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Moving Your Entire Website in less than 5 Minutes | Godaddy 2017

Moving your WordPress website from one host to another can be an absolute pain in the backside but if you are a Godaddy customer it will take about 5 minutes (probably less).

If you are not a godaddy customer but you would like to be USE PROMO CODE YT0208 to get 1 year of hosting and a FREE domain name for just $14.

Step 1: Log into your Godaddy account
Step 2: Go to your C-panel
Step 3: Click on “applications” in the menu
Step 4: Select the site that you would like to MOVE or Clone
Step 5: CLONE IT!!!!

The whole process will take 5 minutes or less. For more information or help give us a call on 713 344-1761

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