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iPage Web Hosting Review and Control Panel Tutorial

🔥iPage Web Hosting Review and Control Panel Tutorial

Quick Facts of iPage:
âś…Free domain? Yes.
âś…Ease of Signup: Fairly easy sign-up process.
âś…Money-Back: 30-day money-back guarantee.
âś…Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal.
âś…Hidden Fees and Clauses: Accounts with an inode count measurement over 200,000, over 1000 database tables or more than 3GB total MySQL/PostgreSQL / 2GB MySQL/PostgreSQL usage might be terminated with zero notice.
âś…Upsells: Lots of upsells.
âś…Account Activation: Quick activation.
âś…Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: Easy-to-use vDeck control Panel.
âś…Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Easy installation of popular apps and CMSs via their control panel.

Pros of iPage:
âś…Very cheap first term: The first term with iPage is cheap as chips.
✅Simple plan structure: They only have 1 plan so you won’t get confused with different plans and features.
✅Modern-looking panel: Although it’s not the easiest to use, the iPage dashboard looks good and it’s mostly fairly intuitive.

Cons of iPage:
âś…Steep prices at renewal: iPage will cost you about 3 times more after renewal.
âś…Aggressive upsells: Their purchase process and backend is packed with upgrade suggestions and add-ons you may not want.
✅Bad performance: Sadly, iPage is one of the lower-performing hosting providers I’ve tested.
✅Poor backups: If you need to backup your website, you’ll have to purchase the backup add-on.
âś…Support could be better

🔥iPage Web Hosting Review and Control Panel Tutorial
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hey guys if you’re considering to sign up for a new hosting account with ipage i just want to kind of go in and give you a brief overview of what ipage is take you inside the control panel and show you how it works because it’s not like the usual cpanel that you may be used to if that’s what you use but what i want to do is is tell you some good things about some bad things about it and tell you where you can always make sure you’re getting
the best deal when you do purchase an ipage account and so that’s what i want to discuss first is that we use we’re a web designing business so we have over 400 domains many many hosting accounts and so what we always do is we go to this website here called and this is a site that’s dedicated just to offering the latest and up-to-date coupon codes and lots of times you’ll find exclusive coupon codes here that you’re not going
to find at other places and you can see here they have one right now for ipage special the dollar 99 a month hosting with a free domain name and just by clicking on the get code uh link right here it’s going to take you to this page where you can get the dollar 99 a month deal and you can also see here you get unlimited disk space bandwidth free domain name registration now the one thing that i don’t like about this is that their domains if you
do buy additional domain names on top of the free one they’re i believe uh 15 16 each which is a little bit on the high end so what we normally do is we’ll go out to a different domain registrar to purchase our domains for about 10 bucks a piece and then we’ll direct them to our ipage account so but the ipage hosting is really good especially for uh people who’s wanting to set up a blog like a wordpress site i’ll take you in the control panel
show you how easy that is to do here in just a second but if you’re looking to set up a blog if you’re looking to set up a business an online e-commerce site if you do any kind of uh photography or designing and you want to create your own like little portfolio and have a place to show it online this is really really an an awesome way to do it through ipage because they have all those tools available to you and it’s really easy to use as you can
see here there’s a lot of extras a lot of advertising uh credits you get for signing up and you can kind of visit this page and check out more just make sure that you go through the web host clipper link so so you do get the applied discount and coupon code available for that and i’ll put that under this video you just click on it and it’ll take you to web host clipper and check it out but here is inside of the control pane and if you’re used to
using cpanel you’re going to notice that this does uh have a little bit of similarities to it but it’s a little bit cleaner a little bit neater there’s there’s a little bit less stuff on it but basically all your stuff’s right up front it’s listed on the right hand column everything you need to know about your name servers if you’re redirecting domain names your ftp path even to set up your mail with your pop and your smtp all that’s listed there
and you can have more features shown there for the average person you’re not going to be using a whole lot of that stuff though but most of everything you’re going to have is going to be listed here where you can edit your website edit your emails your domain names you can view your site check your email and you can even check your stats it’s all here in one place for you and you got your file manager which lists all the files listed within your
domains um here is your scripts it has many different scripts which are similar to cpanel that you can install but it goes through the mojo marketplace which is a little bit different but uh it only takes about a minute to get used to they have a shop site starter visitor statistics they have two different website builders which are both very nice you can even upgrade to get more features if you choose to do that if you want to go beyond the free
and then wordpress if you’re looking to install a wordpress site it’s really simple you just follow this this wordpress link installed on the domain that you pick and it’s live i mean it is it is super super easy to do there’s nothing technical about it you can also control all your email here domain name here’s your domain central you can register new domain names through your control panel you can transfer these are additional marketing
services here that are available and additional tools if you’re a little bit more advanced and if you get into that kind of stuff these are some different options options you can use and then your account information is all listed here but but overall ipage in my opinion they offer really good hosting a lot of hosting providers where you get hosting from you know 4.99 you know they’re really iffy about their web hosting and they can be online and
offline you never know when it just kind of goes back and forth but but overall ipage is ideal for the average person looking to build and get online and try to get out there and get exposure for your website so i do highly recommend them be sure that you visit though to get here and get these coupons grab them just click on the get code it’ll automatically apply the code for this ipage site and it will redirect you to the
discount page and also what you may want to do is web host clipper they they have a sign up here for emails and if you sign up for them they will send you all those exclusive emails as um as they get them and a lot of these exclusive coupons are very limited time 24 to 48 hours and are over with before you even know it but if you sign up and subscribe you’ll get notification them as soon as they get out there and hopefully be able to take
advantage of them so that’s my review of ipage i hope it helps you guys to make a better decision on whether you want to sign up for it or not but like i said i do recommend them i think they’re overall really good web host and they offer a lot of options for the price of just 1.99 a month