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Pointing DNS from GoDaddy to Hostgator (2nd of two)

Pointing DNS from GoDaddy to Hostgator (2nd of two). 702-675-8449 Or optin at

okay I’m back we’ve established made the transfer of the DNS successfully so now we can go on to the next steps switch back to our screen view and there we are okay so now we have two things to do here on number one we’re going to go test our ftp well first of all i had to create the we have to create the cpanel connection for our hosts this is the first step so we’ve gotten our password and our username from Hostgator for our new website the
DNS on godaddy was pointed with the name servers to Hostgator and now that connection has had time to be established and will work so we’re going to log into the cpanel and this is what we see you know they want to do a tutorial you can go ahead and go through this if you want to I’m but we’re going to say no I’m fine and thanks and the first step is to create an email I always create an email on every account right away so that I I know that I
can easily set something up if I need other software to respond to me and I set up this email and then I forward it to a primary email address where everything gets done so i always make Steve I mean you could make make it admin or support or whatever you want on but again you have to generate a password and going to pull this off screen while I do that will make you click a little box saying that you’ve copied this in a safe place really don’t
care about this password other than we don’t want other people to get into it so it should be complicated and they’ll make a complicated password for you you use that and bring this back over here and now click this box that goes to unlimited mailbox quota a default to 250 megs or something like that and then we’re going to click the Create account button we’re not going to save this okay so now we’ve created this one and then I’ll typically also
create emails for Maya outsource workers or whoever is going to be working on this website i’m not going to go through that right now but typically i make two or three email addresses first thing right after the account is set up and then we go back home and we forward those emails to whoever we need so you click Add forwarder and we created Steve at Oracle of marketing com and we’re going to forward it to a gmail account or this message will be
done so that if there’s a problem I’ll see it or something’s contacting me I’ll see it add the forwarder and now when someone sends an email to steve adder acular marketing com it’ll be forwarded to my primary email address where i have all of my messages dumped so that that it’s seen in review so that’s step number one step number two is I create a couple of subdomains that I’m going to use later on to put videos in maybe maybe PDFs in I create
directories on the side a subdomain so one of them is video then I go back and create PDF and then you go back and create image images for pictures to put in there and that typically is going to be enough but i mean i would also in this case be creating audio because i’m going to have both video and audio podcasts and i want to place the the audios and videos for this program oracular marketing placed in here and then we are able to upload them
to other software services for distribution for a podcasts and things so there you have it we’ve set up our sub domains we’ve set up and and set up our email forwarding and now we’re ready for this website to communicate with us when people want to and we have a place to put our videos or audio files our pictures are content that we’re going to be distributing to create the platform for this project and this is Steve larvik thank you very much
I’m going to sign off now and appreciate you