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Confer benefit in my educational program Ipage. As a buyer of their closer some number of months , I felt like go ahead and make a review , based on my experiment with them. Any time , as soon as I try to do it reviewed on the basis of 3 different stereotypes prices , assistance and service. Ipage hosting is probably quite a huge company, koiya , according to my opinion, constantly fine, so if it is hard enough to start a big hosting company , if you are not legal. When you look at prices because of the internet hosting account Ipage you will see if her damn cheap. Consistent comparison with other large hosts Ipage competes quite well in the price department. For a few bucks a month you can not really go that way did not , and their intentions will be able to satisfy a cheap actually need at least some of the buyer.

Subsequent , if I looked at their web hosting if they had their good help buyers. Probably essentially constant , so if if you have difficulties with your website, you have to have -aware help to assist you. While I have not had hardly any problems with their horrific hosting I contacted a number of their own care times , and they were very helpful and knowledgeable. Probably just gets bonus points with me , that way if I just would advise them to look at the cause if assistance.

And finally , let’s look at their service. They give a good hosting? Well the truth is , they do ! While I was with them I have not had hardly any problems with downtime , slow download site or if something similar . Based on the above, I would only apply to renew my Ipage web hosting and would advise my fellow users of YouTube!

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hey everyone this is going to be a quick video review of I page hosting and my experience with them I have been a customer of theirs for about the past six or seven months I’ve got a couple of my websites hosted with them so yeah I thought I would just do a quick review for you guys for this review I’m going to be looking at I page on kind of three main criteria which is going to be price customer support and quality of the product I think
these are kind of the three most important things to look at when purchasing anything online especially something that’s as important is hosting so let’s go ahead and get started so with price they are very very price competitive we actually go over here and click on the do your homework tab they have their plans compared to all the other major hosting providers and you can see that they are actually the cheapest around which is awesome so
they’re very very price competitive you know starting at you know three dollars and fifty cents a month for their one of your price and down to pretty much about two dollars a month which is significantly cheaper than all the other hosting providers it looks like they’re about half the price is most of them so that’s pretty sweet so they’ve got really really good pricing and you know if you three dollars and you know fifty cents a month is out of
your budget your best solution is probably going to be to get like a wordpress com or blogger or do some sort of free website like that because I mean honestly three dollars and fifty cents what’s that come out to like forty dollars a year a little over forty dollars a year that’s that’s pretty fair price so yeah price they’re definitely killing it doing a great job next thing I wanted to talk about was customer support I think this is a really
really important thing to look at because this can you know be your saving grace or give you a heart attack when dealing with hosting or any other type of online purchase they do have 24 7 customer support which is awesome I think that’s really a requirement if you’re going to go with any hosting company because the last thing you need is for to have an issue with your website on Friday night and you can’t get it resolved until monday morning so
yeah twenty four seven support is great they have they set up here american phone support so i mean no disrespect to anybody from to a foreign country but sometimes it’s nice to speak with someone where English is our native language so yeah it supports good they do have phone the live chat and email support I like this because it’s always important i also if you like to have multiple channels to support you know sometimes you don’t want to talk
to the phone with someone you want to do live chat or if you’re on the go and you just want to email you know support from your phone or whatever that’s also another option and you know i have had a couple interactions with their support team their support team is actually pretty smart and they know what they’re doing they’re not just someone that’s kind of just sitting behind a computer and can’t help you resolve your issues you know I’m not a
technically savvy person so of any type of issue I do run into it i’m not going to be able to solve i do need someone else to help me with it and yeah their support team is definitely intelligent very helpful so and then lastly let’s talk about the quality of the product I’ve been really happy with I page support like I said I got a couple websites hosted with them I might transfer a few of my other sites over here I’ve never really had any
issues with downtime or a slow website loading or anything like that you know I’ve only been a customer a customer for about six months but these six months been really great i really have no complaints with the quality their hosting so yeah that’s kind of my overall review of I page if I had to give them a score out of 10 I would give them probably an eight or nine out of ten so gentle Yuma solid score if you guys are interested in checking them
out just click the link in the description below and that will take you over there site if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the video and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible so yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video again check out their websites click the link in the description and as always comment rate subscribe and I will catch you guys later you