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iPage Rant | What is the best hosting company?

iPage is basically a big bucket of fail, my mysql databases are constantly down and their customer service is just outrageous. I recommend to just stay away! What is your host?r
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hey guys what’s up so as many of you may know my blog has been going up down crashing in really slow lately well why is that I page that is my hosting company they are basically a big bucket of fail a big bucket of fail well I moved over to boat iPage thinking it would be good they have unlimited bandwidth unlimited disk space and supposedly they have great customer service oh and they’re all green well I registered $40 a year plus another so
next year be 52 softer reading my domain name but they’re not that good I don’t I my blog is always tremendously slow about seven seconds per page to load back when I used my free hosting it was like two seconds maybe one but it’s incredible there’s one thing though one thing I have used a different word press theme on my blog rather than wicked pixie English it was loaded super quick but that’s not this that’s not the main reason because you
might say Oh bill you just use a different theme alright I’ll use a different thing no I’m sticking a little Thank You pixie they’re gonna update it soon and hopefully be faster anyways it’s that doesn’t explain why it’s constantly crashing I about once maybe three or four days for about an hour my blog goes down the sequel data my sequel database crashes it crashes like once every couple days and it is so annoying some of you may know this but
there’s one I want also one more thing my form sure there’s only two users that are actually registered three maybe that never crashes the sequel my single database never crashes it never goes down at all maybe because I’m getting hundreds of visitors on my blog maybe that’s why that’s crashing I don’t know but it’s starting to get to me and I’m starting to get pretty angry um there’s also one more problem I registered my domain with I gauge so
I’m kind of afraid if I leave them that they’ll keep my domain name Billy McGovern calm after not really something I want to lose because that’s me but they do have at anytime money-back guarantee one more thing their customer support they might say it’s super good it’s awful it says live support click here good one life support what kind of support is there live support I go in there I’ll say up high my seat my sequel databases crashed can you
please help me they’ll be like we’re sorry for any inconvenience this is well this has caused you been ten minutes later can we have the URL I’ll type in Billy McGovern calm and say my wordpress blog is trying to reinstall itself it’s can’t connect to the database but technically you can because trying to reinstall so I meant they then say oh it seems like you’re running a third-party application don’t you idiots I just said that it’s called
WordPress can you please help me solve the problem oh well we’re gonna have to send this to more technical problems yeah goodbye oh wow that was that was great support great support there’s only been one person and I believe it was a girl she was the most amazing support I’ve ever had on I page I said hi my blog is down I need help she’s like alright what problem are you experiencing I can’t connect to my my sequel database she’s like alright
please give me the database name and I’ll try to fix it for you give her the database name she’s like please check your database now boom it’s up perfect support that’s what I wanted some people can give it to me maybe I should rephrase that some people do good support some people just have horrible support iPage it’s mixed a match you’ll never get good support once alone you’ll get awful support most of the time you’ll get awful support what I
have done though hopefully this will solve every issue I’ve ever had I’ve created a new my sequel database considering that’s the only database that ever crashes so I’m going to upload I ready done this has an effect at the blog at all I exported all the files from the sequel database I’m using now or our buzz user up to the new database hopefully this will solve the crashing problem and increase the speed hopefully actually if you think about it
it’s not iPage that’s making it slow it’s a hate to say this my theme what K pixie but I know like Devere kahan he just subscribed him yeah here he his wicked Peaks the theme is blazing fast I don’t know how he does it he uses a expensive host that’s probably it not many people use it I page over a million websites that’s maybe why I’m so slow but uh thanks for listening my rant guys