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NameCheap WordPress Tutorial 2022🔥 – How To Install & Migrate WordPress To Namecheap

Want to learn how to buy and install WordPress on Namecheap correctly? perhaps you want to migrate your existing WordPress website to NameCheap, then this video is for you.

In this step-by-step NameCheap WordPress tutorial, I will show how to do this quickly and provide tips and tricks along the way.

This tutorial is simply for beginners, it doesn’t matter if you are a rookie, this Namecheap WordPress tutorial is for you.

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hey guys staffs here welcome to my youtube channel in this video i want to show you how to install wordpress on namecheap or how to migrate an existing website hosted differently somewhere to namecheap so for the sake of this tutorial i have this website on my screen pro digital store this website is currently hosted somewhere else so i want to migrate this website to namecheap if i come to namecheap here i can see that i already have an
hosting here for pro digital store but currently the website is still hosted somewhere else so i want to start the process of migrating this website from where it is currently to where to name chip eventually there are quite a number of ways we can migrate our website we can go the traditional route of going to our hosting account downloading our files and also database and installing it into namecheap but i want to go the easy route today
because i want to believe that you are looking also for something very very easy for you to do you can see here that my website is updated to wordpress 5.9 and so we’ll just come straight to plugins and we will add new and we search for a plugin called updraft uh here’s a plugin here we would install this plugin and also activate this plugin so if we scroll down to updraft uh backup and restore here we see a place for settings and if we click
settings it will be brought here to updraft backup and restore so the shortcut to get into here is for you to go to your settings and under settings you go to you see a place for updraft backup so that will bring you here as well on the screen here there is a blue button that says backup now so we’ll try to backup immediately we hit the button we have this prompt here always ensure that you include your database and your files in your backup if
you don’t you may not have your whole website stored completely so we can now come down and hit the backup button now and now our database is backing up depending on how every your website is this may take a while so you want to allow these uh run through and backup all right you can see our backup is done and this is good so let’s close this and now you will see that we have option here we have our backup you have the option to either restore
delete or view a log uh so we’ve at the center here as well we have all these things that were backed up so what we would do to download our backup right now is for us to eat all of these files and download them one after the other so if we eat database we have the option to download to our computer or to download from our web server so we’ll go the route to download this to our computer and we can see that our download is in progress we will do
this for the remaining files we have as well all right so right now i have all my files uh downloading and this is good so i’ll close this and let’s continue the process so coming back to namecheap if you perhaps created an account with namecheap and you just want to install wordpress directly and you host your domain or name chip like i have here for this domain here you can just come right here and click here and then you would see an option
for you to manage this domain and if you click manage domain if you scroll down here to name servers all you have to do is to update your name servers to namecheap webos dns so once you do that your domain will start working with namecheap and then the next thing that the next thing for you to do is to install wordpress my domain right now is not hosted with namecheap it’s hosted within a dot so i want to go to dynadot and then sign into my
account so while my why my account is opening and my domains are preparing i can just go and search for name chip name servers so i will see this option here that is using default name servers but hosting for namecheap so if i click this and scroll down i will get to this point where i would see the name servers uh the default name servers and the hosting name servers for shared hosting so you can see here that we have dns dns one name chip
hosting so this will be the name servers that will be updating uh our domain tool so i’ll copy this and then i come to my domain provider i’ll search for the domain yet so that is it currently it is pointing to ipage so i would change the name servers here by updating the first one and then also you can come down here to copy the second one but since it’s just two i’ll paste that here and i’ll change it to two name servers is
modified it takes time for name servers to populate all around the world what we can do to confirm the change of our name server is to use a tool called and if you come here you can put your domain here also i need to copy this domain again and then put it here and then change this to name servers and then we search oh fantastic you can see that most places all around the world the name servers have been updated so there’s a
possibility that this may not work immediately it may take a while for hate to propagate all around the world usually because i am in the suburbs around africa it always take time for domains to propagate where i am so that’s that’s it but at least you can that will give you an idea uh to know how your domain is doing uh with the change of name servers we can come here to this icon and then we can go straight to cpanel first of all on our cpanel
i can see that uh ssl is not working yet just search for name chip ssl then you can sign in and then you you can check the status of your ssl so what we have here is spending if it were to be a new domain uh this would take uh just a few minutes so we can see here it says that allow up to 25 minutes for ssl activation and installation so if you come here you can request if there is no request already but mine is already pending so i will leave
this as is all right so we’ll go back uh now and then we search for subtaculus app installer because the next thing we want to do is to install wordpress so once we launch subtaculars the first app we’ll see here is wordpress and then we have three actions the first one is for us to install and that’s what we’re gonna do so here i would have already have my dominant lighted which is good so i will change my protocol i want this to save as http as
since my current website is on https however i know that we don’t have an active ssl yet and that will be indicated here as you can see there is no trusted ss certificate yet but eventually it will install and the website will be okay so we can come down here this is where you can put your site settings you can put your site name uh right now it’s currently at my blog i will leave this as ease and also your description uh by the far right hand
here you will see that you can change your password the username is admin i will leave that so i would add this password and then update my password the email as well uh this email is not active i will leave it as is because i want to restore the old website into this one and the admin email will be released as well so i really don’t bother about this email currently also there’s some plugins that are selected limit login attempts you can do that
for security reasons so i would untick this and then i’ll hit the install button as you can see our wordpress website is already installed so what we’ll do right now is that we’ll try to view this site in a new tab but we can see that the old website is still loading and that is to let you know that the domain has not propagated yet around me that’s okay but what i can do to check uh what i can do for me to access the new wordpress is for me to
use a vpn to change my location to where i know that this server has been updated so that i’ll be doing now so i’ll change my location to the united states and then i’ll refresh so you can see that right now the website doesn’t have an active ssl so it says it’s not secured what i’ll do is to hit the advanced option and then i can proceed to the website so you can see that the default 2022 wordpress here is now visible so this is the current
state of our website uh which is good enough for now so what we’ll do right now is to go to the back end of this wordpress website by going to the wordpress url doing slash weepy admin and that will load the back end as you can see so right now i have to put my details and also the password and then sign in as well as you get this problem so i would do the same and then continue and then i am in the back end of my wordpress website already okay
so the first prompt i’m seeing here is that the php or there’s a php update recommended let’s come to namecheap okay because i changed my ip address i will need to sign in back into cpanel that’s okay we are here at the cpanel so what we can do now is to set for php and then you’ll see some options here so look for select php version and then click that here you can see that we are current pp version is 7.2 so if you click this you have several
options up to 8.1 i select 7.4 and then i’ll eat these to see set as current and there’s an update so we’ll come back to our wordpress dashboard and then we can refresh and follow the normal procedure and you can see that this prompt is gone and that’s it that’s exactly how to update your pg version in case you get this prompt and the next thing for us to do is to come to plugins and come to add new and then we’ll search for updraft and we’ll
install of that and also activate this plugin so immediately we are done we have a prompt here for us to start so hit the button here and then there’s a place for us to backup that’s not what we’re doing this time around but if we scroll down here to existing backup there’s a place that says upload backup files so we’ll come here we’ll click there and we have the option now to drag all the files that we have back up here and then upload them onto
the website so i have selected five uh the five of the files so i’m dragging the files here okay so we have some issue with our dot hts dot hdss file with memory limit okay so what we are going to do if you have these issues when you are trying to upload your file is for you to close it and then come back to namecheap so if you are in namecheap you can go to your file manager once you open your file manager you can come to your public html and
then go to find your dot hts file sometimes you come here you won’t find your dot hts file it doesn’t mean that it’s not there so what you have to do is that you have to come to the top right hand corner here that says settings and click there and then you see a place that say that says show hidden files so once you click that and select that you would see your dot ht access file now we can see a dot htss file we can click it edit it and then we
can we have access to our dot htr cells so we have access already so what we can uh for us to increase our maximum upload size we can just come here and open a new tab and then just search for increase maximum upload file size and wordpress so if you do that you can come to you can okay i can go to vp beginner i think i trust this site so you can see the third method here for dot hd access so we can copy this code here and then copy them and come
to uh dot ht6 file and then paste the vista here and we can update this code and then let’s come back to our page let’s refresh and let’s follow the same procedure let’s bring in our file here as usual so you can see that our upload now is working i don’t know how long this may take but let’s give it time let’s watch this our file upload okay so while the upload was while the upload was in progress i had get this error again so what it means
right now is that the files of our website is quite bigger uh for dosing capacity for the server resources it’s pulling to to upload so for us to save ourselves of time the best way to upload files like this if you are having this kind of issues within wordpress is to use ftp connection an ftp will give us direct access from a local computer to a hosting account so we will not have to play around with wordpress so when we come back to nimchip we
can come here to ftp account and then we can create an ftp account now we have our ftp account created so if you come down here to configure ftp client you’ll see the manual settings that contain the username the ftp server and also the port which i love i love to use filezilla so you can come to google and search download filezilla in case you don’t have that software as an open source software and you can see here the first result we have is uh
download filezilla once you click this you can come here and hit the button download filezilla so download the software and run it like every normal software you will have an interface that look exactly like this so what we’ll be doing right now is to be populating our manual settings uh with uh on filezilla so i will change everything i have here so i have dabs at so i’ll change that to ftp my octal is my server details that’s and then my username would be dabs at and then also the password that i used and then the port is 21 and then i’ll connect okay and then i have access to my server already but unfortunately i don’t have the correct access my part url is not correct so i’ll go back to to cpanel here and i can see my part here is not correct but unfortunately i cannot correct this part so i will have to delete this
entirely and then create another ftp account i would manually click here for me to make sure that my path is the public html and then i’ll create my ftp account so i’ll go back to filezilla and then update the details and then i’ll connect and you can see that i already have access to my public html and then i can open the file up to updraft come to vp content and then updraft and once you open it we can see that we already have the existing
backup that was running there but it didn’t complete so nice a temp file so we’re gonna click the tool and we’re going to delete them all right so now we can now manually copy this file but i’ll go up here and i’ll draft it into the updraft folder so immediately we do that we will see that our files would be uploading so this may take a while as well depending so we’ll give it time for our files to upload this is a very secured and the most
reliable way for you to upload files to your server so all right here we can see that our upload is done and completed so right now we can close this and we can come back here we can uh refresh our wordpress so immediately we see that we now have an existing backup here and what we can do with this backup is to restore this so once we click the restore button to bring us here so i’ll take all of them and i’ll i’ll click next and then also
i’ll continue the process and our files are restoring and this may take some few seconds yes our files have been restored so if you come here let’s continue the procedure so now you’re supposed to put a username and password to confirm if truly a old website has been restored let’s just come down here and just visit the site directly so as you can see i have my website already live here which is fantastic so i can come down here and see it now
this button here okay no now we have to sign into the backend so i’ll be using my old details and then i’ll put my password and then i log in whoops i don’t know what this error is about but let’s change the url back to vp uh iphone admin and then let’s reload this page okay now we are back in wordpress the last and final thing for you to do before we end this migration process is for you to delete old files so you come down to updraft and you’ll
see this option here for you to delete your old files and then endeavor to delete it and everything all the process is done and over with this exactly how you can migrate an existing website from an old server to a new server the only thing that is left here is for our ssl to propagate and this may take a while uh if you have done this and is spending in nipchip you can give it some hours for you to propagate this one would take time because the
ssl there was a current ssl on the old website and then we want to apply for a new one so it may take a while for the old one to go down for the new one to propagate so give it some time if you have that issue but if it’s a new domain you should not have an issue like this if this process have helped you migrate your website or install a fresh website like uh like we did initially uh give me a thumbs up give this video a like and also let me know
in the comment section below i’d love to hear from you so thank you very much for watching this video i’ll see you in my next video and until then have a wonderful time you