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MailGun Setup – HostGator Domain Setup

hey everybody today we’re going to go over how to set up um your host gator account if you’re using hostgator to host your domain now we’re just going to show you how to set that up with your mail gun account so um first we’re going to log into mailgun we’re going to click messages and we’re going to pick domains and now we’re going to add a new domain and this is going to be a subdomain of your domain in hostgator so move on over to hostgator
um you can copy the name of your domain back into mailgun and what we like doing is doing replies dot the name of your domain now let’s click add domain and now it’s going to bring you to a list of dns records that you need to add to the domain in hostgator so it’s going back to hostgator and here we’re going to click the cpanel found under the name of your domain that’s going to bring you to this page just let it load up now it’s a bit different
using godaddy um in hostgator you have to actually create a site a subdomain as well and i’ll show you how to do that so once you’re here you’re going to scroll down to the domain section and you are going to click on subdomains um within the sub domains you’re going to type in the same sub domain that you used on uh mail gun so just copy it over and paste it here and hit tab it’ll auto populate the document root field click create you’ll get
success and now you click back over here and now we’re ready to add our dns records to this subdomain cool so here we’re going to scroll down down to domain section again and you’re going to click on advanced zone editor and here we’re gonna add our uh txt records so txt for the name we’re gonna go back to mailgun and we’re gonna copy this entire host name paste it in there when you hit tab an extra period is going to come on after the dot com
and that’s totally fine for ttl you’re going to put in one and for txt data we’re going to go back to mail gun and we’re going to copy this value and paste it here and click add record now we’re going to add the second txt record so txt again for the name we’re gonna go back to mail gun we’re gonna copy this guy and name ttl we’re gonna put one again and txt data we are going to enter this whole one here so copy it and paste add record so now
we’re actually going to skip the mx for now and we’re going to go straight to the cname so type cname name is going to be this entire one here paste it in here ttl is one again and for cname we’re going to put in this value here paste that there add record now for the two mx records we’re gonna click back so for the mx records we’re going to scroll down to the emails subsection here we’re going to click mx entry and now for domain we’re going to
choose the sub domain that we just created not the original domain once that’s done you’re going to go down and scroll down to add new record for the priority we’re going to put 10 and for the destination we’re going to go back to mail gun and get this one over here as you can see it’s also priority 10 so just copy that put that in there add new record added and for the second mx record we’re going to put 10 priority again go back here copy the
mxv one bring it back here destination paste add new record those are both added so we just added the two txt records the one cname record and the two mx records so you want to go back to mail gun and scroll down to the bottom and you’re gonna click verify dns settings once all five are added and it’ll bring you to this page which is a good sign to ensure that everything was done correctly click on settings and now dns records and you’re going to
see the green check marks next to all five records and that’s how you know um it was done correct so this time around actually i only had to click verify once um i’ve seen it before where you have to click verify verify like three four times before these all go green so um that’s just a little tip if it doesn’t work the first time around just click that verify button three four times and that might fix it so watch the next um video to see how
we’re going to connect mail gun into