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place is charity name.com community evangelist and today going to show you how to transfer Eden to name.com and there are many registrar's out there we're gonna go ahead and use one that's pretty popular God Addie I'm not sure sounds blasphemous look here we go we're going to it's pretty quick and easy process I'm in the back end of this other registrar and I'm going to I'm in the domain manager here you may have seen this if you're a customer there let's click on a domain we're gonna go into here's one I've had for a while Denver mc.com you'll click on that and this will take you into the meat of your domain all the things you need to do well before you transfer a domain it needs to be unlocked and you could do that here just by clicking on that and choosing to unlock it and when you transfer domain that you're also going to need this authorization code here and you click this send by email and they will send it to your email they've sent it to my email and I have the authorization code I'm gonna go ahead and highlight copy and paste it and now I'll just go to name comm and we have our transfer page you can click to from our home page I'm gonna paste the authorization code there and then type in the domain I'm transferring and click Add now this will take us to check out we're gonna go to checkout and you'll see here 7:39 for a.com and that includes an extra year of registration pretty sweet deal so then just go ahead and check out and you will receive an email from us and there's some literature here but there's a link down here to proceed with the transfer you go here there's the transfer authorization key and you just click confirm transfer and then a little bit later you will get an email from the what is called the losing registrar I know it sounds a little harsh and it will say hey you requested to transfer it you don't have to do a thing and that's a that's good news if you don't do anything it's just going to transfer and one thing with them too if you go up here to this drop-down menu you can go to pending transfers and you can make the call you can accept or decline it that's pretty cool so if there are issues there's a few things that you'd go wrong of course if you haven't unlocked the domain if you don't have the right offer is a ssin code if you have who dot is privacy and you haven't turned that off you need to turn that off before you transfer a domain there could be issues if it's expired or if you have just transferred it so if there's issues usually it is the losing registrar you need to contact and it can vary typically it's pretty clean and smooth and what you've seen is exactly how you do it so thank you so much for taking the time to watch this and if you did well welcome .

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