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ipage shared hosting review

ipage shared hosting review
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have been using iPage for several years hosting 3 websites with them. They are easy to use for the novice user and have advanced capabilities for the more advanced user. I have never experience any down times and get many compliments on my sites look and setup. I have used drag and drop for creating one website, wordpress for another.

When I have any questions they are very easy to get on the phone (US not foreign based help ). I have always been helped the first time around from very knowledgeable consultants. I love the ability to call and not have to wait then get a person who is patient and knows the products. Kudos to iPage, I have and will continue to highly recommend them!

hello and good day my friends this is brian with I page reviews calm and I’m going to go over my opinions in my review of I page hosting really quickly for you in this video basically I page is very similar in features and offerings to other hosts like blue hosts just host fatcow inmotion hosting and many others in the shared hosting space so what we want to do although that’s that’s cool their price is kind of low right now I have a sale
going on but I think you can find out yourself so let’s let’s go over what they actually offer and disk space transfer domains all that stuff there aren’t strict limits placed on it inmotion hosting places some limits on there but honestly they’re not ridiculous they are they’re typically limits that you wouldn’t you wouldn’t need to get lifted yourself so in my personal opinion showing that something is unlimited that’s more of a marketing thing
because they know you’re not going to use a certain amount more than usual so disk space what is loads mean how much disk space and bandwidth been with Mona plan include there are no set limits on disk space or data transfer that we provide in our hosting plans we want you to have the resources you need to build a great online presence and ninety-nine point nine five percent of all customers will have more than enough space and bandwidth to meet
their needs that being said we do require all customers to be fully compliant with our Terms of Service and utilize this space and bandwidth within the normal operation of a personal or small business website so my recommendation to you is very specific if you are getting hosting so that you can host video files yourself or any other kind of large file sharing or a file hosting operation then I page is definitely not its kind of host that you
would want to be using even dedicated hosting or VPS hosting that’s not what I would do sure you should host your website on a host like I page or or steadfast net or or VPS net or you know it doesn’t really matter where you’re hosting your website itself but any good company in the any company that knows what it’s doing and is hosting large files they use separate hosting for those files like download sites and stuff like that what i would do is
host your big files on a cloud service like i’m not sure if you can use dropbox for this but dropbox is an example of a cloud storage service and then also max CDN that’s really good one let me see if i can type that somewhere for you that’s let’s see I mean max CDN com they have a really great service and if you’re going to host files then you can you know pull pull them from there and it’s really cheap too they don’t charge a lot for their
bandwidth so you can you know easily afford to do that if you’re hosting large files and you can keep your main website on affordable host like I page so you don’t have to go pay big bucks for a dedicated server or something and now in terms of let’s see bandwidth the disk usage Angela yeah bandwidth let’s talk about that so let’s see in this chart you can see I pages comparing bandwidth usage across all of their customers accounts so most
customers have extremely low bandwidth usage they might be getting visitors to their sites and everything but you’re not going to be using a lot of bandwidth unless you unless you’re hosting large files streaming videos or anything and if you set it up right for having the fastest I possible then you wouldn’t even be doing that from your main hosting account no matter where you’re hosting with you use content delivery network like Mac CDN calm
for example so that’s most customers and disuse is going up the percentage of customers is going down so abnormally high usage which they don’t like and they’ll email you about to ask you to stop that’s only point zero five percent of customers so what happens if you do exceed the normal usage you will receive an email asking you to reduce usage and you’ll get a minimum of 48 hours to make adjustments before they temporarily take the account
offline so this is pretty typical of any hosting company that’s doing a shared platform they have to protect their other customers from anybody who’s you know doing exceeding the normal usage because they want to have a good hosting experience for all their customers so not there’s no one customer who is slowing down the server or using too many resources that’s just the world of shared hosting so sorry that was so long-winded I hope it was
helpful to you since you see unlimited unlimited everywhere and you’re like well which hosts which oh should I choose because they all say unlimited well that’s everything I just talked about that’s what they mean so I mean in most cases you don’t even have to worry about that because you’re not going to be doing crazy stuff like hosting videos or anything and by the way me personally I would not ever even host videos on a on my own hosting I
would use a YouTube and embed the videos on my sites so I can take advantage of social social benefits you know sharing and stuff in the comments it’s good to use YouTube you don’t have to be all professional and use a sort of custom video player and host the file of yourself with that said a more professional kind of solution for video hosting and streaming and all that is Wistia that’s let me type that out for you that’s Wistia calm I use them
for one of my projects for the tutorials and stuff because I didn’t really need social engagement with those but Wistia calm is a great solution for video hosting so just as usual use your I page website if you do use them use it just as the kind of brochure or something you know don’t worry about hosting special like large types of files from it you’ll be okay and alright wow we’re seven minutes into this alright so the rest of I pages features
I really do like for newbie webmasters like new people who are new to making a website if they have a lot of helpful stuff like a drag and drop site builder so you can with the free version you can make up to six pages which is usually what a typical brochure or info website has you’re just dragging and dropping what you want and it’s just all visual based so you don’t have to know any coding or anything then there’s a template based site builder
that’s just where you choose the theme like you see pre-made versions you can you can check out like okay themeforest net I’ll show you what that means um popular items so let’s look at some examples of themes I’ll do a live preview this is a this is a great theme site called themeforest and you can buy themes for your website you can use these on I page by the way to just upload it and so if I wanted to use this one website i could buy it right
now but anyway I page has themes like that but a bunch of them available for free and then you also get one year free of personalized domain name it Bennett rebuilds it 1299 a year after that they can’t do it free forever because it actually costs them money they have to pay the International something something what I can I don’t remember what the the full name is and blog setup wizard that’s great that’s actually my preferred method of setting
a mobile website excuse me setting up a website because I love to use WordPress that’s just I love and I setup will set that up an example here let’s see I page reviews that I finished I cannot believe I set that up there uh yeah that’s right I did I page workshop com it’s a demo blogger I set up for you guys so that just took me a few seconds if you check out my I page wordpress setup video give me a few seconds to set that up and then you can
easily find free themes and it’s very really it’s really easy to use WordPress so i highly recommend that way more than going through with messing with website builders and stuff like that if you have any questions on how to do the wordpress stuff and and all that check out I page training com that seems to be a pretty good website for like learning how to deal with wordpress on I page and like actually set up a nice website and stuff so let’s
continue through this I page review selling online is no problem with I page you get free online store let’s see what does I really mean and okay so it means you get I know they have some what I call it a simple way alright well I’ll just I’ll just say shopsite oscommerce that go a cart those are shopping cart solutions and if you want you can just basically turn those on inside your I page account and you have a store with that said i love
wordpress so we’ll go back to this blog setup wizard that doesn’t mean only blogs that means wordpress setup so WordPress can be used as a content management system and there are so many plugins and themes that can turn it into an online store so if that’s what you wanted to do that’s really really really what I recommend doing I personally don’t really like any of the shopping cart solutions i’ve seen online except for maybe shop a file which is
hosting itself but it’s kind of limited to it’s just kind of easy to use that’s the only reason i mentioned it but all of these they’re great in their own right and their quality products but i personally I’m just used to wordpress it’s easy for me to use I I just love it and there’s so much community support for wordpress and if you need to take credit card payments you can get shared ssl easily also if you want dedicated ssl you can do that and
you don’t have to buy it from my page they don’t lock you into like only using their stuff same with domain names if you have your domain name at GoDaddy or something you can go ahead and like post it I mean sorry you can point it to your I page website I personally that I this I page workshop site that’s that domain is at anam and I just pointed the DNS servers to I page so they don’t make you stay within their little bubble and pay extra money
because of it you know I’m saying ah alright their web hosting control panel that’s V dick I personally prefer a cpanel I love cpanel of the most but that’s just because I’m what it’s what I’m used to their v that control panel if you check out on our review of their vtec control panel on this page on I page reviews com you’ll see it’s really easy to use and it’s not really lacking in any particular important features or anything I’m just used to
cpanel and I’m inch web hosting so that’s you know it’s just way more powerful and we’re complicated and not for newbies that’s that’s for sure so that’s what makes vtec I pages control panel really really great and enhance security suites that’s just something that protects your site it’s like malware monitoring and all that so make sure your site isn’t compromised and twenty-four seven network monitoring that’s they have staff on on the clock
24-7 monitoring all their servers to make sure that it doesn’t go down you know and any good hosting company has that high performance load-balanced servers they do have they have a special kind of network setup where if one server goes down then your site isn’t affected it’s just kind of this all sites are on all the servers it’s kind of interesting how they set it up but it’s really great for reliability and visitors statistics site traffic
reporting that’s included of course i like to use google analytics or piwik analytics Piwik is great work um i personally don’t like to use google analytics for some reason just because it you know i don’t want to give them all my data you know so pick is great and you can use that with I page as well and another great benefit of I page is that if you’re just starting out it’s cool you get 125 50 so 175 bucks in advertising credits for for
Adwords Yahoo and Facebook you get a free listing that’s a nice backlink and right now actually they’re running a special where you if you’re in the US you get a free toll free phone number for your business and they have a lot of great online marketing guides for customers and let’s see sending and receiving email I just honestly would ignore all this because I prefer to set up gmail you know google apps for my domain names so
it’d be like brian at brian’s website com which is hosted with I page but my email is actually running through gmail so it’d just be like checking my normal mail that’s how I like to set it up and I’ll make it tutorial for you guys if you want to do that customer support they don’t show it on here but they have an email address support @ I page dash inc com I page I NC and they have great text that respond within you know even five minutes an
hour two hours and they responded in depth and they really try to help you there that’s way better than their chat support their phone support is also really good and so yeah there’s email support if you submit a ticket or email that email i told you about you’ll get great support and my experience so far with their sport has been good better than even some dedicated hosting companies i have tried in the past and didn’t stick with all right well
that concludes my review of I page and so in conclusion it’s a really great affordable way to start your first website or even your second and if you are frustrated with your current host because of unbelievable service then I page could be an improvement they are like nobody’s perfect but they are one of the most reliable shared hosting companies i have monitored over these past few years so if you want an affordable reliable easy to use host
that’s flexible enough to also be good for more advanced users then I page is a good choice and they do have a sale right now at 295 a month hopefully when you’re watching this video it’ll still be happening not sure it ends in a few days but they do sales kind of often so just check back periodically and they might do to 95 again all right well thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions I know I covered a lot in this video and
I try not to get too geeky on you but who knows if you got any questions let me know have a good one