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Is Interserver the Cheapest and Best Hosting? | Start a website with less than $5

How to Start a Blog on a small budget | How to start a website at less than $10

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Is Interserver the best and cheapest hosting?
I value every penny,so i decided to go out and search for a way to start a blog at a low budget. I know there are many people out there who want to start a blog,a website or an E-commerce store but are budget limited., I decided to do this for you who has a tight budget and looking for a more affordable way to get started

You may be looking to start a blog or a website or even looking for a more affordable hosting. Interserver is definitely a host to consider, I have used it and I am confident it will meet your demands.

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hi everyone welcome to today’s video we’re going to talk about how to get started with your own blog or your business website so the first thing that you need to do is head to Namecheap or good Adi or whichever provider that you want to go with and such for your domain and presence tight so I’ve come up in the name busines bascomb the first thing that you do is check the availability of the name you can use about other sites that can help you
with with suggestions check out check out the link below these are live some some sites that you can check for availability of the name that you wish to use so busines bascomb is available you can use at our other sites like the dot o-r-g dodge next by always I always lagoon with don’t mate so you let’s head to cut where now we make the payments Namecheap will provide other services like web hosting and SSL but at this point we just buying the
domain so we go ahead and check-out they provide who is God which is a free forever service for protecting your domain the total cost of this is plus 0.18 which is our fee so it will cost us nine point zero six to get this domain every for the first year and every other year you’ll be paying eight dollars so if you have a promo code apply it you’ll get a discount confirm your order if you have not registered you register or you log in and make
the payment so now that we have the domain which is registered we had to intercept a dog net I have used in tercera dog net for the last six months and I love it because one the pricing is very good currently they have enough of one dollar for three months can you imagine part one dollar for three months but those other days they normally charge 0.01 the very first month and then five dollars every month I think the pricing is is great they have
a 30 day money-back guarantee we don’t like the service you get your money back class you can you can install WordPress you can install Joomla you can install these are the apps if you want like you have a store a business tool you can use the other apps so with one dollar you pay one dollar for three months I think it’s a great offer it’s called a stay home promotion so the first thing is now in put write down today the domain that we registered
for this for this demonstration are going to use one of my my blogs so you click I already have a domain and then you write down your domain there and then click continue so if it will last you want to transfer the domain just say no because you wanted to remain we’re way we registered so you say no and then you continue at this point you register phone accounts if you have an account you can log in so you register and then go ahead and pay make
the payment it will did they accept people when you ping a dollar but if you’re paying less than a dollar when they have the other promotion 0.01 when you pin 0.01 people don’t agree so you pay with your car debit card or credit card so as you can see we have the currently are running an offer if you’re paying for 3 months if you pay more for 3 months you’d be a dollar and then 15 dollars every other three months if you want to be paying monthly
then you’ll pay one dollar for three months and then every other month you’ll be running at five dollars and that price is locked so every other month you will be paying five dollars so this is the the check out parts choose them the month that you want to to you to pay and then choose to pay with credit cards or debit card or PayPal and then please please PLEASE another and then you will be they will send you their credentials for login to your
to your email they mail that you will register with and then you can go ahead and install WordPress if you want to start blogging install WordPress if you have any problem you can always chat with them they have a very good customer service and they are always helpful so once you make the payment you will be sent for credentials for sign up if you have a problem logging into WordPress or anything any other issue that you have just check them up
they will respond to you keep checking your email they’re great I hope you like this video please don’t forget to subscribe