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Is Hostinger Good for WordPress or Not for 2020? An Honest Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review

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If you are wondering is Hostinger good for WordPress or not, then this video is for you! This Hostinger WordPress hosting review for 2019 will help you see what to expect with their WordPress platform and my personal experience using them over the almost 3 years.

In this past 3 years I been able to create 12 sites using WordPress.

Hostinger is super reliable with great 24/7 customer support, 99.9% uptime and server performance. They have cPanel with website builders and tutorial guides to help beginners create WordPress websites.

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hey guys how we doing today this says wall-e went best web hosting for WordPress net and in today’s hosting a review I wanted to talk to you guys more about creating WordPress websites with their platform itself in fact if you got to watching this video today you’re probably asking yourself is hosting a good for WordPress hosting or not so I thought that I took a few minutes out with you guys today to not only tell you a bit about the company
how is it that I was introduced to them what I’ve been able to do up to date you know with them I wanted to talk to you about customer service performance of time pricing basically everything that I think you should know before you get started with a senior’s platform today if you guys are new here to this channel hit the subscribe button right below along with the bill and that way any future videos guys that I put up you’ll be sure to receive
them so I’ve been online for several years and during this time I’ve been able to create several websites and blogs online not only for personal use but also for commercial purposes as well I’ve also been able to use several different web hosting providers so I know the ones that perform good and the ones that do not how does hosting are you know fair with their competitors online well all back I’ll say that hosting er is a super reliable web
hosting platform for creating WordPress websites i’ma tell you more about why I say that a little bit later on before we get started and really dig into the wordpress hosting side of things you know hosting er has different web hosting packages as well in addition to the WordPress you can give VPS there’s cloud-based hosting as well as dedicated servers so if you guys are looking for hosting to handle like high traffic websites with high volumes
of traffic monthly traffic already and you want to migrate over to hosting you then that’s something to think about as well the bps in cloud-based hosting is well leave some information right below any event you guys are interested and but as for the wordpress side of things I really like how user-friendly and easy of a platform it is to use for you know both beginners and advanced users itself you notice all back that there are three different
plans that you can select from what I’ll do guys for you today and is hosting a review is go or briefly each of these three plans and I’ll tell you which of the three that I prefer and why you’ll notice that what hosting is WordPress hosting is a single plan the premium and business plan itself the real difference all back is that the single plan allows you to host just one website the premium and business plans will allow you to host unlimited
websites so if you’re an affiliate marketer network marketer maybe you’re into selling Amazon products you just have some other home-based business that will require you to create unlimited websites whether it’s for personal or business use I recommend looking at the premium or business the third tier itself to create them going back to the single plan itself it comes with ten gigabytes of SSD storage why don’t you gigabytes of bandwidth there’s
really great performance even on this one first year itself if you look at the premium as I mentioned before it does allow for unlimited website creation online it goes a step up with 20 gigabytes of SSD storage there’s unlimited bandwidth with both the premium and business plans itself all of these plans use a cPanel so if you’re familiar with cPanel with your current host and you want to migrate over to finger you can do that today using the
links below and you can just move you know everything over really easily so cPanel and I’m gonna tell you more about there Sipan autumn actually take you in that way you guys can see what it looks like the one that I have set up right now with the premium plan you’ll get a free domain domains on average if you go to like GoDaddy right now you’ll notice that domains cost about $15 so you’re getting that for free with other premium and business
plans itself you do get SSL certificates which are great you know Google and 2018 made a really important announcement about the importance of having them especially if you guys are wanting to sell products on your website that people are gonna you know be enter maybe their debit credit card information those ssl certificates will basically encrypt that information and keep it 100% secure so hosting err with the wordpress hosting they’re giving
you free ssl certificates which are great if you do want to use those so what you’ll notice all back what really makes hosting us WordPress hosting very unique is that not only it’s fast in the way of performance but one is very cheap very inexpensive and they make it super easy for anybody to get started with hosting this platform in fact I don’t understand why anybody wouldn’t get started with this I mean 80 cents per month it’s crazy right I
mean you won’t find these prices anywhere on the web when I got started three years ago going on three years ago with hosting here you know the price points that sell for a little bit higher and they dropped them significantly which is great which makes it better for you guys you don’t want to create a wordpress website today so that’s why I think you should take advantage of these right now lock in these prices right now the cool thing about
their payment system is that I mean you can use Visa MasterCard PayPal Bitcoin just surviving there’s so many different payment plans that you can use you know they allow you to pay you know monthly every three months you can pay for the entire year or for several years so it’s super super flexible when it comes to you know paying for your web hosting it South me personally prefer to just buy it a years for it it’s just cheaper to do that but you
know with your personal circumstances you may like to do it maybe every three months or once a year we’ve been you know for a couple of years it’s all really up to you when it comes to that what I recommend people to do is think about which of these three plans that will be best for your personal needs for me I like the business plan itself one because again four websites that I do want to install like an SSL certificate I can do it not all of my
websites that I have online have SSL certificates and the reason is is because one I don’t sell products you know on those a lot of them are like review websites so there probably many websites that I’ve created online just for other purposes itself and they may not have SSL certificates on it but I do have quite a few online that do have the SSL certificates so again the business plan itself will allow you to do that best web hosting for
WordPress dotnet was created using hosting use WordPress hosting itself and this one doesn’t have an SSL certificate on it don’t really need it you know some people feel that as I sell certificates help with ranking but I found across the board that really what helps with ranking with any website that you have online is one content how relevant is the content backlinks that are on it also the length of content is you know well as some other
factors and really contribute to higher rankings in the search engines not to get to off board you know with this but SSL certificates are great so if you decide that hey you know I don’t need SSL Certificates that’s fine just go with the premium plan itself and I’m sure that I do exactly what you needed to do for you know your particular playing itself you do get daily backups with the premium plan itself you can also install WordPress plugins
that do that for you as well there’s some really nice ones in fact you get started then you get your credentials for cpanel and you log in to your cPanel itself your dashboard whether you’ll be able to install plug-ins that will you know provide daily backups as well but again if you have the premium plan it will do that for you okay so you don’t get that with the premium plan or the single but you do get it with the business side of things if
that makes sense so there are some features that you do get only with the business plan the third tier itself and you guys can clearly see that I’m gonna give you guys a side-by-side comparison that way you can see at a glance what exactly you’re getting with hosting us WordPress hosting itself and from that guys you’ll be to make a decision as far as wish of a three are for you as you notice hosting our maintains a 99.9% uptime guarantee how
time is extremely important because when people are searching for your website online doesn’t matter what you sell what services you offer whatever content you have online if people can’t when people search for you online and they click through and Google and your website is not available that’s a problem I’ve never had any issues with uptime with my websites online that I created using no singer and that’s what at the points that I wanted to
mention see you guys in fact you’re watching this video either on my youtube channel or you’re probably watching it on my website itself and if you google looking for really reliable web hosting services and you made it to my website it says one thing that my website was up when you click through and graduate would access the information that’s on my website and I mention that because again uptime is it’s a big deal you know what I mean if you
again if your website is up you’re making money if your website is down you’re losing one-off time is extremely important not only with hosting err but with any web hosting provider that’s on the line just starting to get off you know off topic a little bit with some things have kind of bounced in here and there you know what I mean but sometimes when it comes to me you know I thought comes to mind I said let me just mention it to you guys that
way you can see the importance and the true value that you’re getting you know with hosting is WordPress hosting so there are a lot of features guys that you’ll see that you get with hosting as WordPress hosting itself in the three years 103 years that I’ve been hosting with them like I said they’ve been extremely reliable super fast performance page moves on average to the 12 sites that I have online load at about a second maybe one and a half
seconds tops but I mean it’s extremely extremely reliable so I just wanted to highlight that to you guys not only how they perform with the web sites online but also the price and you can see that it’s extremely cheap to get started for both beginners and even individuals that want to migrate their web sites over to hosting as a platform cPanel so this is the cPanel at South guys it looks like this you can change the skin of it so it looks a
little bit differently but I pretty much to see panels like this you see it broken down into files jet backup databases SEO and marketing tools domains if you want to add-on domains itself you can do that by clicking this link if you want to do redirects maybe have like a domain that you’re gonna purchase online but you want to redirect it maybe to like an affiliate offer you can do that by clicking this link right here you can also create
subdomains for your website’s itself may be like forms if you want to create like a forum or maybe like a support page or contact page or a billing page or whatever it is that you want to do with that you can do that with this particular tab itself I mentioned before with the web hosting packages that you can set up email accounts with the single plan itself with hosting you can only set up one email account but if you want to do like with the
premium and business plans itself you can set up several email accounts which are great so you can see all of these features that are right here the metrics portion is really ideal guys for measuring your website visitors itself if you want to know like how many people are arriving to your your website what pages that they’re accessing what is it that they’re typing in and to get to your website you can see all of those metrics not only for your
main domain but for all of your domains itself and that’s something that I like to monitor periodically just to see how my marketing and web traffic itself is going so you can do that in this very section right here just tapping on all stats right there aw stats right there there’s some security tabs as well if you want to install like an SSL certificate you guys can do that with this tab right here you can do that as well as installing like
WordPress you have different you have access to different CMS platforms as well so that at a glance is the cPanel itself what is it that you’ll get you know once you get started with hosting there’s our platform today I talked up as of now about pricing you guys again can see how cheap it is to get started you know with it with a single plan you’ll save 92 percent with a premium plan 82 percent and put the business 78% by using the links below
again I just recommend that you guys use the plan that you feel the best for your web hosting needs if you only need to host one website in a single plan should be ideal for you if you want to host unlimited WordPress websites then I recommend going with either a premium or the business one and currently I have their business playing with them hosting er has a 30-day money-back guarantee so at any moment that you feel that their web hosting is
not for you and you want to just migrate your website somewhere else you can do that by getting in contact with your customer service and there’s a 100% money-back guarantee I wanted to take you guys over to an external website to help you to see more about customer service of course my personal experience you know with hosting you going on the three years you know hosting with them has been amazing I have really really great experiences you know
with their reps using their chat service itself but I wanted to take you to an external website to help you to appreciate again how awesome their customer service is with their hosting now this website that I’m on right now is called trust pallet it’s a very reputable website that not only reports or gathers reviews on you know web hosting but on several products any and every product or service online if you have a question about it you can key
in that actual company you know right there and then from that point you’ll get a report you can see what other people think about it so how our hosting is reviews online what do people say about them on this particular website well you’ll notice that based on 1124 hosting reviews they have maintained a five-star rating they’ve been given a five-star rating based on their performance itself on average to break down as 90% say that hosting er is
excellent 6% save that hosting areas create one percent say that hosting er is average but a mere 2% 2% say that hosting er is bad so of the 1124 hosting reviews that were left on it that 1% excuse me that 2% represents 24 people that said that it was bad so think about that 24 people out of 1124 I mean what is that I mentioned this because you know with every review that I have online I wanted to be 100% transparent honest that way you guys know
exactly what you’re getting into before you get started you can see not only my opinion my personal take on hosting us WordPress hosting but you can see what other people think about their services as well so you can see again that they have a five star rating itself as an excellent rating itself all web hosting providers have complaints or things that a customer or client may or may not like hosting or is not the exception with that and so I
wanted to share with you guys this that way you can take that into consideration as well but again on the three years that I’ve been with I’m singer I’ve never had any issues you know with them in the past I picked up the phone and call or you know like with chat system rather and got in contact with their reps to find out you know about different plugins because with any web hosting provider that you guys use online it’s very important to know
if plugins may be compatible you know with the web hosting provider or compatible with your WordPress website and so I had questions like that or how to configure this in that buck you know over the past three years that I’ve been with them I’ve had an amazing experience each and every time that I’ve contacted their rep so in short I just want to say that hosting is customer service is great they’re fast a very helpful courteous and you can see
again some very very positive comments and feedback that people have left on tress palate comment what I’ll do now is I’ll link to this particular page right below that way you guys can check it out if you if you want to so really awesome comments when this person says they save my day I’m really happy with the patience I have experience on top of the fact that my problem was solved I mean you’ll see review after review review after review tons
of positive reviews about hosting you so they’ve really earned that five-star rating that’s why I use hosting er to this day and I host with the the 12 websites that I have online and I just wanted to share with you guys that you know that external page that way you guys again you can appreciate what it is a true value that you’re getting what-ho stingers wordpress our platform itself so and today’s review guys i just wanted to give you again an
honest 100% review of hosting there’s wordpress hosting and let you know that it is good it’s a great option to create wordpress on websites today i will leave some links right below use those links right below and that where you guys can save big on your web hosting itself i think across the board just even looking at competitors that are online for hosting i mean there are tons of web hosting you know providers online and do provide wordpress
hosting and so but you think about pricing itself nobody really beats them when it comes you know to the price points itself so if you’re looking to save big on your web hosting today i recommend that you get started two days and a links below for hosting alright what did you guys think about this this wordpress review drop your comments are right below tell me which of the three planes you think of the best for your particular situation leave
your comments below i definitely love to hear them again if you guys are new here to this this channel it does ascribe button right below and if you guys liked this video and you got some true value from it hit the like button and i’ll see you guys on the next video thank you so much for watching this video and sticking with me through the end of it of course i touched on a lot of points a lot of things that I really liked and just wanted to give
you guys a little bit of myself and what my personal experience with hosting okay thank you guys so much for watching this video and I’ll see you on the next