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Namecheap is an American based company out of Los Angeles, California that provides domain registration (ICANN accredited), SSL certificates, VPN’s, and web hosting. The company was started in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. Namecheap started gaining some serious traction in the late 2000’s. Namecheap was then voted the best domain registration platform during November 2010 by Lifehacker polls. In 2011 Namecheap took a strong anti-SOPA position after GoDaddy took a pro-SOPA position. Namecheap went viral when they announced a “Move Your Domain Day” with a “SOPASucks” promo code on December 29th, 2011 when users on Reddit called for a boycott of Godaddy because of its pro-SOPA stance. Namecheap also said it would donate $1 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for each domain transferred during Move Your Domain Day. In a Lifehacker poll in 2012, Namecheap was voted the most popular domain registrar. Namecheap publicy stated that it would accept bitcoin in early 2013 making its company well known to bitcoin and cryptocurrency users. Namecheap still remains a privately owned and independent company. They claim to manage over 11,000,000 domains as of 2018 making them one of the biggest domain registrars in the world.


Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Cheapest Plan: $1.00
Launch Year: 2000
Data Centers: 2
Alexa Ranking: 1,831
Twitter Followers: 121,880
Twitter Statuses: 81,955

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hey guys it’s your boy Oden from hosts stop promo a company where we review the best web hosting companies in domain registration companies in the world and Namecheap is by far the best domain registration company in the world and they also provide so many other amazing services and if you click the link down below it will take you to this special deals page ok and here you can get hosting for cheap as one dollar you can get a VPN for a dollar
and eighty-eight cents you can buy a domain for your kid for 84 percent off you can get 50% off their shared hosting and so many other promotions and deals ok the link will be in the description as well as the pin comment and that will take you to the secret promotion page where you can access any of those promotions if you come to this video at a later date I will keep the link updated with the latest promotions ok and if you aren’t familiar
with namecheap they are by far the best domain registration company in the world because not only are they cheap they also give free privacy and what that means is when you buy a domain with GoDaddy or any of these companies what they do is they charge you around 10 dollars every year to keep your information not public ok so your phone number your address all this information will leak to the public unless you pay these companies all this money
but with namecheap they offer that service for free so all you need to do is pay the domain ok they launched in 2000 they are one of the biggest domain registration companies in the world as of 2018 they’re hosting over 11 million domains they have a money-back guarantee on some of their products so they put their money where their mouth is on their hosting depending on which plan you get they have monthly and yearly payments you can obviously
purchase as many domains as you want they also have an API which is perfect for programmers they are really cool when it comes to payments and they accept Bitcoin they have WordPress hosting VPS hosting shared hosting site builder WooCommerce hosting you name it you can host pretty much any application on their servers of they’ve also built tools for WordPress they accept all the major debit and credit cards they even accept paypal and on top of
Bitcoin they also accept Bitcoin cash okay and like I said earlier does Namecheap offer free who is privacy yes they do most of their competitors are gonna charge you six to fifteen dollars every year for this while Namecheap charges zero ok does Namecheap accept Bitcoin yes they accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash is Namecheap owned by EIG a lot of people ask this aig if you aren’t familiar with them they’re also called endurance international group
and they own many many of name chips competitors but Namecheap has been able to stay independent and strong as a company ok where our name keepers servers located they have servers in the US as well as the UK does Namecheap have cPanel yes they do ok if you’re not familiar with cPanel it’s the most popular web hosting control panel in the world and Namecheap supports it right out of the box ok I can’t recommend Namecheap enough it is by far the
best domain register on top of that they have amazing hosts in and super super cheap and fast VPNs so I highly recommend you guys take advantage of the promotions down below if you have any questions about Namecheap just leave them down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible and I hope you guys have an amazing rest of the day and I wish you the best of luck with namecheap peace out