worry cookie cutter there's a cooking school away laundry shop and you don't have to use this for what it says most of the time I look at the function ability of the website to see you know if that's what I want I love that makeup or this website I may have to change my mind since I don't want anything but I like it because it looks like looking like news but I don't like it because it's not real you know it doesn't have a WOW factor um some stuff like that you just have to move it if you turn into a waffle okay three tours the spa now I don't like the website but I definitely could go to the spa right now I think definitely could take a food tour which I don't need food photography urban photography the consultant which I like the consultants website however I like the elements I don't like all of it and so what I've learned to do was take some of the elements that I love and integrate it into you know a masterpiece a website that's just you know yes baking workshop Animal Clinic locksmith couples photography this stuff has a lot going on there's no telling what all types of you know what I'm saying look but these are all the services so if you offer services up to people then you know this is you know where you ought to be if you offer services as opposed to you know actual um booking and see if it music booking agency now feature bookstore author book released online bookstore model book if music isn't production I actually like this layout if you get I want to show you guys what that can do you in a minute I haven't seen that one in a while lawn care family doctor no I want to be able to I want people to be able to book me that's the motivational spell I have wanted that website and wanted it but I just can't do it and then in the relationship coach I tried that template and it just I hate the colors and then we need to get the right colors but it doesn't form right it's just you know some of these things are just I'm like thank you for the notification I like the idea of stuff but you know some of this stuff is just whack and I'm like why is it so hard to change that's the one I was looking there's a brow bar I definitely gotta look at this I love looking at the templates can you tell I do I love looking at some of the templates I don't go all the way through the list cuz there's so many but I do love looking at the templates and the last thing I'm gonna type in here is pink but I'm gonna look at something I've already chosen to see things I like I want to get its page off of this website I want to get that page off of this website this right here I don't know what I'm gonna do I just think it's beautiful I may make it for somebody else I don't know Maggie Lewis therapist there are some things about this website that I love and I used to have this a long time ago but there there is so much there is so much but yeah and then the makeup artist I think this is really cute for people who want to go into an area of what I think it's cute you know if you if you are new to you know not as a professional use this makeup website as a professional if that makes sense this is a beginner website that's all I'm saying and you'll you'll understand what I'm saying in a minute when I show you using different things this is a really great look book though Beauty editorial this is definitely by no means in anything else but I just wanted to show you guys that this right here is the James consulting now I do like some of the stuff let me show you what I like about this I like that achievement growth service services products and clients I think that's so cute and hopefully yeah this is not a slider this is it actually has pages and so this right here's what I like product management operational consulting corporate this guy right here is a consultant in the business realm he's not personal so but I do you know I like that and that you can like click on book now and actually book the person for a service like right now and he gets a notification that you have booked in and you get to pay with Wix and that's one of the things I'm excited about a lot of people will be able to do everything in-house on my website without having to that's why it's important to you know pick one of these websites it's you know it houses everything that I want and for me to get it just right so that when I actually present it to the world you know it's on point it's ready to go I just wanted to show you guys this the the effects that they have put to this this is so whoever was in charge of making this really did them an amazing job and I do I love love love love the colors I love the concept I just couldn't get it right for me it takes a lot to get this stuff right you guys like you just don't know it takes a lot but I think this is beautiful like if I could what and I love the UM there was some little things at the bottom I think it was in the contact page yeah there it is the follow me on twitter follow me on Flickr look at me on Flickr visit Flickr or like me on Facebook but I like that beautiful that's more meaning okay this is a foodie happy I actually like this website I you know kinda thought oh you know I was gonna use it before I changed my mind a little bit this course is a professional makeup and hairstyling which I wasn't interested in the house on me at all they really not supposed to do makeup artistry you're not supposed to get involved on with the hair now I do like this right here with facts and all but the thing is I can use this and then when it comes to booking the courses and stuff I can have a page on the main website that's hidden on the main website but clickable on this so it takes you right into somewhere else because all the websites and the sub sites can't be you know premium let's retake you this one right here that says co-working the community the space is the membership like this right here is kind of what I feel like I want the you know premium site to be that's what I feel like I think this is just absolutely amazing I think it's beautiful I think it's you know it's all things wonderful but I love it I really do I love this yeah and when I click on membership does it slide it slide that's the only thing I didn't like it but I love you know but it's a slider and that's the thing you know we're not sliding around here we need actual pages I just wanted to look at this this is you know whatever okay so it's a slider as well and I guess most people are doing the slide in and slide out thing because it's convenient and it because the way it looks it really looks good but it's not a thing you know what I mean it's really all of these are of the color pink and I do this sometimes just to see what people have available there's over in the port those are the three and then because there's so many of these now open they may just have pink in there but very beautiful like clean you company I don't see any pink of it maybe in the chairs perhaps but that's about it it's a very muted paint but I will say that which you know gives you a lot of fun to work with so um you really would not be you know without you know something if you chose to go with books so they also have a thing I do like it's very calming saline um most popular and new a lot of times I will come over here and look at the new stuff to see you know what they have created and if I can you know tweak it I do like that virtual assistant I looked at that yesterday because it's so simple and clean and minimalist the mindfulness blog I want to look at to see if there are any elements that I want I don't actually like that website but there are elements in when you look at somebody's name or the company's name of the website's name you know that it's gonna have something you know that you like and I keep staring at that train of thought blog because it has a um a saying on there that it says everything is personal including this website including this blog I'm like you know what acting studio holistic healer I just let that one go and it's okay to like you know play around with this stuff don't put a whole lot of work into it unless you absolutely are feeling it and you're like yes this is me this is what I want to do you know don't put a lot of effort into it and then because you cannot transfer your work you can transfer you know some things but you can't just transfer like you can transfer your URL from one to another you can change the name but you cannot change but work you would definitely do a lot of copying and pasting which is insane if you have if you're if you're worthy you know that would be totally innocent to do that well what time is it okay I've got 20 good minutes to make a choice here okay so breathe my mindfulness blog this tells us all the post five steps to detox your mind app and now five apps to help you meditate and then you know the paragraph is always gonna be the same create a blog post subtitle at the bottom get my daily tips on mindful living breathe and her email address a phone number free it's my mindful blog very simple very elegant um I just I can't see myself using this you know as a daily thing like I just can't all right going back to the beginning again this time again this is Toledo but see I can break some of this stuff down just literally break it down which is what I'm about to show you and I think I can get it done in 20 minutes let's see shall we even if I don't keep this blog it's still gonna be fun to use it's gonna be um it's something you guys to check this out let me check on my public's progress shopping complete in transition let me refresh it with the exactly where my shopper is I don't know where my shopper is right asta oh this is actually delivery to my house and I think it's probably Ashley C is shopping the order so Ashley is shopping for me or anything and have attended to live with you and I was like groceries and you know stuff like that instacart is super cute for this so Ashley C is right now shopping so still shopping for my couldn't well and the coca-cola always keep the coke in the house is we didn't have to clean the things off those little attachments so funny and I was just like thank God so then the sparkline paper towels ended up being five five volt it bring the cheese and I mean or choice excuse me ended up being cheaper so pretty nice um you know some dinner and if you want to talk your shopper all you have to do this hi mommy can you please add a package oh that's the last thing I said cuz some guy named Marvin is shopping for me so anyway let me get back to business so what I did was I um I opted for the mommy which probably was a mistake I like I like the look of it but let's go to many elements in it for Christ's sake and has so many elements in it I just can't like but I do want it I do want the site rules let me go over here to the social it has fewer elements and a lot of stuff that I could just delete and turn it into something you know amazing I'm sorry if I am NOT you know going back and forth to check the chat or whatever I do apologize um y'all know how it is when I get angle to my work like this is right up Alley I love doing it for myself and I love teaching people that way I don't have to actually teach it every day when you virtual virtually teach something and you recorded it or you do it in such a manner like a live on a platform like YouTube or and other platforms that have that element it's a really easy on the instructor or the teacher because we don't have to go back in you know teach it again and again and again and again and so that's just amazing to me so right here it gives me it says manage my slides or change the background so what I'm going to do is change the backgrounds right now I'm just going to put a color in there this would be Facebook oh I'm gonna choose black for that one and then I'm gonna click the arrow and it's gonna give me a second slide hopefully I'll try again and see okay that green we can definitely change that grow into something else and slide number okay one of two two of two and that's it okay so let's see what it says on the first slide life is too short to be bored life is too short to be ordinary alright a second have to move along here and don't understand why you don't get out of my way oh I literally don't need to manage these I need and you don't understand it's in Okinawa okay here we go is it somewhere else you can go question the unquestionable it's about any connections so then I can go ahead and click publish this right here is a Greek tour green and there we go the victory Hilda and the village is going to be able to do so many things in here alright and publish now yes please and thank you so then what I can do is this domain is available for you to believe that's a possibility I might get it I'm gonna take this URL and I'm gonna go back over here to this one I've got to put this in there so then we have a total victory village website and it is just that easy I'm not finished with the website at all but it's gonna be amazing you know when I actually do you know finish it here's something simple but something that the victory village can go you know and you can call and you know share things so the one thing that I did get rid of when I get wrong I can't remember there was one of these I had up with this new thing up there well I don't know all right so what I've got it means the victory village which is what I'm working on the ministry site was just standstill YouTube Express I do have self care your voice I have xx at which I'm probably going to change into something else I don't know I do hope he likes the circle and glorify Rho which is the podcasting Network so I'm not sure what happened but I can definitely tell a good way I can do it is really quick and I'm gonna oh Jesus what you can see the whole thing duplicated did we do so my fault it would give you going and I'm literally going to have to change the URL because it totally different love address right-click paste it in new window and it done and I'm gonna go ahead and publish that I want to stick now the course is just to see me and I don't actually feel like doing anything quick that's my stuff the plastic is good too because it'll definitely keep you busy by the way if you guys are not subscribed to my main channel please do so I'm some really really nice surprises coming um later today actually and always long so it is what's today is today Wednesday or Thursday today is what Thursday March 12 2020 and y'all I must say alright glam career and I still have my classroom everything on Google classroom so this is gonna be real easy you know what I mean like is when it's easy for you to do you know what I'm saying like that it just makes the world go round when it's easy for you to do yeah collaboration is important oh and subscribe and then all that kind of stuff I don't need this map everything is virtual see what I'm saying and then you can literally just slide this up make sure that just Center is everything yeah yeah and then shortener this and there you go you can subscribe all right so this is the beginning of something super cool I'm not going to need all these elements for this stuff and I do have a classroom on Google so um yeah that's fine not a big deal and we just don't put Beauty because they're pregnant except there and as your billing building your weeks you'll notice that I will ask you for a subject then it's totally fine I get to go back to this one and I'm going to put the Beauty Academy right here and when you go back over to you this is it did it publish and then I sure did it publish find on all right I take that URL copy it and I'm going to bring it back to here highlight this people click on Beauty Academy it will actually go to the right site so I'm done with that one for right now the thing is to set it up making sure that you are doing the right thing I have so many notifications on my phone right now and it is totally different you guys like having notifications on an iPhone is completely different and the thing is like reckoning for where you call it please give me your face identification all right so I have some a ticket for every financial institution I then this is not news this is social so really my phone is just being in just two club looks is on the way as they got was gonna let us focus on the way okay publicly phone away and up at the top whereas high controls it's like that little do you see where my cursor is moving I'm gonna click on that so that I can change this name to mine showing you how easy this is I have like progress of connecting I did this yesterday and let me tell y'all something I did not care at all oh so now I have Wix shutterstock and unsplash mindful unsplash I think their stuff is like free but better stop peaceful and all that good well that is gorgeous that tree oh my god I hope it does right I hope it does okay please please me ahh that is so beautiful for Mike I'm gonna hit that show controls and I'll come down here and I'm gonna see what's going on in here so we do have a bio and the first thing I need to do is take this had changed the page background and it's got these settings this is what I want is for it to be applied to all pages all I can say and of course I've been doing that what if it doesn't work out Billy dude what do you mean when you say that I do want to take another look at this before I delete it but that is delicious but see this is this is why I like this one I like the font and it is hey you have you noticed like I like my name just over to the side instead of taking up a whole front what I liked is when you click on let you see how that thing just dropped down in there that's dope like yeah I gotta use this for something I don't know what I'm gonna use it on but I gotta use it for something that right there is dope it's fresh it's all things you know beautiful so I have to use them for something and then glorify I did not change the name of that radio station but I'm working on it I don't know I'm working on it the self-care and um the makeup is probably gonna go hand in hand your voice it is just means I just want to you know share some news for so many people make you look village and this is the landing or 20th at ministries I don't they literally don't know but I love that I don't know what I don't know it's just some things like I really love I'm like oof like I can't I have to find something to do with that look at that that is gorgeous I mean I just love it do you not so I'm gonna go over here and change my about cuz I just think that's a gorgeous OMG just absolutely stunning I'm gonna put that about right there and and some of these things are gonna have to go but I don't want to be repetitive in in any of this okay give it away the box did it not okay that's all oh okay I see so you just didn't want to stretch it all the way out uh-huh okay I see what you're doing can I put this out here I wanna do is wrote everything nope there you go your voice only needs to be on here once the Beauty Academy it just like moves the whole thing because I think I have the frames locked in so that's really what this is about here everything is in a box and the boxes are inflamed so when you move one thing you know the whole thing you know the entire group which it doesn't have to be like that but I think I did that for mostly convenient so I have your I don't need two things for the podcast I don't need two things for the you to thrust and then four that gives me an opportunity to take the solar feed and drag it up here and make sure it's centered with everything okay no no no don't you got to go back you go I'll go back you can't move we'll see other blocks mine is totally a timekeeping I'm gonna move that Academy up here very carefully boom got it alright so now that the two blocks order in place me about my podcast my YouTube Express the victory village book me your voiceover seed Beauty Academy to my sister circle touch me of my dad and again so would feed it's fine right now what am I missing and I'm missing anything this right here was about me I think so he did do it on that this is absolutely beautiful not wait to finish the whole thing I mean that's drug dick for this I'll probably be working on this all night you guys so this one right here what did I want to use this for I am not sure I love that the colors and everything on the route that it is no organized out with you know all the stuff but I think this right here would probably be more of my life coaching style then the other I'm not short even if I had I feel like I did I feel like that was the other thing ways of coaching because I have to I want to teach the actual classes myself instead of doing like the video crop and all that so let me go ahead and slap my name on this thing in and I get them anymore so I can take that so is seated and plate like poaching but I do need to go back this is so exciting I cannot wait to get this totally finished so you guys can see and oh my god I'm excited excited excited page publishing a few questions about your book oh yeah I didn't forget that some of these pictures I just might have on my website on the website just just cause just so don't be there so I think I may have to end this thing right here for you guys hey sis I'm sorry I didn't say you come in at 12:53 p.m. I think I'm gonna in this segment now I need to take a break I need to go and check on awful week and also get my medicine together or whatever finish my cup of coffee but I will be back later on I do have a video that I have to upload on the main site and then also a message to T by sister circle sis if you're still in the room check with the ladies and see when you want to schedule along a group a group shot because I know we haven't done that on why and sends emails out five times a day for us to use our number and I'm sure they do that to a lot of people so we still have the website we still have the number and yeah let's hook up with that if you guys would like to join some of the stuff I have going on on my website I will give you access to that this weekend hopefully this weekend my site will be finished to the point where you guys can you know roam around and do all that kind of stuff and you can find back up again to be a premium member of the website and everything so I still I'm learning but I've been with weeks for about ten years so you know to be honest with you this is really really not hard for me and that's why I think it's so easy for a minute but I will be doing this you just woke up I will be doing this a couple of times a week so you guys can now I'm gonna get familiar with wigs and it's not just about wigs but any um you know website platform it may help you out with that it just happens that I use Wix if that makes sense so I love you guys thank you so much for joining me everybody that popped in and all that good stuff and I will be back later in the meantime stay sweet make something wonderful happen in know I love you for watching bye I couldn't log into the site I've been working on the site that's how come you see this the site is deconstructed right now so I'm working on the site however I will definitely let you know when it's ready all right guys I'm out bye .

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Today I am chatting with the village while working on my website.


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