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iPage Review 2022 – The Cheapest Web hosting? Pros & Cons, Speed Test and Details of iPage Hosting

iPage Review 2022 including Demo, Speed Test, and details about iPage Hosting.
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This video is about iPage’s full review 2022, in this iPage review 2022 I showed you everything about iPage including the speed test of iPage, ease of use (demo) of iPage, and customer support review of iPage. Lastly, I have shown you the Pros and cons of iPage and my honest recommendation of who should choose iPage in 2022, so make sure to watch this full iPage review 2022 video till the end.

iPage is one of the cheapest web hosting that you can choose in 2022, iPage offers many great features on their cheapest hosting plan that other top hostinger providers don’t offer on their cheapest plan like Free domain name and creating unlimited sites. So if you’re looking for the cheapest web hosting in 2022 with great features then iPage can be chosen.

In this iPage review I also did the speed test of a website using the GT Metrix and the uptime performance test of my site using the Uptime robot, so if you’re wondering if iPage has the good speed and performance, then this iPage speed test review 2022 is for you.

I also show you the live demo of the iPage dashboard including how to install WordPress, free SSL, and create a free email account with iPage and also iPage customer support review. In the end, I talk about the Pros and Cons of iPage hosting as well so you can easily decide if iPage is the right choice for you or not.

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2:30 Speed & Performance of iPage Hosting
3:48 iPage Custpmer Support
4:37 Pros & Cons of iPage Hosting
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in this ipage review i am going to show everything that you need to know about ipage including the speed test ease of use customer support review pricing and pros and cons so make sure to watch the full video till the end also if you’re ready to make an ipage hosting purchase after this review then consider purchasing it from the description link and get yourself a discount if one’s available ipage is one of the widely popular web hosts that
s used by over one million websites all around the world ipage was originally founded in 1998 and is now operated by the same eig endurance international group that controls other popular web hosts like bluehost hostgator etc let’s talk about of ipage pricing so from their web hosting page you can see there is just one plan only it’s called the go plan and it costs you only 1.99 per month and in general it’s really cheap as you’re getting
unlimited websites for this plan where normally hosting providers only give you one website on their cheapest plan which is around two to three dollars but ipage is giving you unlimited websites so that’s a good start but remember you’ve to pay 1.99 per month when you select the 36 months plan if you select 24 months plan then the monthly price will be 2.49 per month and 2.99 per month for the 12 months plan and with their plan you’re also
getting a free domain name for one year a free ssl certificate unlimited storage free website builder and a free standard email address now let’s talk about of ipage ease of use right away from their home page you can see it looks very easy to navigate with their custom interface compared to the cpanel that a lot of other hosting providers use the design is also very clean and simple looking here on the left side of the panel are all the
different things that you can do like access your wordpress website or access your email account and even your security domain and name servers so installing wordpress ssl and creating a free email account is easy enough from the dashboard i really like that they have a super clean looking interface with custom shortcut buttons to install and create things instead of having to go to cpanel all the time but the only disappointing thing here is
that they don’t guide you well when installing your ssl certificates or creating email accounts they tend to mislead you into their upsell a bit too much now let’s talk about of ipage speed and performance so after we have installed the basic wordpress site then we added some design elements to it to increase the page size and we also installed some free plugins to speed up the website we installed wp fastest cache which is for speed optimization
and short pixel which is for image optimization and lastly we installed the free cloudflare app which will also increase the website performance with their cdn for free then i went ahead tested out the speed of my website using gt metrics and the result is 3.5 seconds which is just way too slow compared to the top performing hosting providers in our test google recommended page load speed is three seconds they are just near them but can’t be able
to pass the google recommended page load speed on my test i have been monitoring the stability performance of ipage with uptime robots and can report that their uptime for the last 30 days is a perfect 100 in fact they have not had any downtime for over 57 days in a row which is very impressive their speed just wasn’t fast enough other shared hosting providers can give you speed performance twice as fast as ipage on the positive side though they
are a very reliable host and their uptime was perfect now let’s talk about of ipage customer support ipage provides 24 7 customer support through email live chat and phone calls with regards to their response time we contacted him at three different times of the day to make sure i get an overall average and not just a biased fast response time during their off peak hours the average of those three times turns out to be five seconds this is
definitely the fastest out of all hosting providers we have tested out so far with amazing response time here support overall was average their support staff’s knowledge and willingness to help was pretty bad they tried to upsell us at the end of a conversation to which was really not good they should be spending time trying to help us instead of selling to me but their response time was the fastest we have ever tested at an average of three
seconds now let’s talk about the pros and cons of ipage so the first pro is that their uptime performance is great one hundred percent they have easy to use back end system their prices are also very cheap and last their response time was also great talking about the cons so the first con is that they have a data server location in the usa only also their website page load speed is slow at 3.5 seconds they don’t provide the free daily automated
backup feature they try to upsell a lot and last their support team is not willing to help and technical are lacking now let’s talk about who should purchase ipage hosting ipage is a reliable hosting provider at a cheap price and has an easy to navigate back in but it really ends their speed is too slow and their support team is not good enough for me there are other hostings that you can choose for better speed but if you are a beginner and
looking for the cheapest web hosting then ipage is a good choice for you also if you’re ready to make an ipage hosting purchase then consider purchasing it from the link in the description below this video and get yourself a discount if one’s available you can subscribe to this channel to stay updated with more reviews videos like this thanks for watching you