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Online Chat and Meeting Tools with Microsoft Teams – GoDaddy CA

Microsoft Teams is the all-in-one solution for your online meetings. Learn how O365 and Teams can help your Business:

Mark Saltzman:
Hey everyone Marc Saltzman here, did you know that GoDaddy now brings you the ultimate chat and online meeting solution for your small business.
I’m talking about Microsoft teams previously Skype for business, which is part of office 365. Its phone meets chat document sharing and video conferencing all from your favorite device. Microsoft teams helps you communicate with your employees’ suppliers or customers from wherever you are.
Microsoft Teams supports chat, you can show images and even video teams makes working with others simple it allows you to work on files together. If you’re using office 365 apps, such as Word Excel and PowerPoint, you can even use it to work on Google Docs and PDFs making calls on teams. It is also easy you can now use teams to make and receive phone calls to enable this feature simply add calling plants a feature on teams and the best part is you can connect with teams on multiple devices like your smartphone tablet or laptop to suit your individual needs. Microsoft teams are the one tool that you need for all your online meetings try it today at GoDaddy. And don’t forget about Go Daddy’s free and always friendly customer service.

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