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Ipage Review 2021 – The Only Time It’s Safe With Ipage Web Hosting

Here is my ipage hosting review.
Ipage web hosting is one that has generated fuse over the years, after using ipage for 5 years and experienced it all, I thought to share an honest Ipage review.

Ipage isn’t meant for everyone, but it is a product designed for a category of people or businesses.

Make sure you check to be sure ipage will fit your project before investing.

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hello guys this is dabz welcome to my youtube channel i want to be sharing a personal experience with you about my page and i want to give you my honest review about high page i know there’s been a lot of views online about ipage a lots of people have said crazy things about ipage people have recommended that ipage is not an ideal web hosting and again in my few years five years of using iph i have also seen quite a good number of people say
very good things about ipage and in honesty i want to give you a balanced perspective to ipg because i believe ib should not be totally thrown away i pick as its please if you ask me is i paid product a good product is it worth any penny you invest in it in all honesty my response will be a yes and a no and that’s because it depends it depends on what you want to do and what you want to achieve in all honesty i paid austin isn’t meant for
everybody i paid austin is meant for a particular set of people with a particular set of projects if you don’t know if you should use arpeggio still now if ipad hosting will fit your projects is where the really issue is and that’s where you begin to see people fuse get angry about ipage when ipad cannot meet their demands if you want to know if ipage will still refit your budget or will fit your next web design you should watch this video to the
end because i will be giving you the good things the bad things about ipage i have not only used for a good number of years i’ve also been in the business of designing website as a freelance web designer and this is my official website page that i have designed website not locally but globally having a clientele based cutting across the uk the united states of america sub-saharan africa and i have quite a good number of key studies here and quite
a huge chunk of my client i have recommended i paid to them and others several other houston know exactly what i’m talking about and i am sincere and serious about my assessment of ipage i want to make this very clear that i am not doing this video just because i want to make a sale from you this simple truth is that if you are considering using my page i will let you know how and when and if i page fit your budget i have enough little link below
that you can buy through but i’m not doing this just because i’m an athlete with ipage i am athlete with all web hosting from siteground to a2 hosting to emotion hosting all of them i have lit myself with and i’ve used them at some point or the other i’m telling you in this video when and how you should use ip so this is not me just trying to make a sale this is just me pointing you in the right direction okay right about now let’s talk about the
good things and the bad things about iphostine that i feel you should know uh so first off let’s start with the good things yeah i think the good things good things first yeah definitely the number one thing you should know is the ipad is cheap inexpensive hosting with 1.99 per month you can have free domain registration you can have free site builder 1000 of free template free asset certificate free email address 30 days money back guarantee 24
7 support free domain transfer that’s amazing with also about 500 in extras of add-ons uh hundred dollars google ads offer with hundred dollars for bing that’s limited to america anyway not for anybody so it’s amazing for you to know that with these you can get ipad hosting for 1.99 but in honesty you can but that’s also a bit for you to go with a three-year plan ah the second thing that is worthy for us to know is that they’ve got lots of
third-party applications if you’re looking for easy drag and drop website build a high page just got it if you’re looking for open source hub to install like wordpress joomla drupal pixel post and even zen photos ipage has got applications to solve all of this if you’re looking to even design a full-fledged e-commerce website ipad has got accord cart open cart os commerce print presta shop zen card tomato cart i paid work with a lot of
third-party applications that will be that will come in handy for you to design what kind of website you want to design okay the thought good thing about ipage would be 30 days money back guarantee i page as a no question axe 30 days refund policy which to me is amazing ipad gives you a free domain also for the first year so if you ask for your refund uh they will take a 15 fee to cover for that domain for that year so that gives you confidence
for you to know the ipage is not just trying to rob you of your money but it’s something that it’s something that you get value for if you really want to use them so i think that’s that’s good enough and number four i paid as a decent low time speed for your website if you are not overboarding the server at some point some years back i started a blog called that’s digital and i registered with ipage and at the time the blog i wasn’t very serious
with the blogs i was posting content randomly so on that blog perhaps i just have maybe 10 to 20 blog posts at the time and i did a review about my page and this is screenshot of how i paid was helping me with speed at the time so you can see from the screen apparently i did optimize my blog at the time and my page score then was 80 why slow score was 91 my fully loaded time was 1.9 seconds at the time so ipad wasn’t really really really bad for
me i did a test with other tools like pingdom my site loaded in about 800 milliseconds and that’s amazing that’s something that i felt very very very proud of at the time then after that time eventually i really needed to now change my web hosting for the blog and i’ll tell you why and that’s the reason why i want to give you an honest review that at some point i picked hosting we serve you well you get good things like this at that point it
would not serve you so i’ll tell you the difference between both as we continue in this video and the next good thing about ipage is the uptime co-op i page of 99.96 hosting went as far as thought in ipad putin ip to test for 12 months from a research from 2019 that spewed even into 2020 and you can see the score here and it amounted to about 99.96 percent for me i think that’s something good for a site that gives you their website at
1.99 per month the next good thing about iph is their customer support sincerely speaking i feel blown away by i paid customer support i want to make customers support what has worked for me personally with ip customer support is their chat forum i just find it very easy to go to their website and just chat with someone in some second somebody is there to talk to me and not every time they get your problem solved at some point it lets you know
this thing doesn’t this doesn’t exist this thing is not available we can’t give you this at this point it can be annoying but the fact that you need to talk to someone to chat with someone and someone is there for you to point in the right direction is amazing and this is something i find very very very fascinating i would like i would like to say to you that in my five years experience of ipage i have never had to call ipad before all i have
done with ipage is for me to go through their chat forum and i’ve always been fine doing that if you are new to wordpress you are new to web design and you don’t really know a lot of things you need support you need somebody to help you then i paid support is somewhere to run to these are the highlights for me about some of the things i found very very good with ipage now i think it’s that time we come to the not too good things about ipage one
not a good thing about ip that that comes to me starts from when you are trying to even buy the austin account and that’s the first noun talk about it a lot of extra fees and additional services it’s crazy can cringy makes you feel terrible uh you just trying to stick with your three-year plan at the cat page they begin to add a lot of extra additional services that you didn’t even forget for that i didn’t want to buy if you’re not careful you
just hit the buy now button you may even be paying beyond what you’re planning to do and everything is costing you uh if you want to buy privacy for your domain you’re going to pay extra if you want to do site transfer you’re going to be extra ipad will claim to you that they take backup of every site and if you ever run into an error or you need them to help you restore your website they will charge you a whopping 150 dollars for them to help
you restore your backup of your website that’s crazy so they charge you a lot of extra add-on if you really really want to use their services their site lock support is is charging you crazy and they can build you 24.99 dollars per month wow that’s crazy and that can be build up to about 900 dollars for three years really do i need to you already need to pay that much for me to have security on my website i’d rather do that myself so you you just
you just you just have to get to know that that they can really really be crazy with extra fees and all of that so the the third not a good thing is site migration site migration is not free bluehost that is under the same group of company the aig company we give you this for free and ipad would charge you 150 dollars for that if you’re not very good with wordpress or you can’t do research on how to do migrations yourself you may need to pay them
an extra 150 dollars to get that done for you the next not good thing about ipad i believe you should consider is that they don’t use cpanel at some point they were using vidiq but now they have something highly customized if i’ve been using cpanel for a while you might find it very difficult and strange but since honesty it is you it is beginner friendly it is simple and i think you would love it even more it will open up your heart and i think
i love this component of ip 5 even more than a cpanel but they simply not going to have more robust future than what you find in their cpanel for me my assessment of their new platform right now is that it’s still something they are working on they are not done yet a lot of features they are not working there are some things you need to get done if you are using cpanel you just know it’s here there’s a future that i can do that but just somewhere
else you need to just find out yourself i believe you need to get yourself very acquainted with the platform for you to know where everything is but not to worry it’s something very simple i even have a video around that i can show you exactly how you can maneuver your way you can check the description below for you to see a video i did around how to set up an art setup wordpress on ipage and the next not too good thing about it is that it’s
really not unlimited they tell you unlimited if you go to your cpanel or still now you try to check your disk usage everything is unlimited unlimited but this is not really an ipad issue is generally a shared hosting issue and i i i cringe when i just visit shared hosting platforms and everything they tell you is unlimited unlimited but in reality nothing truly is unlimited so i i like to explain this thing by telling you someone someone gives
you his car for you to use he tells you you can drive anywhere you want to drive i’m not limiting you you can go anywhere go how many miles or kilometers you want to go you it’s all yours have the key but the person tells you i give you five minutes so you you can just imagine five minutes already has given you limitations but not honestly the person has not taught he has not told you not to go anywhere but just go anywhere you want to go within
that five minutes so that’s exactly how it is when they tell you they give you unlimited bandwidth unlimited austin ipage is really really very careful about how you use their resources my blog began to get traffic i began to eat over twenty thousand query calls per hour myself started shutting down going to wordpress i install paid because it was disconnected from my database and after some minutes to come back up again so i paid those that so
there’s really really there’s really nothing called unlimited in the hosting ipages giving you another good thing about ipad is that i paid make it very easy for you to join by giving you 1.99 per month and when you’re about to renew the price just go like three times four times more but this is not really an ipad issue this is something very peculiar to all web posting out there they just make entry level very easy for you who and at what point
should consider using ipage uh you know honestly i would say to you that if you are looking to design if you are looking to design a website they are not taken too seriously if you are a student for example you are just trying to look for something very quick and easy for you to do personal stuff if you are looking to design a personal website that you are not taking too seriously if you are looking at designing a business website that you have
not really figured out you are not yet a brand you are trying to build a brand then consider ipad ipad hosting will be perfect for you if you design a website newly you register a new domain it takes a while for search engines like google to trust you enough to start ranking your search engines so you you know in your first one year two years you might not even be ranking high on certain teams for keywords that are rich that can lend you money so
you you don’t need to pay huge for hosting company to give you all those futures as though you can really rank because you really cannot rank you need something that is cheaper you need something that can work with you as you grow another person that can consider using ipage is someone who is starting a new business and you are you have a very tight budget you are trying everything possible to boost trap you are trying everything possible for you
to to limit your expenses because at the time you are starting your business you don’t have all the funds and as you grow you can begin to advance so if you are in that space then why not use ipad hosting because they will give you the best startup that you can ever have and just like me for example i started the blog i wasn’t taking too serious i was busy doing other businesses and i was just writing the random articles and i also i paid and my
website was loading at one point in less than two seconds and everything was fine i was doing very very good with the hosting account so at the point where i began to gain traction i began to have more time for the blog i began to write extensive articles 4 000 words long article i began to have 40 50 articles on that blog that way that blog began to slow down at some point those articles might not even load up to seven seconds five seconds
before they load because they were too long i began to add good pictures for seo at that time i knew it’s time for me to leave my page and that’s where people get to i don’t know how people will honestly would want to have a blog like that that is getting good traffic daily you are aiming at a thousand two thousand three thousand block traffic visit every day on your blog you are turning great articles up to 2000 words 3 000 words on your blog on
your website and you want to leave it on the hosting that cost you 1.99 per month come on you can’t you can’t be joking and i i wonder how people give this kind of negative reviews you are you are using the platform for what it shouldn’t be you are very sincere and honest with yourself trust me not honestly you won’t have a problem using my page so who shouldn’t be using my page if you are a serious businessman you have already built a brand for
yourself you have maybe large following on social media you know that if you post an article you get tons of traffic from people trying to visit it you know that you already have something sustainable you have business generating good income for you uh please do not consider using ipage if you know your beauty brand if you know your website is highly central to your business you cannot be considered using my page because ipad is not the best for
that use other hosting platform and i recommend a2 i can recommend sitegrounds or other two hosting platform that i know will give you the best and i can also give you the link in the description below ipad does not mean for you but you are somebody who is just starting now to is building something new trying your hand on an adventure you don’t know where the business is taking you you’re just trying to play around things you’re trying to work
around things you want to grow over time then start with ipage and once you start growing you can migrate your website to another hosting service and gone are the days where you need to pay developer each amount of money together done with a simple plugin you can migrate your website from one hosting account to another video even on my channel that will show you exactly how to do that done step by step and you see a link in the description below
i think finally i’ve been able to let you know exactly the good things the bad things about my page and who and when you should consider using ip if you are sure right now that i page fits your budget then go ahead sign up for ipage i’ve even made the journey less easier for you i have a step-by-step guide showing you how you can buy your hosting account set up your wordpress website step by step i also have a premium course website design
mastery that i have an offer for for whoever buys my hosting account so you can check that video i’ll register you for free in this prem hours i’ll register you for free in this premium course where i teach people how to set up wordpress how to gain mastery over wordpress so you can set up any website you want to do or be in the business of web design uh just by buying through my web hosting account so thank you very much for watching this video
please you will see the link to my step-by-step tutorial on ipage and the screen right now or check the description below and finally take good use of my offer for you to get yourself a premium cost just by buying through my affiliate link i hope this video is useful for you if you find it very useful give me a thumbs up and if you have any questions about ipad you know that related issues you can drop the form in the comment section below i’ll
be glad to give you assistance as much as possible as i can that’s it for this video thank you for watching i’ll see you in my next video bye for now you