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NEW WIX AMAZON AFFILIATES APP! How to build an amazon associate / affiliate website


It has arrived! Wix has finally brought out an amazon app to easily add products to your site utilizing your affiliate account. It’s currently (Sept 2017) quite basic, it doesn’t allow categories and it only allows 30 products per app element, but you can add the app element to as many pages as you like and even multiple app elements per page. You’ll need to build your own categorizing menu on the side if you want that prominent so let me know in the comments below if you would like me to do a tutorial on how to add that. Also let me know if you build a site so i can check it out!

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hey guys Nicole Herrick here with you now I’m gonna take you through a little tutorial on how to use the brand Thank You new Amazon app for Wix websites alrighty so basically what this app is for is either if you sell your own products on Amazon and you want to set up your own individual website so that you can get people to be buying your products but not sort of starting out in Amazon they start out on your own it it clicks them through
still to the Amazon website to buy them but you’ve got your own site the interesting bit though I think is being able to connect your affiliate your Amazon affiliate marketing account to this app so rather than sort of having to set up each individual product as like a gallery or like images and something like that you can actually just add the codes or the the names of the products in take them and it will chuck them straight in for you really
cool all right so here’s how we do it I’m just gonna close out of that so what are we gonna do I’ve just got my little like kind of testy one here all right so we’re gonna ignore the shop on lines ones that I’ve set up previously that’s the week’s tool I’m just gonna add a blank page I’m gonna call this one gold jewelry and Australia goes alright so it’s just got a blank page here now to add the app all we need to do is go into the app market pop
Amazon in the search bar and we can choose that and add decide now you can see that this adds it as an element now it only actually allows you to add 30 products per element but that’s okay because you can keep adding the app over and over again so once you’ve got 30 products in this you just scroll down click sort of below in the page and then add the app again alrighty but so I’m going to sort of like make sure that I categorize all of my pages
out nicely and make sure that I’m sort of putting all of the the smaller niche kind of categories into their own pages and then I can make my own sort of menu pages somewhere else alrighty so let’s um go into the settings now what you’ll need to do is connect your affiliate account so if you’re just doing if your own so you just go to add items but we want to connect the affiliate account now you need to enter your access key ID and your secret
access key and your associate tag so the way to find those is to this is your associate store name so that goes in here associate tag and then to find your your ok and your secret cave go to product advertising API and it will have them in there I’m not gonna take you there because that I want to show you mine alright so I’ve just connected my account and we’ve got three items in here that I just jumped the santa moans that they put in there so
let’s go and add items now you can do a search and just go gold necklaces but you can’t really see sort of the quantities that are available with any of these and you’ll want to be and you can actually see the prices either so you really want to be sort of figuring out what your sort of target price point is and whether or not these products that you’re choosing are actually going to be a lot of them in stock so that you’re not adding products to
your your website that are gonna be out of stock is if one person buys them all right so what we need to do let’s go to Amazon and we’re gonna search for gold necklace yes I know we can’t spell not that I can’t spell I just can’t type all right so now obviously like you need to sort of pick a price point that you want to sell out and because it’s a commission base so you might get sort of maybe four percent commission on things you don’t want to
be selling you know nine and ten dollar gold jewelry so it’s better to go for say for an example I don’t want to I don’t want to try and sell like you know two thousand dollar necklaces because they’re gonna be knowing that they’re going to Amazon to buy it so that will probably scare a lot of people off but let’s go for the one hundred to three hundred dollar price range alright so the way to actually find just those once is to go over here to
your left and scroll down until you can see the price so let’s put in a minimum of 100 and 300 max now if you can’t see this price for finding one then what you need to do is just sort of go and choose a a more niche category because sometimes this doesn’t actually come up let’s just go guard alrighty let’s just ignore that ad now we can go in and just sort of add any that we think are appropriate I would always make sure that you’re choosing
ones that have a really good picture and I’m going to kind of choose some cool ones that I think the particular niche that I’m trying to target will like so I’m thinking about how old they are I can see that it just says in stop it doesn’t say how many so I’m just gonna add that one to cut let just choose one wool scrap this one cool but anyway all righty so now what I want you to do is go to your shopping cart okay so you put these in your car
and the reason you put them in your cart is because you want to check out whether these ones have enough in stock so the way to do that is to change the quantity and see how many they actually have in stock all right so let’s choose this first one and I’m going to go ten plus and I’m going to put in 99 because that’s actually the maximum I think that you can put in and it said okay yep cool I’ve got I’ve got at least 99 of those so this one is a
tick I’m gonna bring that one back to one okay now let’s have a look at the next one ten plus and then pop in 99 ah yep plenty of those in stock oh good okay this one it only has five available so we know that we don’t want to put this one in there so let’s delete that one out so that’s how you once I’ve go through and just check that they’re you know gonna have enough in stock that you don’t have to sort of check every single day whether this
one is completely sold out and not available through that seller anymore now just a little tip if you save everything out of your shopping cart into one of your lists so you can see I’ve got some lists here then you can actually export all of the items in your list so if I got her here I can actually press print from one so if you press print and it comes up with a page like this and then I can select everything that’s a little note let’s hit
copy go to excel and hit paste and I’m gonna bring everything in in quite nice formatting now you can’t actually print straight from the cart which is kind of annoying but yeah this way you can sort of you know if you if you want to be tracking you know what’s telling role and everything obviously you can do that through your I’m worth Amazon affiliate account but yeah if you your own spreadsheet and that’s the best way to do it so put it in to
save everything into a list so that you’re getting everything out of your cart so that you can sort of do new sets and then copy and do it current and then copy and paste all right so let’s go back to our cart and have a look at the products we’ve selected and we’re going to chop them into the app if I go back to my app and have a little look and I want to add some items now you can see here you can choose the country that you’re on setting it up
in you can search by name URL or the Asin now if we go back to our cut if you want the Asin you have to basically go into the products or click into it it takes too much time second alternative is to copy and paste the name but that will actually come up with several different sellers and you won’t necessarily know and lots of different ones so you won’t actually know which one was yours and which one was the seller that had you know those amount
of products and stuff so instead what we’re gonna do is right-click on the name there and go copy link address and if I go and paste map in so this is the URL it gives me just this one ticket and go save alright let’s add two more this one copy link address add items paste search tick save next copy link address paste tick save alrighty it’s as easy as that let’s click out of that and you’ll see that they load into yeah now you can also resize
this app ok jitters re this element so just know that you can do that and let’s go and have a little play with how this looks so we got our upper tier we’ve got settings on the side we can choose one two or three items per row we can choose whether we want to fit the image in or crop it out we can choose to take off the price and if it’s available on prime so that’s those settings you can also change the design now I don’t like this braid
background on here I think it looks a bit not clean so I basically take that one down so that we’re just on playing white or clear you can change the font that we’ve got in here you can also change the color of the Prime logo so I mean neither of these have Prime on them but I don’t really like the chrome logo showing up that much because it makes it less clean so usually as you wait you can also change the hover label color and things like that
I’ll show you the upper level in a second so that’s basically how you can change it if I go preview here is the hover label that I was talking about so that’s automatically done in there and if I click on this one it takes me straight to Amazon so that I can buy the product so whenever a customer comes to your website they click on any of the products and they come to Amazon any of the products that they buy within 24 hours they don’t even have
to purchase this product they can choose any product that they want they might go oh I need some cushions yeah am I going buy those and they anything that they purchase within a 24 hour period you get a commission on so that’s what your Amazon Associates account does obviously gives you commissioned on people that you send to Amazon so look it’s worth having a crack setting up a site based on the Amazon app on Wix give it a go you know make sure
you’ve got all of your SEO set up make sure your site looks beautiful make sure that you’re are creating social media accounts so that you can draw people to the site and yo give it a go let me know how your website goes using the Amazon app on Wix now if you guys haven’t already set up a Wix website yet please use my link in the description to set up a free Wix account and that just gives me a few dollars for referring a customer and it helps me
out for doing these free youtube videos for you thanks guys let me know if you would like any other week’s tutorial always happy to do them and have a look in the description below for some of my other ones on SEO and building your website thanks guys