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iPage Review 4/5 PROMO CODE 64% OFF

In this AffiliateWatch video we review iPage, look at its features, show how to get 64% off, and go over the referral program. iPage is a hosting company that is over 20 years old. They are dedicated to green web hosting and powered 100% by wind energy. They offer low cost hosting starting at $1.99 a month ( if you use the discount link ) and they offer many free features. They also give customers free Google And Yahoo marketing coupons from time to time.

iPage Features:

– Free website domain
– Free drag and drop site builder
– Free SSL
– Free Domain Email Address
– Free 24/7 Support
– Free domain transfer
– 30 Day Money back guarantee
– Up to $500 in google, yahoo etc ad credits

iPage Promo Code 64% Discount:

The iPage referral program is independent and also on the CJ affiliate network. You can convert high due to the low cost and popularity of iPage. The commissions are $85-$150 per sale. The iPage affiliate program has not limits on how many people you can refer. The referral program provides some marketing materials and banners. You can be paid out through PayPal, check, or hosting credits.

iPage Discount Code 64% Off:

Affiliate Watch iPage:

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hello everyone this is Odin from affiliate watch it’s September 15 2018 today’s video we’re going to be reviewing iPage we’re gonna be going over some of IP ages features we’re gonna be going over how to get 64% off your hosting I’ll be leaving a link down into the description you’ll be able to get a free domain as well and I will also be going over the referral program I page provides and just so you know I pages a company that lets you host
websites you can buy domains here you can set up stores they offer a whole bunch for very cheap price when I first started my web journey a very long time ago I page was the first host I ever used for a few years now I use digitalocean however it’s a lot more technical savvy so I page is deathly good for people who are just looking to get into their web journey they offer a free domain they offer thousands of free template you can set up free
email addresses for your company they have 24/7 support so anytime you need to talk to somebody you easily can they have a drag and drop site builder they also give you free SSL certificate which is huge because Google and a lot of the search engines are now changing their algorithms to favor sites that have HTTPS with the lock you know the green lock on the the URL bar so you definitely need that and they offer this for free there’s a lot of
hosts out there still charging close to 100 dollars a year and you can get this for free with I page they give you a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy you can get your money back and if you’ve bought your domain somewhere else you can get a free domain transfer and all this people is all for $2.99 and they have WordPress hosting VPS hosting they also have a website builder you can build an e-commerce website and I also wanted to
show you the is very huge for a lot of people a lot of new businesses they want to advertise on Google Bing and Bing and they will send you over five hundred dollars in resources ad credits they have partnered with Google Bing and how it works for how it worked at least back in the day for me as they would literally send a hundred dollar Google credits in the mail that then I could use for Adwords for free so really awesome they also have a
drag-and-drop site builder they have unlimited disk space you can you’re not limited to how many my sequel databases you can use they have a one-click installer for WordPress so if you want to set up a blog you literally click one button and everything set up for you and yeah guys they have a lot of cool features they have also a bunch of step-by-step tutorials and all this is $2.99 and they also have an awesome referral program if you like I
page and you want to refer some friends you can get paid up to $150 per sale and the minimum amount they pay is around $85 and you can either sign up through them directly or you can sign up through an affiliate network called CJ which is one of the biggest networks out there and they have high conversions because they’re a good product and they’re one of the biggest hosting companies out there they’re very well established there’s no limit on
how many people you can refer and yeah so I page I’m gonna go ahead and we’re gonna give it a four out of five maybe even a 4.5 out of 5 you know it’s it’s a good product people so yeah definitely check out I page if you’ve checked it out and you’ve used it before let us know what you think in the comments and make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe if you like these videos and yeah guys have an awesome day bye