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Namecheap Affiliate Program (How to Join & Get Your Link)

This is a quick tutorial on how to sign up for Namecheap Affiliate Program and get your link from Commission Junction Network.

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hello guys in this video i want to walk you through how you can sign up with namecheap affiliate program now nancy affleck program is not really high ticket program it means that when people buy a domain name from your affiliate link you maybe will earn just one dollar or two dollars it’s not much now i advocate you to sign up for a much higher affiliate program for example like hosting but if you are interested in namecheap and you want to
sign up and earn commission as an affiliate you can sign up for the affiliate program right here now if you sign up for like other affiliate program of course you can earn a lot more but there’s definitely potential with namecheap you can earn site income right like one or two dollar per sign up for people buying their domain name through your affiliate link at no extra cost for their customers and in this video i will show you how you can sign
up with commission junction and impact radius i will not show you share a sale because i will not log into the account i will primarily use commission junction and show you exactly the step it takes to sign up for namecheap affiliate program let’s go to the video alright guys i’m gonna show you in this video how to sign up with namecheap affiliate program now if you go to and scroll down you will see this section down here and you
can find something called affiliates which is under career there is affiliate link you can click on this link and then you will be taken to this page where you can apply now you can click on this button and then you can choose these three main affiliate network that you can join to promote namecheap as an affiliate now i personally have this account for me junction i didn’t set a cell i didn’t get accepted but in pack radius i also have an
account when i tried to register for target affiliate program so if you haven’t have an account with impact you can enroll here and sign up with the impact affiliate network after you sign up you will be taken to this page you will see right here this is name chip insertion order that you can review you will see the condition right here for ssl certificates the payout how much you can earn per sale it’s only 35 for ssl for the domain is 20 let’s
say 10 you earn two dollar and so on guys you will see there is category vpn there is vpn 50 that’s interesting and you can see other listing and how much percentage of commission that you can earn you can scroll down there are a lot of them right here and you can scroll all the way down and you can see qualified referrals last click the referral window is 30 days so this is a 30 days cookies so if the people click on your link and
within 30 days if they buy something let’s say 29 days later you will still get a commission if after that they purchase it you will not get the credit the referral window is 30-day which is kind of quite awesome okay it’s a standard cookies for all of the affiliate products out there standard 30 days some have 60 days to 90 days some even have like one day which is amazon one day is like a painful okay you know there is a currency it’s gonna be
usd change notification period your contract can be changed or canceled with one day notification to the media partner and you can read all these the terms the conditions okay the affiliate program terms and agreement you should read all of these if you have time but i can because i don’t have time okay so i’m gonna click this button right here i approve the contract and want to continue click on it application status hi eddie chandra application
to your impact partner has been declined for the following reasons other no specific reason given i don’t know why i’m declined i’m gonna check right here okay actually it’s not declined this one is decline i think it’s because of the target application hopefully we can get accepted from this one as you can see it is actually processing deal status new proposal so that one decline was for the target application actually the target affiliate
program i tried to sign up and it was declined but for namecheap guys i still need to wait for it and i can still view the terms if i want to let me you know let let me try other affiliate networks sarah cell commission junction i think i have with commission junction i wasn’t active in here you know a lot of this big affiliate network they are very picky when they choose their affiliates sometimes if you are not active in 30 days they will just
you know turn you off sarah sales i signed up for these two name cheap for the program high commissions actually have account ready let me login i i don’t think i have an account with share sale let me make a account right here next step let’s do share a cell first guys okay let me login for my commission junction hopefully they still have our account active in here go back to share sale attention this username is being used by another shell
account member please choose an alternate username okay let’s use step two you must have an operator at least one website in order to create a publisher account i shall share if you have friends from here click just do my website to identify your business okay we need a website i can use my uh flip marketing website okay please answer the yes less no questions below check any boxes the website written in what language english website content
adult content no do you utilize sponsor listing people click sorry you know do you like coupon no do you think browser add-on no are you an advertising network no do you have a publisher to wish you ads no do you display advertisements on site that you don’t own no step 3 affiliate account creation email address okay okay i think i have an account let’s login i couldn’t remember the password seriously okay my comments injection actually is still
active find administration with advertisers let’s find name chip do they have name chip in here oh okay i see my account has been deactivated okay i cannot take this until i open uh this publisher surface agreement i’m gonna scroll down my thing to the end and then i can take this reactivation email let me close this out okay it’s active the other thing i don’t like about commission junction is very laggy you know they are their platforms laggy
name chip so this is the name chip where is the logo man okay we are proof okay so this is our affiliate links domain transfer popular dell means let’s copy the link or maybe this one click url let me open in a new tab and see oh this is 99 cent domain names no no not this one popular domain search and by domain information i think this is the one yeah this one is to the home page right let’s get link code this is the one that we want to try
hopefully this is the one yes this should be the one you can see the affiliate network right there campaign source affiliate campaign i think this is our tracking let’s type something in here let’s assume we are the visitors yeah cool cool this is the one this is the link that we want yes that was our tracking we’re gonna copy this we’re gonna go to bitly bitly and we’re gonna use url shortener so i don’t use shadow shell i don’t use
impact we use commission junction that’s what we have apparently okay let’s create a new link paste the long url just this one we have shortened it let’s customize it let’s name the name chip domain still take good save still take good guys say eddie domain name chip okay now it’s available i’m gonna copy it and we open a new tab and we put in slash edit domain name chip bam here we go that’s our url awesome now i’m just gonna paste it on
to my video and when people click on this link i earn commissions i think the commission is one dollar okay guys that’s done that’s how you can sign up for namecheap affiliate program now you know how to get your name chip affiliate link but how can you make a sales you can either write a simple blog post on how to create a new domain name or you can create a simple youtube video that i’ve just did yesterday on how to buy a domain name and stuff
so that’s how you can attract visitors and earn a commission that way you can help people build their brand and at the same time you can earn a referral revenue on the site if you want to learn a full training tutorial teaching you how to get a lot more traffic to your affiliate link you can take a full affiliate marketing course from my recommended program i have a full review on this recommended training program it teaches you everything that
you need to know on how to build a website and how you can promote your affiliate link and then get a lot more visitors to the link thus you earn a lot more commissions anyway guys that’s it for this video and i will see you on the next one i