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NGO’s can build their own websites using Wix

Made for the Vodacom #ChangeTheWorld2017 Volunteers who wanted to know how to make a simple website with templates and free images!

hi guys okay this is actually the second time I’m doing this because the first time I got is so wrong but in any case a few of you have asked for a quick recording on how to set up a basic wiki site my wordpress site because I am NOT an expert in weird place at all but a WIC site will allow you to set up a pretty rad website with templates and free pictures and the whole thing quite quickly so um here we go so I’m going to record my screen yes
let’s go alright it starts with Wix you sign in Wix calm signing in just making sure yes alright so you go to you make a profile for yourself obviously I already have a profile for myself so I’ll just quickly login with what I already have okay a lot of templates I’m gonna go to other just to show you how rad it is I would say to go to the right saying choose a template I’ve just found that it’s a lot easier to create a website yourself
alright tada pick a templates you love I would spend some time going through the templates you don’t need to pick a template that is specifically suited to like garages or fashion designers but it’s just easier I suppose so have a look at all the different categories for us and take our community and education and then have a look so essentially all of the templates are customizable so um the colors can change the photos can change and all the
logos can change so what you’re looking for for yourself is do you need a website with a lot of writing or do you need a plan with a lot of pictures that’s what you’re looking for so I have found a website to show you that I think it’s quite a good mix which is this one feed the world which I’ll use to show you but just like I’m saying here I mean like this one if you wanted to if you quite like the look this one with the preschool you could
change all these colors for example on the outside and so it’s really all up to you so let’s have a quick squeeze at this one that I’ve chosen the top so children of Africa as obviously their logo and you can take this art and remove it for your logo so goodbye children of Africa and let’s say hello to our own logo so what you’re gonna do is add in your own image so you’re gonna say add add an image and you’re gonna say you can see what you can
do here my image uploads or free Wix images very exciting but you’re gonna want add in your own image so my image uploads over here you’re gonna want to add in all of your stuff oh hello dad that’s my dad so say for example your logos name is take deep breaths I know it’s not but we’ll just use it as an example so you’ll put obviously upload your logo into that section and you’ll put it there so you guys know how to upload an image it’s just it’s
just the same as any other program and you’ll stick it right in there super simple so there’s your logo top left done then you have over here your page these are the they’re gonna be the pages for your website so what you want to do is click on manage menu see how it came up here on the Left these are your pages so check if I click on them about us that’s what the about Us page looks like the contact page looks like that projects looks like that
it’s get involved also has a different formats and donate also have some different formats so these do not have to stay the same like I said everything is customizable so say for example you want to call about as something different maybe you want to call it learn about us you double click on about us and say learn about us done ok maybe you want to call project partners double click partners get involved maybe you like and donate you want to say
sponsor ok remember this is just an example so I’m just showing you how it’s so quick to change right then perhaps you want to change the way that it it changes the what it is you know in the pages so you go back to learn about us for example you don’t like this picture me either I’m not really sure what it is so it seems again you say change image so let’s go back here again you can say choose image so you’d be able be able to upload your own
image if you’ve got images from your own NGO or you’d be able to save free from Wix this is really really helpful for all of us who don’t have images on hand check it out all this free stuff so maybe you work with children typing children hits enter let’s see what comes up boom all this stuff right check it out hello child you want you in the middle all right so we have a child in the middle and we like who there and that’d be fine for now so we
see how about house now is coming a little bit over you know I want that to go down remember everything is customizable so we want that edit to go down and that takes box to go down because you also want this to come down for example okay so just play what I’m really want you guys to do is just play play play and again if you wanted to add some more text here you can just copy and paste so again you can say copy design paste design you can do the
whole anything that you like okay so it’s pretty cancel right and changing colors is also really easy you can change design you see how it comes up here the design boxed and you can play with all of this stuff the whoopsie the design box will come up and you can change it to different the obviously the colors of your NGOs and not everyone is yellow and black obviously so you’re able to then change the look of the box to different things yeah tada
and then the background as well so you can change obviously then the colors to fit and you know the colors of your India which is also any fun and then if you know over here these are called Hicks colors so if you know the the actual Hicks color of your NGO you can click on those and you can play around on these these are more rainbow colors here so you can put in Hicks colors or RGB colors if you’re getting a lot more technical okay and those
are just some cool some cool additions there right if we come back down and you notice when I move these text boxes down that this bottom at the footer moved that’s totally normal so if you wanted to add in another picture whoops for example so you would click add maybe you wanted to add in a gallery of pictures because you have loads of amazing images from your incredible events that you were doing for example on volunteer day then you could put
this wonderful gallery in and it would come in over here and you could personalize it here so you would click here and you would say manage media so you remember you clicked add there he’d say manage media and then you would be able to just like we added in photos from before you’ll be able to put stuff in so and you see they can put in videos and the whole thing so here we go so you’re able to add a whole bunch of stuff so you can take away
there’s specific ones you see so now I know when they’re pictures as beautiful as there are in my gallery I want to add in extra stuff so I want to add in a video of my own that I’ve got from YouTube wink wink grants your fabulous one or I wants an image that I took from our days or I want text like you’re a beautiful or we can do it or whatever we like so it’s just really really fun okay and then remember everyone to please customize your
footage because that’s not your number and that’s not your address and that’s not the dates so please make sure that those are all customized and then on these the social bars and it says set social links click on those because you want people to actually find you so if you do have Twitter if you don’t take it away but if you do have Twitter then what you want to do is here on the right put in your actual Twitter handle because this is going to
link people to where on Twitter you are so don’t let them go to the Wix Twitter handle take away Wix and put in like I would put in honor code education over here and then that’s gonna take people to our local education so we you know and then we don’t want them to go to youtube but we do want them to go to Facebook so I would again customize their we don’t want them to go to Wix but we do want whoops we do want them to go to only co-education
right done so it’s a really quick thing to do but just remember it’s quite a quite an important one alright another quick thing to remember is that these and dotted lines over here and here those are there to show you where not to put pictures so don’t put this lovely image halfway over because if you’re on a cell phone that people aren’t gonna see outside of the lines excuse me so don’t put any of your images or um you know stuff like that
outside of the lines try and keep it in the lines and if you can okay some fun stuff just quickly before I end in this edition staff please do play you can add in titles you can add in some really fun headings and things I’ve raced broken see about images and galleries if you wanted to add a button this is fun so for example if you wanted to add like maybe a donate Now button so maybe or like a corner so maybe that can be changed text you can
change that to say call us now Oh No and you could add a link and you see over here how it says what do you want the link to do so we want them to add a phone number and I wanted to add my number and then we would say done and now when people click on it it would actually call me which is quite cool so not me or if you want them to call your India obviously but you can play around with those which is really lovely and you could also have that
email you so maybe you wanted it to say like info apps and you know and before contact us so that’s just really nice to have and more fun stuff okay so if you wanted to put in your Twitter feed you could put that in there as well and then contact buttons like we said are these forms so again if you wanted to contact the NGO for any reason you could say tell us you know sign up to our newsletter or whatever give us your name and email so this is
also really fun so what’s your email address you put that in and then what info do you want people to give you right and then you go thanks thanks thanks and this essentially would come to your email address when some whenever somebody signs up so you could put that there and then whenever somebody signs up to your newsletter they’ll be able to do this on your website so that’s also really quite cool right when you are ready you click you want to
see what that’s like on mobile so you go to top right and you say switch to mobile because you want to see what it looks like on people’s cell close yep and basically what Wix does is it converts all the things you’ve done to make sure that you can see it properly on a mobile screen so remember the gallery we added it come in converted for you immediately which is super great see how it’s changed everything so that’s why I wants you to keep
everything in those dotted lines which is really lovely so just double check that everything is in line if everything is in line you can again you can move it all around so maybe you don’t want call nadie maybe wants it over the picture so people can see you and then you want to delete the space or whatever when you’re ready you want to click publish okay when you’re ready to publish you want out you want to go yeah yeah we’re ready and you
either going to have to keep it as you know your name kiri Hobart website comm slash my site which is lame because nobody’s gonna find you or you want to connect your own branded domain so it’s this thing here this URL I’d recommend that you go for one of these three so the basic combo or the unlimited most of us aren’t selling things or needing any sort of VIP package but this one will still display Wix advertising so maybe this one would be
better for you so have a look which one you need and then I can do another video later to show you how to spend Adwords or search because search is very important on Google but that’s a whole other video but have a look what you need and essentially you are gonna have to pay for an address on the web and it’s important that you do so because that will give you a you it’s called the URL so it’ll be like WWE com so say I want that one because it’s
on special today and I go yes I won’t see any subscription and I click select so from here I’m obviously not going to fill up my credit card details on the Bothans video but eventually what you’d be able to do is full of odd submit purchase and you go through the next couple phases it’s very step-by-step which takes you through it but you select a and you select a domain name you connected and basically from there you give it you give with 24
hours and your website is up and running