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Ministry of Freedom Greengeeks Cpanel email setup

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hi everyone simon jive nation here with a quick tip on how to set up your email for those of you who are doing the ministry of freedom training along my along with myself one of the things you’ll need to do is set up your website and an email now it’s not too complex you’re going to have i recommend using green geeks and if you use my link below i will help you i’ll set it up for you i’ll teach you all the steps to build your website you’re
going to go into what’s called the cpanel once it’s once your website is set up to do all that see my other video but we’re going to go into the cpanel then you’re going to go into email accounts okay and go into email accounts and then we’re going to click on create you’re going to create an email account in this case we’re going to use ministry of freedom tips dot com okay and i’m going to call it simon at ministry of freedom you can
type in a password or you can auto-generate these really complicated ones if you want to do that and uh and so on so you can generate them or you can just type in whatever password you want there all right so we’re gonna then go down and click on create so you’re going to click on create all right and it’s literally done it so then we can go to um simon at which is here and i’m going to click on check email and inside of
greengeek’s cpanel they give you a basic email browser okay um you might prefer to use your own microsoft outlook or your gmail or your hotmail you can actually bring all your emails into one place all right and i’ll set that up as a separate one but that email is now working so if i go here and click on open you can see here inbox i’ve received ministry of freedom tips client configuration settings have arrived i can compose an email and it will
come from simon at i can send it to whoever i can i can put in a test subject heading there and uh it’s it’s working question mark and you know working and i can send that send that straight out so that’s pretty much it oh pardon me um and then if you’re using your autoresponder which you’re going to need to do i can help you set that up obviously you’re basically going to get this one joined up to your autoresponder so
that when people sign up to your your website your niche your business your hobby so whatever you’re doing on your website you want people to sign up and you’re going to give them free products or a free something to encourage them to sign up then they will get a thank you from your new email which you’ve built it’s cpanel as quickly as that and that’s all there is to it my friends so um keep on liking subscribing and commenting and i will try to
make videos to answer any of your questions if you do want to join me on the ministry of freedom please click through below and if you do decide to join up using my link i will build your website with you live every weekend we’ll do say four weekends where we do one-to-one zoom calls until your website is up and running and i’ll help you set up your email and your autoresponder and turn you into a very successful long-term affiliate marketer or
product marketer or whatever it’s part of you’d like to pursue with the online business all right take care thank you