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Open Q&A: Discover More About MPS, Wix Training Academy & Wix’s Features

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Open Q&A Recap:

Today, I went live with an impromptu Q&A with the community! We had an amazing turnout and people were engaged and participating. It was truly exciting to watch. During this live stream, we discussed entrepreneurship and releasing an entrepreneurial journey video. We discussed Wix and the capabilities in Wix. Lastly, we discussed courses and the future of Wix Training Academy content.

Some of the questions that were addressed:

-Can you build big websites in Wix?
-Can you create a multivendor marketplace in Wix?
-How to speed up your Wix website?
-Why don’t I go back to AZ and soak up the sun?
-Does Wix have responsive websites?
-How to sell CBD on Wix?
-Can you have multiple payment processors in Wix?

These are a few of the top questions we discussed. In addition, we talked about adding the following style of content to the channel:

-My entrepreneurial story
-More business and entrepreneurship videos
-Interviews with agency owners, CEO’s and fellow entrepreneurs
-Selling value packed courses

I would love to see you contribute to our 50K Subscriber Goal! Simply subscribe to this channel and share the content with colleagues, friends and mentors who will benefit from it. Our goal is to hit 50K by March 1.
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