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iPage vDeck: Creating a Database

iPage vDeck series.This video explains how to create a new database using the iPage vDeck MySQL database manager.

okay so in this video I’m going to show you how to create a database in the I page Vedek control panel system databases are very useful if you’re planning to use a system like WordPress Zen cart Zen gallery you know any sort of photo gallery that means a database shopping carts OS commerce etc all these applications require a database in order to store their information so what I’m going to show you is how to create a database if you want to
log into your control panel and start with this icon here my sequel database you just click on it and that’s going to open up be my sequel database management system so in this system I currently do not have any databases created the managed database system has several icons you see this one here is for add a database this refreshes the screen so in case you’re branding a database isn’t showing up or if you’ve deleted a database and it’s not
showing deleted you can refresh the area and it will show up so let’s go ahead and create a database simply click at a database and now we need to name our database okay when I give it a random name database names cannot have special symbols spaces letters and numbers don’t use any capitalized letters just name it something simple that you can remember though because when you set up your application you’re going to need to remember the name of
your database the username for your database and the password for your database so you can see here that I’ve created a database named a database username and I’ve created a password I’m gonna go down here where it says add database and it tells me that my database has been created and I can see my database right here I’ve got the information here for my database it tells me here’s my username that I had created earlier test user I’ve got access
to PHP myadmin that’ll be important I’m gonna show you about PHP myadmin later generate code this is really great this generate code button helps anyone out if you’re just learning yo Perl PHP or Python you don’t automatically create the code for you for anybody who’s using in application such as WordPress there’s that in photo the system will do it for you during the installation process of your application so you don’t need to worry about
getting the snippet of code but in the event that you do want to use it you know they’ve got all that information right there it’s pretty nifty if you ever forget your server name because when you are setting up an application you will need the server name you will need your database name and you will need your database username and as I said your password so don’t forget what your password is all righty in the event that I want to change the
privileges for the user I can do that that’s an advanced function you probably won’t use that if I want to change my password maybe I’ve forgotten what the password to my database is I can go ahead and click on this change password and it allows me to simply create a new password for the database I don’t even have to remember what the old one was and if I ever want to delete this user account I can do that you’ll see up here there’s some
information it tells me what version of MySQL running sometimes that’s important applications sometimes require a particular version it again tells me what my server name is alright and here it’s not really very visible tells me how many databases I have I believe I’m supposed to have unlimited but that information doesn’t show so I’ve selected this database I can add another user to this database if I wish to or I can drop the database which
means delete it so if I have a database in there that I’m not using anymore I can go ahead and delete it you’ll notice that in this managed system there’s also backups section so you can go in here and you can schedule a backup of your database ok so you select the database and it tells me that I currently have no available backups that’s ok the system will automatically create backups of the database we just added it so obviously there’s no
reason to create a backup of it but in the event that we do wish to schedule a backup we can click here and we can go in and find the information for how to download our database backup ok as I said there’s nothing in our database right now so no reason to back it up and I will show you another what method of backing up the database using PHP myadmin in another video