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hello Prince Melia and welcome to my channel my smart I suppose and the Middle East how do we be connect your domain from Bluehost to I guess the last video I told how you connect from your daddy to like this means your domain name orderly and how we'll be connecting IPAs get I told in the last video but today we do it so domain in a blue washed how would you connect to the IPAs there we're hosting now this is our let's go to start it that's now NBC this is the Vipers control panel and also this is the blue must okay so here is number of domain in Bluehost how you can be see after the login you can be see the similar place under washed then both of the domain section click on the domain once you click on the domain you can be see it is the number of the domain okay and you have to choose which one you want to update okay so here domain I will be choose the last one and the one should check this last one domain any domain and we see on the right side here is the name saga you have to update the name server click the reservoir once you click the member salvo in the name server here is the departments and police in this one who has got comedy mr. Blore calm and here is a custom Lancelot once you click on the custom name server is accede to our and save it once you update the name server now you connect this domain to where this is but the main server you have to copy from Caiaphas how will get the name somewhere in height I piss – we'll be talking now in here you will be born in is the domain central in the coments internal industry guys here is add the existing domain we have this existing domain just copy bunker and our media click the art will our eat let's deepen hard once you are you will be get the name server continues name server and pasting here again second 150 per year investigate then set the limbs of a city this is only one if you want to connect one woman in the different platform and you have the hosting on different platforms and how you connect just you have to update the name server so that's this is my knowledge about how we will be update your name server once you update the name server you can easily connect it from one hosting site to another or one host result means if your hosting domain if your domain in one side and they are hosted in different side you can be connecting using the name server yes if you liked this video please subscribe me and ask me the questions and you feel the time is share this video to your friends till then good bye take care .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Connect your domain to Ipage hosting sites and update your DNS records in bluehost so that your landing pages or website pages will connect to domain bluhost to hosted Ipage. Lets watch the video update the namespace from one hosting site to another.

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