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Omnichannel: The Future of Customer Experience | GoDaddy

PayPal executive Jim Magats dives into the basics of building long-term customer success through an effective omnichannel experience. Subscribe to GoDaddy on YouTube:

0:06 What is omnichannel?
0:21 The importance of omnichannel marketing
0:33 Example of omnichannel customer experience
1:11 How to start omnichannel retailing for small businesses
1:55 Why small businesses must adopt omnichannel to succeed

Whether your customers are in your store, on their phone or on the web, they expect a connected experience — especially in the digital economy that has emerged the past year. That’s why Paypal’s SVP of Omni Payments Jim Magats says an omnichannel customer experience is a can’t-miss opportunity for small business owners to curate multiple touch points that will reach customers wherever they are. Having a brick-and-mortar shop, online store and mobile touchpoint is like having three storefronts — and each requires its own set of smart strategies to proactively interact and connect with your customers. Learn more from Jim at PayPal about being active in all three dimensions of our physical, mobile and online world in order to provide a stellar customer experience that will impact long-term success.


Companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement see a 9.5% increase in annual revenue.

Omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel.

Since 2012, the number of companies investing in omnichannel experience has jumped from 20% to more than 80%.

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