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Quickly Launch WordPress in Seconds – GreenGeeks

Quickly and easily launch WordPress websites in seconds using the proprietary On-boarding tool for WordPress, powered by GreenGeeks Web Hosting.

hello everybody my name is marco berrocal and i work at partner relations here at green geeks today i want to show you guys a tool we’ve been working on behind the scenes for quite some time now it’s a really cool fantastic tool that will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to deploying wordpress sites now before we get started i want to make sure that we just make a distinction on which new customers people who sign up with our
services they will automatically be redirected to this tool so it’s a really cool feature because you sign up with us you do your payment stuff and you go through the process of creating an account with us and you will automatically be redirected to this tool for existing customers you can still access this tool so this screencast will show you how it’s done now the reason i’m really really excited about this is because as a senior developer
myself with over 10 years of experience sometimes i want to get a site up and running in no time and i i love absolutely love these wizards because they just you go in you configure you select the plugins that you want to get in and you are done but sometimes you also need the manual control and that’s why cpanel is there you can import your database and you can do your magic from that part of of the uh of the hosting platform so one of the
things i absolutely love about green geeks is exactly that that we cater to different customers and we want to make sure you have complete control as to how to get the job done so without further ado let’s get started and see you guys soon so i am at and i’m gonna hit the login button at the top right of my screen over here now depending on the device you are currently connecting from you may have to authenticate using a code
that’s going to be either emailed to you or sent to you by text message so make sure that you have that before you can proceed so once i’m logged in i’m going to go and hit the hosting option on my left over here now word of advice or notice or heads up first of all i’m going to hit the manage button but the heads up i wanted to give is that existing customers can access the quick launch wizard tool going going through this route that i’m
currently showing however our new customers will be automatically redirected to the quick launch wizard tool as soon as they sign up and go through the process of creating an account with us so i think that’s absolutely fantastic because it takes all of this stuff out of the way and it lets you focus on deploying a website as soon as possible so i think that’s a really cool feature and i’m really proud of the team here with green geeks for
accomplishing such a great job now to launch the wizard we’re going to hit the start wizard option over here and we’re going to have four options to choose from once we’re inside the tool i’m going to the one for the screencast it’s going to be this one the first one but i’m going to go briefly over these other three in order to you know let you know what we have so the second option we have is the mygrid website and as the name implies it’s a
free free migration uh tool that we offer on which we basically transfer your websites from your old hosting provider to us absolutely free no hassle and it allows you to not worry about you know transferring this stuff so if you have multiple websites and you are saying oh i should transfer them we have a team that does this for you average turnaround time is about 24 to 48 hours once we have the information uh the third tool we have is a
starter site it’s basically something that we built for you so if you don’t have time to you know configuring the wordpress stuff and you just want to have a website up and running in no time uh basically what we do is we will grab the content that you are going to supply us and we are going to design a website for you now the average turnaround time is 24 to 72 hours this is also a tool that’s absolutely free and we have a team dedicated just
for this so once you hit the continue button it’s going to open an options on which you’re going to choose your theme and you’re going to supply us with some content you know to describe about what you do what your business is about some pictures uh social media where your business is and the like so i am going to go back because this is not something the screencast isn’t about this and the last tool i want to discuss briefly this is the the old
way the geek stuff if you want to go straight into cpanel and you want to you know handle your stuff the manual way well this is the way you go and you just skip and exit and go straight to business but for this screencast we’re going to hit the start new website option and we’re going to select the app now we’re interested in wordpress we have wordpress and woocommerce if you want to and we have weebly but for this screencast i’m going to go
ahead and select wordpress i’m going to hit the continue button over here and it’s going to launch some site information you know what the domain is and some ssl uh confirmation as to whether i have it installed or not so next up you’re going to hit select the theme we currently have eight uh themes available to you they’re absolutely free they’re very popular themes and they allow you to do a lot of good stuff using wordpress uh for this
screencast i’m gonna go with the default theme because i’m a wordpress fan so i like to go with you know what wordpress comes bundles with uh the plugins uh you can have these five plugins installed with the quick launch wizard tool if you want to i can select all of these and they will automatically be installed for me but uh i’m gonna go ahead and go with none the last plugin that gets installed it’s the lightspeed and ls cache plugin so
basically it’s a website acceleration plugin meaning that it’s going to do behind the scenes stuff without getting too technical to make your website load faster to serve faster to your customers now this again is good for your users it’s good for seo so that means it’s going to be good for your business so i absolutely recommend taking a look and configure this plugin because it’s going to make all the difference you know by having a website
that’s even faster so i’m going to hold go ahead and create my website over here and it’s going to give me a heads up and saying hey i already i found something on your domain you know are you absolutely sure that you want me to delete or overwrite the existing content that it’s currently there so if you are new you are not going to see this but if you are if you have files here it’s going to give you this warning so i’m going to go ahead and say
yes i understand the risks so make sure that if you do have files there that you want to save back them up you know transfer them somewhere else before you go ahead and do this so i’m going to hit the continue button and this is going to you know do the behind the scenes stuff to deploy the website uh to you and voila we’re ready once we’re ready we’ll get the green green is always good it tells us that our website is ready word to the wise make
sure you copy the password you know and store it somewhere else so that you have access to your wordpress installation and all that is left is going to your uh wordpress dashboard you hit this button over here and you will automatically be redirected to your wordpress installation and hey here we go we have a wordpress site installed with a few clicks you can visit the website by going over here hitting the visit website and i’m going to open
this in a new tab and that takes care of business i sincerely hope you guys enjoy the screencast thank you so guys there you go there you have it it’s as easy as that now remember this tool will be available for new customers when they sign up they go through a checkout process selecting their hosting plan and once they’re good to go you will be automatically redirected to this tool all you have to do from there on it’s a few clicks as you saw in
the screencast and you’re good to go existing customers fellow developers and whatnot now you have even more control or more options so to speak as to how you want to install a wordpress site you want to go the quick route something up and running in no time or you want to have complete control with your database using cpanel the options the choice is absolutely yours so stay tuned for more screencasts we want to do more of this stuff and as
always thank you very much for choosing our hosting platform and i’ll see you guys in the next video stay tuned bye