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Namecheap – How to create a website online step by step with hostgator and namecheap

How to create your first website quickly including steps using hostgator / domain name register with namecheap If you choose to go with namecheap because you are planning on purchasing additional domains these savings can make a huge difference for your domain name’s budget.

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this is the website I do recommend Namecheap to purchase your domain name primarily because their website their platform is clean and is easy to use and the prices are fair and upfront so I did come in earlier and I looked up a donating name just to make sure that the name was available and I’m going to type it in now the domain name is for demonstration purposes only as Tom cause 21 enter and what you’re always looking for is extension extensions are priority followed by a dotnet extension if you can’t get comm or if you can’t get a dotnet extension you really need to search for a new domain name otherwise you just have to choose from what is available if you’re stuck on your domain name so here we had Tom cots calm and per year is $8.00 or the first year is eight dollars and eighty-eight cents the retail price what you will be charged next year is ten
dollars and 69 cents we’re gonna add that to our cart there is an 18 cents I can fee every domain a reseller charges this fee you will always see it when you go to your cart you see domain registration one year eight dollars and eighty-eight cents is the special price that you’re gonna pay and the regular price is $10 and 69 cents there are options to upgrade or upsell which is who is gard and who is gard is privacy protection so just in case you
did not know whenever you purchased a domain name your information is stored in a public database and just because you do not know how to access that public database does not mean other people do not know how to access that public database i have domain names with and without privacy guard protection and based on my experience the most that happens is solicitations for SEO services and website building services no one has actually ever showed up
at my home so it is up to you if you want to add the privacy guard it is free for the first year then after that is two dollars and eighty-eight cents next you have uptime protection I do suggest hostgator for web hosting because you can host unlimited domains for a very low price the server for Hostgator is also up 99.9 percent of the time so you really don’t need uptime protection unless your hosting with someone else it is not enabled but you
can’t add it and it’s four dollars and eighty eight cents per year the next options are web hosting once again I do suggest Hostgator because the price is low for unlimited domains to build and promote your site there are a lot of smaller companies that provide custom service that may be a little bit better than a domain reseller or a web hosting company when it comes to promoting your website and building your website you can purchase an SS SSL
certificate if you like but just so you know not all web sites need an SSL certificate if you have a simple blog where you’re really just giving information about yourself or about your date you really don’t need an SSL certificate if you have a very simple website that is not collecting sensitive or really private information such as government ID numbers social security numbers credit card numbers you don’t have to have an SSL certificate it is
highly recommended for e-commerce websites because a lot of your plugins will not work on your website unless it has a SSL certificate and it is encrypted and once again with Hostgator you can get an SSL certificate for all of your unlimited domains and somewhat of a lower price than just purchasing an SSL certificate individually there are two email options there’s the name cheap private email and the G sweet email both of them work just fine I
have both I used both a like both both I think that the G sweet if you have an office with the staff and want to share your Google Cloud Drive like it has your clients names and it has all the documents that your secretary would need that your assistant would need Google Drive is an excellent solution for that so if it is more than just you you have a staff I would suggest G’s suite by Google cloud it is $5 per month per user and it’s the same
price with everyone there really aren’t any discounts on the Google cloud services everyone charges the same price for demonstration purposes we are going to add the name cheap private email so if it’s just you and if you’re just getting started and maybe you’re not gonna check this email often but you still want your business to have a professional appearance you can add the name cheap email and we’re gonna go ahead and add it to our part okay
so now we’re adding the name cheap email and you can see you can put admin contact or type in something different we’re gonna choose contact just because and if you go over to your order you see your domain name 888 your private email is free for two months and then you add to cart back in your car you see your domain your Whois guard and your private email two months so today if you wanted to get all of this started it would be nine dollars and
six cents or your your domain name for your privacy guard and for your professional email so next I am going to log in to my name cheap dashboard so I can show you the actual domain name that I did purchase we are going to for that domain name – Hostgator so I can show you how to for domain names and then we’re going to install WordPress inside of the Hostgator cPanel