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Making backups in Softaculous – Part 3 of 4

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Article: Backup your Website with Softaculous (Paper Lantern) (

Part 3 of our 4 part Softaculous series focuses on how to make backups and restore them using the Softaculous tool.Backups are an essential part of maintaining your website. Softaculous makes backing up of the software easy. No one ever wants to have to restore a website from a backup in case of an emergency, but restoring them within Softaculous is simple as well. For more information on the backup process within Softaculous please visit our Support Center:

How to Backup Your Website With Softaculous

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hey guys Scott Mitchell here with inmotion hosting and welcome to another edition of community Q&A now this is our third video in our Softaculous series and in this one we’re going to go over how to make a backup for programs that were installed to your hosting account using Softaculous thank eyes third up in our series for Softaculous is backups how to perform backups for the software that you have installed again as always we’re gonna
start off here in the cpanel and they’re going to go down and find Softaculous which is again under software and services category okay so here we are the main softaculous thing again now blasting last video i showed you and deleted all those installations so i show you if i added a few more back in here so we have a wordpress and a couple of prestashop installations now if you’ll notice we have to press the shops we have one in shop and one in
store too okay so we’re going to work with those today you notice they have different versions here this is 1.4 and this one doesn’t have a version when it’s actually if you look over here it’s 1.6 okay so we’re going to do is say we’re going to back up one of our versions let’s back up say the 1.4 now from here in this installation area over here the icons on the on the right hand side just click on this little looks like a folder with a lock or
something like that on it just give that a click OK this leads to the backup page okay and you can choose where the backup just the files or the database as well ok this is here just if you want to leave a little note to yourself about why you backed it up maybe you’re getting ready to perform an update maybe we get ready to install a module maybe you’re gonna do some customizing whatever you want put in there just it’s a little note to yourself
basically like a sticky note and then it gives basic information about the software just kind of like it does with it we do the removals just kind of gives all information what version you have when it was installed where it lives etc so once you’re happy with that just click backup installation this can take a while depend on how large your software is in this case it’s not going to take too long because it was just a base installation so if you
have a larger one with a lot of in this case prestashop as a store sleep a lot of products going on you know you can kinda let this thing run and you can go on and start doing your own thing and it says it will send you an email once it’s completed okay in this case we’re just going to hang out because it’s me just finished in just a minute and there we go so finishes backing up tell us here in a second it’s done not quite sure what a hundred one
percent means but ok so here it was backed up successfully and you can download for the backups page now you can click this the other backups page but you’re not going to see this link normally when you come into Softaculous so you look up here on the icons up here the top and your go to backup / restore okay now i have to and i have two on purpose what i wanted to show you was if you back up more than one you’re going to have different files
here but it will keep one you’ll keep them all it’s not going to overwrite the previous one okay so i have two different copies okay so maybe i have one from last week and they have one from this week it’s okay you can see the date is involved in naming the system here so 2015 dash 02 03 so if i have one maybe it was yesterday it’s the 02 02 and this won’t say 02 03 and i’m not sure this is a random number or something at the end but anyway it
does differentiate so and it seems to store them in order from oldest to newest okay so now go back here we’re going to go back to the the application install and you can download through some backups and keep them on your computer on your local machine which is usually the recommended method because you don’t want to keep your spare key on your keychain so to speak so if the server crashes or you lose your account you still have a backup at home
and then you know you can you can come back up hopefully that doesn’t happen but it’s like insurance it’s just in case okay again just keep a copy somewhere else now you can keep that copy they’re here as well for install so say we’re going to do some changes and I end up deleting the press stop 1.4 version from store too so we can do a quick removal to pretend we deleted it and it might be on purpose maybe I’ve tried something else and I’m like
hey this isn’t work and we come back and use my precious shop so first we’re going to go ahead and remove this and then i’ll show you how to use the backup okay so there we go installations removes if i go back to the application installs you can see only the 1.6 version is there okay go back to our backup section here and you see it tells you this says solution has been removed which was installed here you can restore it using the backup so
we’re going to pick which we want in this case are the same this is the download button so if you want to put it on your computer but this is the one we wanted to talk to a restore so we’re gonna hit restore you wanted to restore the directory or database in this case both okay and we’re good i okay and let it put it back in there now says it takes three to four minutes it basically takes in this case as long as the install did because it was
just a base version but it’s kind of take about the same amount of time that it did to originally back it up which it should be safe because if you have a larger database you know a lot of more extra files in there then it takes more time to put them in there in this case okay it’s been done let’s go back to the application installs and you can see that it has been restored okay just like it was your time I think but the version number here if I
go to the actual thing link then I should see my store and there it is as the base store just like 1.4 used to be okay so that is how you deal with backups in the soft oculus again if you do a backup make sure you do download it to your local machine just to have and that extra copy even if it’s only one copy they do take up space on your account so make sure that you if you have an account that as have space a limited number of space just just
be aware that and see downloading is good and backup AB as far as how to auth in the back up I would say back up at least say once a week keep that weekly copy I wouldn’t I would overwrite those or at least delete the other ones out don’t need to keep you know 18 weeks of backups but at least have that last backup for the last week if you’re going to do anything important such as making changes or anything before you do it do make a backup just
in case okay then you make the changes if you didn’t like them or you can’t figure out how to remove them then you can just restore on top of it alright so that’s backups in Softaculous well guys that’s it for another edition of community Q&A if you enjoyed this video be sure to like it and subscribe to the YouTube channel below also don’t forget to leave any questions you have in the comments section so we know what to bring you in a future
video thanks and have a great day do you know the inmotion hosting support center has thousands of articles pictures and video tutorials to help you out with your web hosting questions something for everyone from beginners to experts join our community and sign up with your facebook or google+ for free swag prizes and discounts visit our support center at inmotion hosting com / support