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in every year after burglaries a last month today we are looking at Valentines tomorrow we're looking at amazing people showed up to one another when it comes free bird alright we give you know you try to give a gift you try to kiss your lab just like you did when it was almost looking the end of your of the Christmas Day now this time 2016 you're expecting elections Who am I going to watch make sure you vote wisely tonight in our today's edition of IPL you are going to show you your best wearing season it comes to function you wanna go for a date you wanna rock on the red carpet someone out there it is showing you this is what is supposed to wear also hi people hours oh my god with the shampoo really rocks on the red carpet the person who took the additive they are congratulations to you let's first go check out what your helpful in the highlights and we come back we're going to show you all the full story since I played other we host but I keep watching but he walks among us and a beating be the beat daddy play may the party all night it raised hell until today welcome bathroom all as you see I told you hi people our most of the people you know that what differently I really active and I i salvaged for you I love the red carpet bittersweet I love guys who come we know with our whole school to that stage and you're going to pick you out that was somehow can i send not at least you know come with a whole school behind you to show just because you have your head in it I don't know how you're looking for some support are you looking for confidence okay we're going to check out that it wasn't come Pulitzer in our hotel and let's see what's happening I congratulations to you all gays through really to be very very big hours for step out that's my body when you touch my body you got it the best let you promise you for the coolest and the hood is red carpet looks who has nailed it was that moment when it comes with dressing and come to the matchup and tonight or else leave to Serena camp a la serena hotel people are really doing what they can to the best you might say hi before arts it I bet let's go inside and check get to know what is happening there it is the funds to decide who is taking the best artist of there it is the only our that combines all the artists of Uganda and really you want to know is taking all those trophies and who's taking orders our two is taking all the credits from the people we want to know is it really the funds would you say it's high people you beautiful does she treated me and say hey pastorship to us as the first thing she did maybe I'm we should do a song so we went to school do so for what you're starting to strip your shorts back y plus Z jacket it was real legacy my image that we had an edge and legend Merle indication of who he not done neuqua nauru saga similarly sword once we never one is our master greater our double take so everybody media in the adventure all right thank you so much yeah glory be to God yeah me too what I'd like litigate this a lot faster on it now secondly allocated to give me music ocular right hands yuck Africa more like a dedicated to my name is big I Star Wars it looks like his voice they were training then I was not her own I do know that that's our fish in this video so they actually name of those shooting the video the never manager called me then he told me that car we are shooting a video then I just appeared that's when I do 180 I buildings everything like it but I never given that fish is a fish in the suites each other's our legs changed so something we got schools yet with your chapters away little kids haha you thank you somebody may triplet we love you so much thank you for me if you surveys and you got quiet Wow me Oh I baby thank you everybody for supporting me Thank You Joshua me thank you so much for supporting them anything I've worked with a bill to know I did and you yo imitating No for now you can do um just great everything is a kawa love you I thank you so much why do you think about the hyper part of course it was the funds decided a good an award which are like a feel so proud for the photoacoustic it was the best dancehall song I'll you dance or music I'm proud of that because people voted the right thing because I do dance or music which is that something i said can you talk it's a bubble hide its friend of mush friendly monica better to get them cousin York are you friendly marching an elf who are you friend me hace ya why do you think it is that song I should be the best among all games who've been doing the dance or music no people voted like you know you also have your own selves and be like maybe they cheat it for me no no there's no cheat because I people's all about fun design but how are you I love the dress I'm humbled I tried to keep dread I'm terrible I mean why would you think they chose yo yo yo song as the best best zouk song because I it is sweet and edible ok why would you choose to do it with Lillian bazi because a lot of female artists there what would you just do it with you and I really did not choose Libyan Baba's I think we had to do it because when when you look at Lillian I think she's she's a lovely artists first of all and when she came and said your ipass you shooting a song as I guess we should do you profess faith yes but it doesn't matter who did it but I think it's a great thing just to walk together artists to artists it's a great thing personally that's what I think I want you to tell people because the reserve is somewhere that you and Lily anybody I think there's something we're going to tell you I'm in tell it to people today tonight what is really going on you and the end of it ah Lillian Baba's is my friend first of all and she is she's an inspiration to me I would say when they sang where you are I was like yo this is a beautiful song and when she came to me I had to do something soup because I feel like that's where she does best personally that's what I think and I think the relationship we have is is the mutual respect and a good relationship as friends I know most of your surprise that the back who does it really have a dead he's not a great one gigantic son yeah because no one believed that bebek will be holding such a toll son and all the other son like you have a do I mokihana poison him Sonny Sally I love the island named because Sally everyone hide sorry i can't say fighting them hendrick everything that was the Bell cool support our high society right sure all right okay I'm he's fine i got your sudden you're my sister yeah I appealing today I'm okay I'm just feeling so happy because of our question why did your dad turn up tonight now he's so busy apology is not in the district that's what Edward busy can't solve issues now with our tab is that stupid I took best reggae song go mama then this album on best funds group that's Gargamel best ones group that's good oh you had three already know I'm tree and we Chinese this album up there and we saw with that some of them go mama album why would you think that it should that detect the album of the year awards um I guess not even guessing I'm sure is the best artist in Africa the best afro pop artist the best Africa in Uganda the best group none other than mr. professor the biggest that are ya how are you today I'm good how are you feeling about this I I'm just feeling very grateful miss feeling happy I'm just feel like I'm success for you that's life do you think these guys have been so much gentlemen to give you this our religion win more than even genuine do you think there are people don't doubt it besides the artist our the upper / powers and the one like they are supposed to take the art I think these are feeling very very fair yeah we will fail ever since the bruschetta this is very fair the same young so what do you think of any other as it was not born and how it was not taken back in order to what do you think they should today be sorrowful anywhere to them there's none give up let them keep walking yeah more good things are coming every day that is for fans epic I for you too big I fine what is that the name of the are you taking it's called hi people video trans blazer our word what does that mean okay like you have when the first time we came to get this a lot okay we didn't get but they say that we have did many things to get this a what yeah and we deserve each are you sure you deserve it yes the result there is no other kids book that has to take the arm you know they get a kick to take that away you .

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