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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

for 2019 i got to test to choose inter server which is a service that has existed for several years but has recently registered a considerable degree of interest from users who have also left several positive reviews for this service let's talk about a shared hosting and a hosting that in my opinion is right price because it is true that hosting services must be professional because remember about hosting on the server then all your work is based however at the same time it must have an honest price with regards also our market the service I'm talking about practically a complete service because as you can see from the features to espaci limited unlimited traffic to all the make up of the case is an SSD disk in fact from the texts that I have made I have been able to notice just how to upload them pages fast let's say the eco system on which this service is based really efficient there are also several advanced e-mail features such as email speech also limited accounts the possibility of being able to integrate everything as well some mobile supports and we also have as a counter center as the panel of management we have the cipa in the full version among other things also in Italian language we will see it in a moment where the possibility of setting everything crohn job file manager at full level to go to organize all your and backup even advanced features for wordpress if you choose this platform as the basis for your websites e let's say a truly complete service and it costs relatively low because we talk about $ 5 a month and for the annual payment at a course of 54 dollars a year so you have available let's say everything you need you also need more with an ssd disk with all the appropriate backups with all the advanced features that are useful for those who work online add unlimited domains park domains included the ssl certificate security certificate is therefore very important to make secure your websites and even more attractive to search engines possibility to install many applications in a few clicks and this is it important because as we will see in a moment the service includes soft tabs shady is the best automatic install suite that exists on market and so let's go and see what the management panel is of the swing you have the possibility therefore to immediately contact the support customers via live chat by the way very efficient to go to monitor what your annual billing immediately display your dns a site preview and then quick links to paypal registration if you want automatically and smoothly pay your annual fee without worries possibility to order further web domains to consult the history of yours invoices download your backups buy a dedicated ep do migrate to your website among other things, the purchase of an IP dedicated to a course of only 3 pains per month and access the c panel which we now see interesting thing that is a chip in the really complete with all the advanced features that includes precisely this control panel which is the best on the market with regards to hosting management, the possibility of directors of all your files create all your backups your ftp accounts if you are not very experienced you can also choose the backup wizard to create backup your websites your files on the server as you can see the interface can be easily set in Italian both has difficulty managing this type of panel in English general information about your account concerning your most used addresses server access all statistics you need like the disk used I repeat the domains it added to yours to yours without bandwidth sting on the various under two mini alias email accounts also the use of the gpu and also the use of memory and therefore server usage statistics very advanced as you can see you can create limited databases and then go to manage very same way for domain management you can publish reach domains publish sites add subdomains in short, then redirects to better manage everything and also for what it's about identical emails what to create email accounts to create forwarders redirects and everything related to the management of your email address also the metrics to the al sahab staff which a very advanced methods service you can monitor visitors gpu usage bandwidth errors e so the load that your makes your websites go to to influence with regards to the server cycle and is also very well cared for very complete from a security point of view so then is the possibility of block ip addresses manage security certificate services that between the other are activated automatically on all your websites so you don't have to do anything because when you go to publish a site web wordpress or anyway in html using even the suites we're going to see for a moment the security certificate comes automatically activated the moment we were talking about application management the possibility of installing publications and applications in a manner simple here you have the possibility to use soft a plus ap staller which is the best suite on the market to be able to install every type of script every type of application that blog billing everything besides this if you want to create a site in html ai also site pad web site builder that another suite dedicated to building and managing a html site in visual mode if we go a team in hopa you can see what we are talking about as you can see it has the possibility of going to choose one of three numerous themes your disposition and then go to build to generate a website in html fully automatically by simply choosing i blocks going to manage as you see fit in a simple and visual way without needing to have programming knowledge of html code and then I will come to publish therefore in a very simple way then go to build a well done site in html so without database is the possibility of being able to publish immediately and be able to manage it even in a second moment while when we talk about soft law if instead we are going to talk about a truly powerful application that you allows you to go to create everything you need from wordpress site from wordpress blog to prestashop online store really has a varied typology of applications which can be useful in the case of your work so it's definitely a service complete fast efficient and at the right cost I can certainly advise you I am because I have been using it as my primary server for several months so that's what my website is based on all the files that I use for my work online and in description I leave you the link to be able to try service only for a penny for the first month after which it will decide and do for you to continue renewing the subscription choosing between monthly or annual payment as we said, we are talking about a very low cost because it is 54 dollars per year for a service of this size with this quality it is definitely the best hosting service for 2019 that I feel like recommend to those who use the servers they then use hosting to support all their work online .

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– Miglior servizio hosting per il 2019? Tra le numerose proposte sul mercato, Interserver si rivela la migliore scelta per il 2019 con un alto indice di gradimento e un rapporto qualità prezzo imbattibile. Lo utilizzo con soddisfazione da diverso tempo come server hosting principale.

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