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iPage Web Hosting -Overview & Tutorial


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everyone is hosts this video I’m gonna be doing a walkthrough an overview of IP web hosting my page comm I page is one of the biggest web hosts out there and what is known for is being very very affordable so if you’re starting off or wanting to pay less iPage is definitely like in my top five list it’s only depending on what sales are going on for instance right now it’s only a dollar ninety-nine a month for the first three
months and then after that it’s only like two or three dollars a month but it’s very affordable has all the features a free domain names to get your own free domain unlimited space bandwidth etc 24/7 support and there’s a money-back guarantee so let’s go ahead and get started I’ll just go ahead and click sign up now I don’t pay attention too much to the pricing here because it changes depending on when you’re watching this video so like I said
you get a free domain name when you sign up so I’m just gonna do tech videos 1 2 3 and so yeah you can get your free domain name here just pick whatever you want or if you already have one you can enter it continue ok then go ahead and fill out the billing information and then payment you can do credit card or PayPal I’m gonna do PayPal and then here’s the plan you’re picking like I said you can do 395 for one year so it’s gonna be 395 a month
for one year which is still pretty cheap but if you want to even cheaper you can see here’s 295 for 21 months in the first 3 months or $1.99 so I’m gonna do that because the the longer the plan the cheaper so I would suggest like a two-year plan at least but that’s just my opinion domain privacy you can check this I would recommend this but I’m personally gonna take it off for this example I’m also gonna remove this for these this example but you
can pick whatever you want here so the total is $67 that’s the the nearly two years of hosting and a free domain name so go ahead and click checkout and then right here pay with PayPal account I already have an account and then click agree and continue and there you go the following products you chose on our active in your control panel the essential so that’s the plan I got the essential and it has now been paid for and now we should check our
email and we’ll get all our login information alright so here’s the email right here from I page so you see login information the username right here is gonna be my domain name com so tech videos one two three three two one calm without the dot column and then you create a password you just click this link and then you set up your password so it has to be with all these requirements which is unfortunate but so you know one uppercase lowercase
whatever okay then the security question and then I’m gonna just pass on that one or you could just put post examiner if you want host examiner and then click Save and continue and there you go we’re now in our I page control panel they don’t use cPanel they have their own version of the control panel is very very nicely laid out has all the information over here your system settings server everything for FTP for setting up email address
everything so this that’s it I was just doing an overview if you want more in-depth video we have all the tutorials on how to set up an email account how to install WordPress how to add subdomains all that stuff email address is one of the most popular things most people want their own personal email address with their domain so I have all those videos right here on the video or in the description click that yeah so you can check out those
tutorials on how to do anything else in cPanel there’s also a general overview I mean control panel for eye page and if you have any questions you can go to host to ask us and thanks for watching