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Namecheap – How to Setup URL Redirect / Domain Forwarding

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to do a URL redirect with Namecheap. I’m going to create a brand new domain. Then I’m going to use that to redirect it to an affiliate link.

This is a very simple process. I’m going to take through the whole process in a step-by-step fashion.

If you’re not a techie no worries…

It’s so easy to do with Namecheap.

I also give you three reasons why you want to use URL redirect with your affiliate link.

I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Hope you enjoyed it, minus the dumb jokes of course. Like this video and subscribe to my channel if you want to be notified of more videos that I will be doing just like this one.

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Namecheap How to Setup URL Redirect / Domain Forwarding

DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

hey the marshal from direction to success hey you before I get started the first thing I want to do is welcome you to this video thank you very much for stopping by and if you want to see more videos like this subscribe to my channel and if you get value out of it smash that like button so I am going to show you using nature how to do domain forwarding for URL redirect in this case sorry about that it’s the same thing okay a lot of times
phrases are used interchangeably but it’s more appropriate to say URL redirects so what are we doing right in why do you even want to do this URL redirects the first thing is if you’re an affiliate marketer or any marketer of any kind and if you’re selling other people’s products your affiliate link has a domain so you’re not the only one out there promoting that product right there’s lots of other people doing the same thing so what happens is
they’re using their affiliate links which have the same exact domain that yours does right everybody with that offering has the same domain now you start promoting that offers say I’m just gonna say Facebook they’re not the only ones I do this but I’m just giving you a good example here so you want to promote your offer on Facebook and you just plonk your affiliate link down in your post and of facebook says no way Jose ain’t gonna happen sitting
there saying what the heck’s going on well what’s going on here is that domain because there’s so many affiliate marketers using it from a SPAD offer on Facebook Facebook recognizes through their algorithms that’s spamming that domain so they basically block that domain they put a stop they squash the idea of everybody just using their affiliate link straight up so what you have to do is create a domain so that will be yours and you’re gonna
redirect that domain to your affiliate link so when somebody enters or clicks on your that this domain you’re gonna create right now today in Namecheap they’ll be redirected to your affiliate link now what this is gonna stop is this that spamming so now when you include your domain name on your post your Facebook post in this case it won’t be spam because you’re the only one using that domain name nobody else can use it right at least in a post
right so that’s one good thing the other thing is most affiliate links are unreadable and they’re like a mile long right that’s the other problem they just don’t look pretty if you include them in the post so even if you don’t get spam the link probably looks like it’s a couple lines long doesn’t look so good right so now when you post right you’re gonna have this shorter much shorter domain I mean URL in there right much shorter link the other
nice thing is nobody can remember what that URL is right so even if you told them during a video or one of your lives right like spit that long thing out nobody’s gonna remember it nobody’s gonna get it but if you use something like the best link in the world com right people like that just rolls off the tongue so even if somebody kind of kind of has an idea you know link I can’t remember they’re not gonna do the affiliate link they’re gonna
remember you don’t think so this is like the third reason why you want to do a URL redirect so I’m sorry I already took up so much you give time but I really wanted to kind of get this point across so if you want to know how to do this in Namecheap and trust me I have a lot more value I go through every little piece of information every little nitty-gritty I leave nothing unturned you’re gonna be an expert with URL redirection when you’re done
watching the rest of this video so without any further ado let’s go you all right you ready let’s go so like I think I was mentioning in the intro I’m gonna create a brand new domain right here in this video on Namecheap so I’m gonna show you how to do that and then we’re gonna take that domain and redirect it to an affiliate link so this is really good so that you don’t spam your affiliate link all over Facebook you know that has a domain in it
right with that offer so if other people are also promoting that same offer I’m sure they’re doing the same thing then after a while Facebook not just them but most of the social media sites will just block that domain so what you have to do is use this thing called domain redirect or URL redirect they’re the same thing or I’m sorry its domain forwarding or URL redirect so that’s domain forwarding or URL redirect if you hear those two that
terminology they mean the same thing so I’m gonna come up with a domain so that when somebody puts in that domain it will redirect them to my affiliate link okay so what I’ve done before I start this video I came up with a domain and that’s what you just see right there and I just simply copied it off the text over there at the text editor I’m just pasting it in here so the one I’m doing today is just called leads all the time dot-com okay now I
don’t know if this is taken or not well I do cuz I kind of did it before the video and it’s not taken this is the one I want to buy but what you can do is put your names and just start spending a little time here typing in different names in while you’re searching you can even use spaces Namecheap removes the spaces this you know how to create the domain to see if it’s already used but I know this one hasn’t been I just don’t want to 10 or 15
minutes of recording video just trying to come up with a name it literally took me that long to come up with something so I just try damn it you know remove that from the video and and then and so it’s just a matter of coming into Namecheap and this is actually where you just type in up here okay and I do have another video on how to create a domain using Namecheap so you can go to that video and just see like I show you how I add in searches and
come up with ideas and things like that so this is my domain that I want and you definitely always want to get if you can why because this is what people are used to this this is what they call a top-level domain TLD if you ever see those initials so the top-level part of this the highest part of this domain is actually dot-com alright so you know you heard of dot org dot yeah there’s plenty now dot biz I mean you can go down just this
listing here you know country different countries have their extensions as well so this is my domain and now the next thing I want to do is add that to my cart and that’s been added to my cart and I’m just looking over what I’m getting here I don’t need web hosting I don’t want any SSL for this domain I don’t need a private email I don’t need a private VPN so I don’t need to add any of these things so I’m literally just buying my domain which is
just gonna cost me nine dollars for nine dollars and six cents alright so let’s see here so let’s go and view cart and on just you just want to read look over everything right look at domain registration right just look down here l.e.d.s make sure everything’s spelled right leads all the time calm okay and I’m doing it for one year and here this if you select this option this will automatically Auto renew so this is a domain that I know I plan to
use and keep using so I’m gonna have Namecheap Auto renew this for me each and every year now maybe my idea with domain six months down the road doesn’t work out well I still bought the domain I still have it for a year you can always come back in here later and unselect this so then it will automatically cancel itself out and will not renew but any domains that you really want you definitely need to set this and leave it set because you’re not
gonna remember once you start getting a few domains that you own it’s impossible to keep track of them right so let me just go over here and confirm this quarter so that’s cheap enough right I mean for a whole year that’s nine bucks that’s not bad and let’s see you know like you could be like I’m just kind of reviewing the order again it’s no big deal everything that was said up there pay now we are processing your order okay so that’s good you
have purchased your order all right so that’s perfect now what I’m gonna show you in Namecheap if I can remember how to get back there let’s click on Namecheap up here I’m gonna I’m just at the top of the menu here and I’m gonna click on just click on domains nope okay let’s see I’m trying to get I’m trying to get to the spot where it shows you all the domains let’s see transfer I don’t want to do that hosting AB security clips let’s see if I can
get back let’s see I’m trying to get to my domain search transfer a personal domain marketplace what’s premium free DNS let’s see hosting transfer to us yeah let’s go to account dashboard there we go sorry it took me so long I haven’t been in the name chief in a while so once you come up to your dashboard right so you can see here’s the domains I have and what I want to do you want to come over and click on domain list what we need to do is make
sure we’re gonna add two DNS records to this domain we just created and you need to do these DNS records so that this domain will redirect to our affiliate link okay so there’s a couple ways to do it in Namecheap I’m just gonna show you one because they’re basically boiled down to the same thing so if you look down here at the very bottom here’s Leeds all the time calm you can see that the status is active there’s a renewal right and this is
today’s date now I want to go over to the right and click on the manage button now when you come up to this screen you want to come all the way over to the right where it says advance DNS click on that button okay so there’s let’s talk about this right here so the type of record that we are going to we need to add is called a URL redirect record you can see the bottom one here where my mouse cursor is that’s the one with the type we want so boom
this is good and you can see the @ symbol what that means is when somebody comes up into the URL address bar in the web browser and they type just the domain name like leads all the time com so they don’t put any 8.w in front of it this is the record that they’re going to use now if somebody types in WWE all the time com this is the record here that they’re going to use the top one and right now this domain just kind of what it’s doing is just
redirecting itself to right but we don’t want that this we want to change this to our affiliate link ok so what I’m gonna do I’m grabbing this is just my affiliate link offer right here this is my offer this is a great traffic source by the way if you want to get a hundred leads automatically to your email every day this is a thing and I’ve done some videos on this I’m trying not to get too distracted but look I’m gonna just copy this is
my affiliate link I’m just coming up here creating a new tab and I’m gonna paste it in I’m just showing you what it looks like ok and this is what we’re gonna see when we type in our URL hope so let’s go back to advanced DNS setup in Namecheap okay so what I did I just copied my affiliate link to the clipboard so I’ve got to come down here we’ll start with the bottom one first since the record types already set up and I’ve got to delete all this
out of here okay and I just need to paste my affiliate link in there just like that BAM and it’s done I’m gonna come all the way over to the right side click on the green check mark so it’s half done so what will happen is when somebody types in that DNS and we’re gonna do this it’s gonna Namecheap will redirect them to my affiliate link now if I don’t do anything else if somebody typed in www-what’s leads all the time com it will just it won’t
redirect okay so that’s what this top record is so we have to go in and change this as well so the first thing I have to do it’s the wrong record type so we’ve got to take this menu slide all the way down the bottom see where it says URL redirect record boom that’s what you have to select so now we have the bottom one and the top one being the same record type now come over here under value remember we want to get this all out of here that URL
I’m gonna just select paste again so that is my affiliate link one more time come all the way over to the right and click on the check box hey I’m back sorry when I was editing this video I noticed at this point I missed something so that’s what I want to explain to you so after you have your names in there I missed a final step and it has to do with masking and unmasking for your different entries your DNS entries when you leave it unmasked what
will happen is after somebody types in the domain the Namecheap redirects to the affiliate link they will see your affiliate link shows up in your address bar at the top okay that’s an unmasked setting if you want to leave your domain name on the in the address bar all the time so when Namecheap redirects your URL still will appear in the address bar you want to come in to Namecheap select on this down arrow and select the masked option that’s
the top one and don’t forget to come over to the right and save both entries okay so when we’re done this is the final product here you’re gonna have your for both keys you’re gonna select U or L redirect for your record type okay you need both host entries in their www and the @ symbol and for value both of them will have the same value that’s gonna be your affiliate link then like I said if you want unmask that’s fine so it’s basically once
Namecheap does the you arm URL redirection your this link your affiliate link will show up if you don’t want that and you always want them to see your domain name up in the address bar switch to mask like I have done I don’t know of the other than that that’s the only reason why I know for setting that if there are any other advantages or disadvantages to this setting and you know about it let me know in a column I mean I’m sorry not in the
column try a comment down below this video sorry I just had to insert this little section real quick alright again thank you now remember this is what my affiliate link look like I’m gonna close that tab I’m gonna open up a brand new tab now this could take a little while to propagate this changed for the domain could take a little while to propagate through the whole big internet sometimes it goes quick sometimes it doesn’t go so quick right but
let’s just see how this works I was gonna stop I should have typed in this domain before I actually did this redirect so you can see what was going on but what I want to do is say well he leads all the time dot-com boom and wait and see there’s my redirect okay now what I also want to show you let me clear this out if you only did the one record you got oh that’s why you know I’m gonna show you why I’m sorry I’m gonna show you why you have to do
the second record so I’m gonna type in whether it’s with namecheap or GoDaddy right you can do this with everybody I just have and love using Namecheap so if you are an affiliate marketer and you have these big long affiliate links that’s one reason you want to create a domain redirect another reason you want to create a domain redirect is or URL redirect sorry domain forwarding I’m kind of combining them both there if you use
your affiliate link in me social media sites or maybe there’s blog post these because a lot of other people are doing the same thing these will eventually be spammed so you want to create a domain forwarding URL redirect those are the same thing that’s why I just showed you in this video if you’ve got any value of this video if you have any questions at all leave a comment below and like I said if you’ve got any value out of this video smash that
like button the other thing is if you want to know how to get a hundred leads a day with on autopilot let me know leave a comment below with that thank you thanks for watching if you want to see more videos like this subscribe to my channel and if you have any questions at all leave a comment in this video I love answering comments I reply back to each and every one of them and also if you like the video go ahead and smash that like button