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Managing Resource Limits like CPU Usage and Memory Usage in GoDaddy’s cPanel

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If you’ve hosted a website on GoDaddy’s cPanel, you’ve probably gotten at least one email notification letting you know that you’re approaching or exceeding your resource limits.

While this looks like helpful information on the surface, GoDaddy doesn’t offer a lot of information about how to see whether the “issue” is one at all, or just a one time resource spike due to traffic or a plugin.

This video guide shows you where you can see your current resource usage, how to check your resources for up to the last 30 days, and how to find and clear php processes in GoDaddy’s shared and business cPanel hosting environments.

With this information, it is possible to identify some issues within your website without having to call your web developer. That said, if your issues persist after troubleshooting, don’t be afraid to tag them in or hire professional developers to have a look at your server.

Their expertise can identify the difference between genuine resource usage and inflated demand due to a plugin, theme, malware infection, or conflict.

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