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iPage Review [2020] – Brutally Honest Review from a Customer


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iPage Review: My Honest Opinion on iPage as an Old Customer
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Is iPage the right choice for you? Should you choose iPage for your WordPress blog? Is iPage good for a small business website?

In this video I will give you a quick review of iPage, and will tell you my personal experience with this company.

I’m an iPage customer since 2010. I also have hosting accounts at other hosting providers, because I own multiple websites, but iPage was the first paid web hosting I’ve tried out.

Obviously, the cheap pricing was the most attractive to me, when I first signed up to iPage.

Overall, iPage is a really good hosting provider. I’m very pleased with their uptime and with their features, and I recommend them for hosting small websites.

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this video was brought to you by web-hosting media net is iPage the right choice for you should you choose I page for your WordPress blog is iPage good for a small business website in this video I will give you a quick review of I page and will tell you my personal experience with this company I’m an I page customer since 2010 I also have hosting accounts at other hosting providers because I own multiple web sites but I page was the first paid
web host I’ve tried out obviously the cheap pricing was the most attractive to me when I first signed up to I page currently I page has a special introduction offer for the essential plan you can purchase this shared hosting plan for only 1 dollar and 99 cents per month if you decide to sign up for a 3 year subscription you will have to pay about 70 dollars upfront for the hosting if you want to get the highest discount you can choose one or two
years subscription which will obviously cost you less the renewal of your hosting account starts at 8 dollars per month certainly this has to be paid upfront too so the next time the bill will be around $290 for another 3 years of hosting I did the math and if we take a 6 year subscription period the average monthly cost for hosting a tie page will be $5 this is still very cheap in my opinion because the industry average is above 5 bucks per
month whether you choose to sign up for a shorter or longer period you will get the same additional features such as free domain name and free SSL certificate you will be also allowed to host unlimited domains on your account which is pretty cool if you ask me another good thing is that there is no limitation on the amount of disk space you can use and their bandwidth policy is very flexible to a top-level domain name such as dot-com net org
usually costs between ten and twenty dollars depending where you register it at I page you will get one domain of your choice for absolutely free beside the free domain you will get free SSL certificate which is another great thing to have a basic SSL certificate will cost you around $30.00 per year at I page you will get it for free SSL certificates are used to secure the connection between the users in your website or blog SSL certificates play
a big role in Google rankings – also most web browsers will notify users if they access a website which is not secured with SSL this is bad user experience and will most likely decrease the click-through rate significantly okay enough with the highly technical things let’s continue with the review the control panel is very simple at I page you will not get the standard cPanel control panel but a proprietary hosting control panel called Vedic you
will be able to do most of the things you can do with cPanel manage domains manage files and databases manage email accounts install custom scripts etc at I page you can install WordPress to your website in just a few clicks the installation process is automated you only need to fill in few fields such as WordPress site name admin email and password WordPress will be installed to your chosen site automatically if you don’t want to use WordPress
for your site but want to upload a simple HTML CSS website you can certainly do this – you can upload the files through FTP or through their file manager if you might get stuck with something you can always rely on I pages online support they offer 24/7 support through phone chat and emails honestly I never called their online support I prefer to communicate via email so every time I had some issue with my account I sent them an email although I
did not contact it I page too many times I received an answer to my email in less than an hour I think this is a reasonable answer time beside good support I page offers a 30-day money-back guarantee while I’ve never asked for a refund I have no experience on how this actually works one thing is short though if you ask for a refund within 30 days after signup you will get a full refund for hosting only additional purchases will not be refunded
if you have registered a free domain they will charge you $15 for it it will be deducted from the refundable amount also additional services such as domain privacy website backup or security are non-refundable I’m telling you all this because I want to be very honest with you as I told you before I’ve been with I page for more than eight years from my personal experience I can tell you that I page has a very good uptime although they don’t offer
any uptime guarantee they still have more than ninety nine percent uptime I know this because I actually tested their uptime over a one-year period on one of my website hosted with them I used up time robot comm to test the uptime the overall yearly uptime for I page was ninety nine point nine six percent which is fantastic for a cheap shared host the performance though is not so good while it in motion hosting or a2 hosting a simple WordPress
site loads in three to four seconds at I page it might take even up to five to eight seconds to fully load so if you are looking for speed I page might not be your best option I recommend I page for small websites or niche blogs if you have a local business and want to build a small website iPage is perfect for you also if you want to start a small niche blog which receives up to five to seven hundred daily visitors iPage might still work for you
for bigger websites or blogs with over 1,000 daily visitors iPage is not a good option also the essential plan is not good for building an e-commerce website although you have the possibility the plan does not offer the security and server resources you need to run an online store overall iPage is a really good hosting provider I’m very pleased with their uptime and with their features and I recommend them for hosting small websites if this iPage
review was helpful and you think iPage is the right choice for you please use the link below to sign up with the company I really hope this quick review has helped you decide whether iPage is a good choice for you or not thanks for watching if you want to learn more about web hosting website building domain names and blogging please checkout webhosting Medianet